Part Number: 1-480698-0

Manufacturer:TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Description: 2 Rectangular Connectors

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Technical Specifications of 1-480698-0

Datasheet  1-480698-0 datasheet
Category Connectors, Interconnects
Family Rectangular Connectors – Housings
Manufacturer TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Series Universal MATE-N-LOK
Packaging Bulk
Connector Type Plug
Contact Type Male or Female
Number of Positions 2
Pitch 0.250″ (6.35mm)
Number of Rows 1
Row Spacing
Mounting Type Free Hanging (In-Line)
Contact Termination Crimp
Fastening Type Latch Lock
Color Natural
Note Contacts Not Provided

The connector system known as 1-480698-0 is used in a variety of industries. AMP Inc. was the company that initially invented the Universal MATE-N-LOK systems; however, TE Connectivity Ltd. is the current owner of the system. It was developed to replace the obsolete connections used up until that point. These connections had to be generated uniquely for each use case and were not standardized.

The 1-480698-0 was modified to be adaptable and used in every circumstance without requiring specific customization. As a consequence, the system is capable of being configured in various port configurations, making it adaptable to operate with varying levels of current. As one might assume, MATE-N-LOK creates a secure connection by utilizing locking nuts and mating screws. In addition, it is designed to have a straightforward and speedy assembly process. If you’re looking for a direct approach to implement this in your business, 1-480698-0 can be a good option for you to consider.

What is 1-480698-0?

TE Connectivity’s Universal MATE-N-LOK housings are cap and plug housings with a 6.35-millimetre pitch designed to handle Universal MATE-N-LOK headers or caps. TE Connectivity manufactures these housings. These housings are designed to be applied in situations where wire-to-wire or wire-to-board connections are required (whether free hanging  or panel mounted). They are offered in various configurations, ranging from one circuit to fifteen circuits, so that they can be used in a wide variety of settings.

1-480698-0 Features

  • 1-480698-0 is a UL94V-0 and UL94V-2 rated, inline, matrix housing style connector system. It is available in a variety of colours.
  • 1-480698-0 connectors are available in various colours, including black, red, blue, green, yellow and white. They are also available in both an inline and matrix housing style.
  • 1-480698-0 Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors are UL94V0, and UL94V2 rated for flammability. They come with an in-line or matrix housing style that can be used for various applications such as wire-to-wire or wire-to-board connections.
  • They are available in 600VAC/DC operating voltage,
  • They are available in -55°C to 125°C and -55°C to 105°C operating temperature ranges.

1-480698-0 Applications

1-480698-0 The Universal MATE-N-LOK system has a wide range of potential applications, including the following:

  • Industrial automation
  • Electrical distribution
  • Commercial lighting
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive wiring harnesses
  • Military/aerospace applications

1-480698-0 Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Mate-N-Lok Connectors?

The TE Connectivity Universal MATE-N-LOK connector system is a strong and highly reliable connector system that uses a mixture of pins and sockets intermixed in the plug and cap housings to achieve the greatest electrical performance in a 6.35mm centerline. This is accomplished by utilising the TE Connectivity MATE-N-LOK intermixed pin and socket design. Each of the Universal MATE-N-LOK housings is equipped with positive polarization, optimistic locking, and back cavity identification, making it possible for the housings to be assembled quickly and error-free.

Because it’s essential to keep the system flexible, the contacts are encased in housings, have a low mating force, and may be removed.

In addition to the normal panel mount, free-hanging, and wire-to-board functionality in vertical or right angle options, the Universal MATE-N-LOK connection system offers alternative designs such as circular, flanged, bulkhead, sealed, and coloured housings to provide a solution for practically every application. These housings can be coloured or sealed to prevent moisture from entering the connector.

What Are The Current And Voltage Requirements For Your Application?

The maximum current rating of the 1-480698-0 connection system is 9.5 Amps per line, and it can handle AC/DC voltages of up to 600 Volts.

What Are The Wire Type And Size Requirements?

The contacts of the 1-480698-0 connector system are certified for use with four distinct wire ranges, ranging from 30 AWG (0.05) wire to 16 AWG (1.20) wire and having a maximum insulation diameter.126 (3.20) millimetres.

What Is The Number Of Positions?

Free-hanging, Wire-to-wire, , or panel mount options are provided for the Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK connector system in 1-15 position inline, matrix  or dual row or configurations. Wire-to-board solutions are offered in 2-24 position matrix  and double row configurations. Hermaphroditic are provided in 2-4 positions for free-hanging applications, while the sealed system is provided in select 2-16 spots. Both types of accommodation are available.

What Are The Temperature Requirements For The Operation Mode?

The Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK connector system can withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius while in operation. Please refer to Product Specification 108-1542 for further information regarding the temperatures at which the unit should be used.

What Is The Benefit Of Using The Hermaphroditic Housings?

The Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK connector system features a unique hermaphroditic housing design that allows for mating two identical housings of the same size and position. The main advantage of this design is that it cuts down on the total number of part numbers and inventory that the user needs to keep track of.

What Is The Benefit Of Using The Mini-Universal Mate -N-Lok Sealed Connector System?

A sealed connector is necessary for superior electrical performance in environments with high humidity, occasional liquid splashing, or foam-in applications. Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK Sealed Connector Systems can be used in damp areas since they are sealed against dust and moisture. The sealed system, which is only available in a few 2-16 places, requires an interface seal as well as individual or ganged wire sealing. The plug and cap housings must be specially built to accommodate these seals. The traditional Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK headers without drain holes can also be used to mate the sealed plug housings with wire and interface seal to applications that demand a sealed connection between the wire and the circuit board.


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