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Description: Automotive Connectors

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Connectors manufactured solely to employ in automobile electrical systems are referred to as automotive electrical connectors. The technologies used in automobiles have undergone a fundamental transformation, and modern systems are broadly networked and controlled by microprocessors.

Consequently, there is a greater demand for reliable electrical wiring and connectors. As a result, when selecting automotive electrical connectors for your vehicle, you need to consider their current rating, circuit density, wire size, voltage, configuration, and engagement force. One excellent instance is 1062-20-0122. Continue reading to find more information on this connector, which will be covered later in the article. To begin, however, how do automotive connectors function?

How the Automotive Electrical Connectors Work

How the Automotive Electrical Connectors Work

The most straightforward explanation for how they operate is moving electrical currents from one component to the next. There is a component in every automobile known as the “transmission.” The transmission is the largest part of a car or truck and is what constitutes the vehicle’s “skeleton.” Without it, it would be nothing more than a hollow shell that could not move or function.

The components included in this transmission include the uses, connectors, wires, and battery devices located in particular regions. These components are all connected through a communication method called automotive electrical connectors. This “system” enables all the multiple wires to do their part meticulously, almost like they are navigating a maze. This helps to ensure that the wires carry out their respective “duties” in the most effective manner possible and prevents any short-circuiting.

When power is distributed to all of vehicle components such as the window wipers, indicators, radio, ignition,  sensors, relays, and more, it is sometimes possible to do so through a single connector. At the same time, other times, it requires multiple connectors to do the job correctly. Without it, you can not move from one location to another because it is an essential step in the production process of every automotive vehicle.

A significant amount of this warrant customization can be done at the factories, but it can also be done as part of the requests of individual buyers. The connectors are available in a wide variety of forms, with the specific type used being determined by the respective vehicles’ make, model, and size, and from standard insulated connectors to seamless ones that do not require insulation. They are also made to be waterproof to be used in marine environments.

Features of 1062-20-0122

The following is a list of some of the primary characteristics of the 1062-20-0122.

  • Its primary locking mechanism is located on the terminal.
  • It has an F-Crimp type of crimp.
  • It can handle a typical current of 7.5A.
  • It features a Size 20 Contact Diameter.
  • A socket terminal type is present. Socket terminal type
  • The size of its mating pin is 1.02 mm [.04 in].
  • It has a nickel interface plating (Ni)
  • Nickel is the plating material used on its contact termination area (Ni)Crimping is used to terminate wire and cable.
  • Its operating temperature is 80, 85, 90, 100, 105, 110, 120, and 125 degrees Celsius.
  • Its operating temperature is 176, 185, 194, 212, 221, 230, 248, 257 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Its operating temperature range is between -67 and 257 °F (55 to 125 °C).

Applications of 1062-20-0122

This connector is primarily used in automotive applications

Automotive Standards in Electronic Components

The best possible quality of automobile components may be helped ensured through testing, but what are the repercussions if a component fails? In the event that the connector on your radio system or DC power jack becomes dislodged, you will most likely experience annoyance but will not be injured. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the system that deploys the airbags in your vehicle, the consequences could be considerably more severe; the airbag might not deploy at all, or it might deploy erroneously or at the wrong moment. Although occurrences of this nature are highly uncommon, even a single malfunction or error that results in a tragic event can cause irreparable harm to the reputation of an automobile manufacturer. The manufacturer carries out a comprehensive risk assessment for each vehicle to safeguard the company’s reputation and bottom line.

The procedure for risk assessment has been described by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and ISO 26262 addresses the assessment of automobile-associated risks. For this article, we did not review this spec; nonetheless, both component manufacturers and automotive manufacturers are likely very familiar with it.

When you hear a device labeled as an “automotive connector” or an “automotive grade,” you should realize that to achieve those designations, the device had to demonstrate that it had completed various tests and adhered to exacting criteria. Automotive suppliers have the resources necessary to confirm that each component satisfies both SAE and ISO standards, usually with additional factory inspections and other requirements carried out by an authorized person in accordance with the circumstances.

Because consumers lack the same resources and relationships in the sector as businesses, purchasing connectors from a reliable supplier is of the utmost importance. Connectors on your vehicle need to behave similarly to operate properly.

In modern vehicle technology’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is simple to lose sight of the significant role that connectors can play. The manufacturer and the consumer risk experiencing headaches, being sued, and put in harm’s way if the product malfunctions or a component fails. Acquiring components and connectors of a good grade is essential, whether you are building an engine from scratch or modifying your vehicle. Components for automobiles should fulfill the requirements of their automotive-grade specification, even if doing so results in an increased purchase price upfront.


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