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Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors

Description: Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers

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The performance of the 31DQ axially led Schottky rectifier has been fine-tuned to provide a low forward voltage drop while keeping a modest amount of leakage. The most typical applications for switching diodes are free-wheeling diodes, converters, power supply, and reversed battery protection devices.

31DQ10 Features

  • Low profile
  • Very low forward voltage drop
  • High-temperature epoxy encapsulation for enhanced mechanical strength and moisture resistance
  • High-frequency operation

31DQ10 Applications

  • Typical applications for switching diodes are:
  • Free-wheeling diodes
  • Converters
  • Power supply
  • Reversed Battery Protection Devices.
  • Guard ring for long-term reliability and enhanced ruggedness.

Schottky Diode Reverse Recovery Time

When switching between rectification and non-rectification states, the time it takes for the Schottky diode to complete its reverse recovery is a crucial characteristic of its operation. When compared to a regular p-n diode, a Schottky diode has a reverse recovery time that is significantly shorter because the device itself contains a metal contact. Every diode will exhibit a certain amount of capacitance at its metal contacts. Because the parasitic capacitance at the metal-semiconductor interface of a Schottky diode is far lower than that of a junction in a silicon diode, the Schottky diode’s reverse recovery time is significantly quicker.

Within a Schottky diode, the reverse recovery time can drop to as low as -100 picoseconds (ps). The reverse recovery durations of larger Schottky diodes employed in power electronics (for example, in switched-mode power supplies) are typically longer and can reach as low as 10 nanoseconds. This one is far faster than a standard fast p-n diode, which has a reverse recovery time of at least 100 ns.

Switching regulators are the perfect place for a Schottky diode to call home for this very reason. Because of its concise recovery time, a Schottky diode can be employed with PWM frequencies reaching up into the MHz range. Combine this with a quicker edge rate for the PWM signal. You will have a system capable of running successfully at higher frequencies and ultimately turning off the MOSFET driver included in the regulator. If a p-n diode were employed in such a system, the maximum PWM frequency and edge rate would be restricted because of the p-n diode’s lengthy reverse recovery time. This would prevent the system from achieving its full potential.

Applications of Schottky Diode

The electronic industry has found several applications for Schottky diodes in diode rectifiers due to their one-of-a-kind features, which have proven valuable to the industry. The following are some of the most important and widespread applications of it:

RF mixer and detector diode

Due to the Schottky diode’s capacity to switch at the fastest possible rate and operate at the highest possible frequency, the Schottky diode is responsible for the radio frequency functions of the device. With high-performance diode ring mixers, having Schottky barrier diodes on hand is helpful.

Power rectifier

Rectifier tasks can also be performed using Schottky barrier diodes, which can handle high power. Compared to regular PN junction diodes, the high current and voltage drop density, along with the low forward, reveals that ordinary PN junction diodes waste less power.

Power OR circuits

This diode might be helpful for functions such as driving a load with two different power supplies, such as in a battery supply, for example. It is essential to ensure that the power from the supply does not become contaminated by any other sources.

Solar Cell Applications

Since a constant supply of electricity is always required, solar cells are typically connected to rechargeable batteries containing lead acid. This is because the sun never stops shining. Solar cells would not be able to support the applied charge if it were in the opposite direction; as a result, a diode would need to be utilized in a pattern that was proportional to the solar cells.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is a Schottky Barrier Rectifier?

Diodes with Schottky Barrier rectifiers are frequently seen in RF mixers and detectors. This diode is used to convert alternating current into direct current. Due to its features, such as its low forward voltage drop, this diode is also used in power applications like a rectifier, where it helps to reduce power loss in contrast to standard PN junction diodes. This diode’s other application is in the field of power. The symbol for the Schottky diode and the sign for the basic diode circuit share a lot of similarities. The Schottky diode is a more advanced type of diode. This particular symbol for a diode differs from those used for other types of diodes in that it has two additional legs attached to the bar that makes up the symbol.

Why doesn’t the diode seem to have any reverse recovery time?

Because of the metal-semiconductor junction usage, there are no stored charges; as a result, the switching can occur at a higher frequency.

Why may Schottky diodes be turned off far more rapidly than p-n junction diodes?

Because there is no recombination of charges, there is no time spent in reverse recovery, which results in a quicker shutting off of the device.

What Is The Reverse Recovery Time?

The amount of time it takes for a diode to restore its capacity to block current flow is referred to as the “reverse recovery time” of the diode.

What Is A Blocking Diode?

A diode that prevents current from flowing in one direction across a wire is called a blocking diode.


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