Part Number: 4300-034LF

Manufacturer: Tusonix


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Technical Specifications of 4300-034LF

Datasheet  4300-034LF datasheet
Category Filters
Family Feed Through Capacitors
Manufacturer Tusonix a Subsidiary of CTS Electronic Components
Series 4300
Packaging Bulk
Part Status Active
Voltage – Rated 50V
Current 5A
DC Resistance (DCR) (Max)
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 125°C
Insertion Loss 45dB @ 100MHz
Temperature Coefficient
Mounting Type *
Package / Case Axial
Size / Dimension 0.156″ Dia x 0.110″ L (3.96mm x 2.79mm)
Height (Max)

4300-034LF Description

The 4300-034LF is the highest quality electromagnetic interference (EMI) feedthrough filter. Its purpose is to offer dependable protection against electromagnetic noise in various electronic systems. The EMI suppression provided by the 4300-034LF is both adaptable and long-lasting. It has a capacitance of 50000pF and a voltage rating of 50 volts at a temperature of 125 degrees Celsius.

This comprehensive guide to the 4300-034LF will cover all you need to know about this device, including its features, specifications, and applications, and it will do it step-by-step. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to decide on an electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter, regardless of whether you are an engineer, technician, or just someone seeking a quality EMI filter.

4300-034LF Features and Benefits

In various electronic systems, electromagnetic interference (EMI) can be mitigated with the 4300-034LF EMI Feedthrough Filter, a superior quality and dependability solution. The following list some of the most important characteristics and advantages offered by this product:


● The capacitance of 50000pF

Because of its high capacitance value, the 4300-034LF can effectively reduce the amount of high-frequency noise in electronic systems.

● Voltage rating of 50 volts at 125°C

Because it can operate at a voltage of 50 volts even when subjected to a temperature of 125 degrees Celsius, the 4300-034LF is suited for use in settings that are subjected to extremely high temperatures.

● Durable Construction

The 4300-034LF is constructed out of high-quality materials, ensuring it will retain its resilience and endurance even when used in difficult conditions.

● Versatile application

The 4300-034LF is versatile enough to be utilized in a wide variety of settings, such as in telecommunications equipment, medical devices, power supply, and other places.

● Easy to install and use

The 4300-034LF has a design that is both compact and lightweight, which enables it to be easily installed and utilized in applications with restricted space. In addition, it is offered in various standard sizes and is suitable for use with a wide variety of connector types.


● Effective protection against EMI

The 4300-034LF offers efficient protection against EMI, hence lowering the probability that electromagnetic noise would lead to mistakes, malfunctions, or even the full shutdown of the system.

● Reliable performance

The 4300-034LF is produced according to stringent quality standards, then tested to guarantee that it satisfies the most stringent performance requirements. Because of this, you can be certain that the 4300-034LF will give the necessary protection against EMI. You can count on it.

● Increased efficiency

The 4300-034LF can help your electronic systems become more efficient by shielding them from the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI). This will give you more time to concentrate on other parts of your business or project that are equally vital.

● Easy to integrate

Because it is compatible with a wide variety of connector types, the 4300-034LF is straightforward to incorporate into your infrastructure.

● Cost-effective solution

The 4300-034LF is an electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression solution that is both cost-effective and efficient. Because it offers dependable protection against EMI at an affordable cost, it represents an outstanding value for the money.

Functional Description

Electromagnetic Interference, abbreviated as EMI, is an issue that frequently arises in many different electronic systems. It is possible for it to bring about a wide variety of problems, such as errors, malfunctions, and even a total breakdown of the system. EMI filters are utilized to reduce the amount of electromagnetic noise in environments where electronic systems are present to avoid these issues. One example of this EMI filter is the 4300-034LF, a high-quality and dependable solution that can be used for various purposes.

A feedthrough filter, model number 4300-034LF, can be simply installed into a panel or chassis using the included mounting hardware. Because it has a capacitance of 50000 pF and a voltage rating of 50 volts at a temperature of 125 degrees Celsius, it can be utilized in various settings. Even in difficult situations, the 4300-034LF is manufactured from high-quality components, which assures that it will maintain its resilience and lifespan for a long time.

The 4300-034LF offers a great deal of flexibility, one of its primary advantages. It has various potential uses, such as telecommunications equipment, medical devices, power supply, and other areas. It is particularly beneficial in situations where high-frequency noise is present, such as in the presence of radio transmitters or other electronic equipment. One example of this type of application is the presence of high-frequency noise in radio transmission.

In addition, the 4300-034LF is simple to set up and operate. Because of its small size and low weight, it is ideally suited for usage in situations with little space available. Because it comes in various standard sizes, the 4300-034LF makes it simple to pick a filter that satisfies the criteria unique to your situation. In addition, it is easy to integrate into your existing systems because it is compatible with various connector types, such as screw-on, crimp-on, and soldered-on connectors. This makes it possible to connect it in a variety of ways.

The reliability of the 4300-034LF is yet another crucial aspect of the device. The 4300-034LF is produced according to stringent quality standards, then tested to guarantee that it satisfies the most stringent performance requirements. This guarantees that you can depend on the 4300-034LF to offer the protection against EMI that you require, even in the applications that place the most strain on it.


In conclusion, the EMI Feedthrough Filter from 4300-034LF is an adaptable and dependable solution that may reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in various electronic systems. The 4300-034LF is a fantastic option for anyone who needs to protect their electronic systems from electromagnetic interference (EMI) since it has a high capacitance, a voltage rating, a sturdy design, and a simple installation process.

The 4300-034LF is a wonderful choice for anyone searching for a dependable EMI filter, regardless of whether they are an engineer, technician, or just a regular person. As a result of its many advantages, you can feel assured that you will obtain the necessary protection against EMI. This will enable you to concentrate on other parts of your work or project that are crucial to its success.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality and reliable EMI feedthrough filter, look no further than the 4300-034LF. Place an order now from ICRFQ, the top distributor of electronic components in China, and get started on your journey to a more efficient and protected electronic system!

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