ICRFQ Overview

Are you looking for Electronic Components Experts as your sourcing partner? You’ve come to the right place. ICRFQ.com-RANTLE EAST ELECTRONIC TRADING CO., LIMITED is an obsolete, hard-to-find and long lead time electronic components distributor with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality electronic components at the most affordable prices.

Since 2003, RANTLE EAST ELECTRONIC TRADING CO., LIMITED is a full service independent wholesale distributor of electronic components. We provide a complete and cost effective sourcing solution for OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Service & Repair Organizations, Distributors, R&D Groups and other companies that require electronic components.

We stock an extensive range of components and also offer a free component sourcing service for our customers. We quickly and efficiently find both current and obsolete parts by utilizing our access to millions of inventory data files from major OEM’s and stockists together with our online component search engine which searches both our own warehouse stock as well as the global stock available through our Trusted Supplier Network.

Our Quality Control team is working hard to ensure the quality of all the parts we are selling. We provide 30 days warranty so you have nothing to worry about. Our inventory is maintained to the highest standards in our controlled environment warehousing facility.

Simply submit your RFQ to us. Within 24 hours our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will contact you with a price saving you at least 30% than your normal suppliers. Buying electronic components has never been this easy.

Why Choose ICRFQ As Your Electronic Components Sourcing Partner

Rantle East Electronic: Your Electronic Components Experts WWW.ICRFQ.COM

ICRFQ has a wide and unobstructed channel for supply source, and reserves a large number of electronic components inventory including all categories of products as: optical devices, embedded systems, semiconductors, circuit protection components, passive components, connectors, sensors, etc.

We solve your supply chain issues. We provide a complete and cost effective sourcing solution for OEMs, CEMs, Service & Repair Organizations, Distributors, R&D Groups and other companies that require electronic components. We bring high quality electronic components from trusted sources to resolve supply chain issues and provide a distribution channel for excess inventory.

We know that your time and money is valuable. We offer extended availability of our expert sales team to handle customer needs. Our strong industry knowledge and product expertise enable us to quickly assess your greatest pain and deal with it in ways that are aligned with your business.

Save time
By providing access to million lines of excess inventory, we do all the work to tackle your most difficult sourcing needs.

Save money
Our efficient online procurement environment ensures lower transaction costs and allows you to buy what you need, when you need it.

Get the job done
By letting us do all the work, you can rest assured that your product will be there when you need it, enabling you to focus your resources elsewhere.

What Our Clients Are Saying

our regular client

Absolutely, working hard, responsibility and creativity are the terms that I can define ICRFQ. The constant, clear and precise communication with the client on the part of their staff, defines their professionalism. they fulfill what they promise with a delivery on time and with great efficiency. Great job!

our regular customer

No doubt, ICRFQ is a great company.Thank you Kevin, Clark, and the entire engineering design team for your support, creativity, and guidance in taking my project to the next level, thanks a lot for your great efforts. Looking forward to our massive success together!

our regular client

ICRFQ team very quick and efficient. Every member of their team I have worked with has been patient and understanding when explaining next steps and process for my product. I look forward to future developments with new product design and my project. Highly recommend!


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