Part Number: ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7

Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Description: Digital Isolators Micro-power Quad-CH Digital Isolator

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Technical Specifications of ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7

Datasheet  ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 datasheet
Category Isolators
Family Digital Isolators
Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Series iCoupler?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Technology Magnetic Coupling
Type General Purpose
Isolated Power No
Number of Channels 4
Inputs – Side 1/Side 2 2/2
Channel Type Unidirectional
Voltage – Isolation 2500Vrms
Common Mode Transient Immunity (Min) 25kV/μs
Data Rate 2Mbps
Propagation Delay tpLH / tpHL (Max) 180ns, 180ns
Pulse Width Distortion (Max) 8ns
Rise / Fall Time (Typ) 2ns, 2ns
Voltage – Supply 2.25 V ~ 3.6 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Package / Case 16-SSOP (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 16-QSOP

ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 Description

Based on the iCoupler® technology that Analog Devices, Inc. created, the ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 is a set of four micropower digital isolators with four channels. These isolation components outperform alternatives like optocoupler devices in terms of performance characteristics. These features are achieved by combining high-speed complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) with monolithic air core transformer technology.

ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 Features

  • 20-Lead SSOP with a small 16-Lead QSOP.
  • A two-way conversation.
  • 2 Mbps maximum data rate (NRZ).
  • Operation at high temperatures: 125°C.
  • >25 kV/s: high common-mode transient immunity.

Information on Applications and the PCB Layout

When it comes to the logic interfaces, the ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 digital isolators do not require any additional interface circuitry from the outside world to function properly. It is strongly recommended that the power supply be bypassed at both the input and output supply pins labeled VDD1 and VDD2, respectively.

Choose a capacitor with a value that ranges from 0.1 microfarads up to 0.1 microfarads. The maximum allowed length of 20 millimeters for the combined lead length links both ends of the capacitor to the input power supply pin. The ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 effortlessly satisfies the less stringent emissions restrictions for CISPR 22 Class A (and FCC Class A) and the more stringent emissions standards for CISPR 22 Class B when operating in an environment that is not protected (and FCC Class B). The proper judgments about the PCB design were taken to make this achievable. The AN-1109 Application Note, titled Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with iCoupler Devices, contains information on reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by PCBs. This information includes issues with board layout and stack-up.

● Parameters That Are Linked To Propagation Delays

To obtain the most efficient electricity utilization for these items, as many inherent bias currents as humanly possible were eliminated. Because of this, the timing characteristics are significantly more sensitive to the operating voltage and temperature than in typical iCoupler products.

● Insulation Lasting Power

Every insulating structure will eventually break and reveal the material beneath it if it is subjected to voltage stress for a long enough time. The insulation breakdown rate strongly correlates with the voltage waveform placed across it. In addition to the testing that the regulatory organizations carry out, Analog Devices carries out a complete set of experiments to evaluate the lifetime of the insulating structure contained within the ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7.

Voltage levels above the rated continuous operating voltage are used in Analog Devices’ accelerated life testing. These tests are carried out on the company’s components. Acceleration factors are calculated based on a wide variety of different types of operating conditions. Because of these other considerations, it is possible to compute the failure time at the voltage currently being applied.

In many cases, the voltage at which operation is permitted is higher than that required for a service life of fifty years. This is because the allowed voltage is higher. Operating at these high working voltages might occasionally result in the life of the insulation being cut significantly shorter than it would have been otherwise. The ADUM1442ARQZ-insulation RL7’s lifetime depends on the voltage waveform applied to the isolation barrier. The insulating structure of the iCoupler deteriorates at a varied rate depending on the waveform, which can be either bipolar alternating current, unipolar alternating current, or direct current. A setting that uses bipolar alternating current voltage is the most difficult to work in. Analog Devices recommends a maximum working voltage based on the company’s aim of reaching a 50-year operating lifetime in the ac bipolar state. This recommendation is based on the company’s commitment to accomplishing this goal.

● The accuracy of DC

Standard Operating Mode Positive and negative logic transitions at the isolator input generate narrow pulses to be transmitted to the decoder via the transformer. These pulses have a duration of less than one nanosecond. Since the decoder is bistable, the pulses that indicate transitions in the input logic can either set it or reset it. The refresh and watchdog functions are enabled when EN1 and EN2 are pulled low. c a periodic set of refresh pulses indicative of the correct input state are sent to the output to ensure that dc correctness has been maintained.

Imagine that the decoder does not receive any pulses from its circuits lasting more than 200 microseconds. If this is the case, the input side is presumed to be either unpowered or nonfunctional. In this scenario, the output is forced into its default state by the isolator watchdog circuit. The ADuM1440, ADuM1441, and ADuM1442 versions all have the default state set to high, whereas the ADuM1445, ADuM1446, and ADuM1447 versions all have the default state set to low.

● Mode of operation that uses less power

On an ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7, setting logic high on EN1 and EN2 enables the refresh and watchdog functions to be deactivated, which results in the device using the least amount of power feasible. The apparatus makes this accomplishment doable. The values programmed into these control pins on both sides of the device must be the same for the component to work correctly. The isolation barrier’s voltage waveform determines ADUM1442ARQZ-insulation RL7 lifespan. However, because the dc accuracy is no longer guaranteed when the system starts up, you need to exercise extreme caution when using this mode.

● Voltage Recommendation for Devices With Low Power Operation

Schmitt triggers input buffers are implemented by the ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 so that the devices can function cleanly in environments with a low data rate or with a lot of background noise. This allows the devices to function cleanly in settings with a lot of background noise. Even though the input voltage of the Schmitt trigger is not substantially equivalent to either the level of the VDDx or the level of the GNDx, the trigger will nevertheless allow a little shot-through current to pass through. Because of this, both transistors have a very slight state when the input voltages are in the center of their supply range. The reason for this is that both transistors have a very slight state.

However, with the ultralow-power ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7, this leakage can be bigger than the total operating current of the device, and as a result, it cannot be disregarded. This is because the device is designed to operate at shallow currents. This leakage does not form a significant fraction of the total supply current and, as a result, may go unnoticed in most digital devices. This is in contrast to the situation in analog devices, where it does. Continuously drive the inputs of the ADuM1440/ ADUM1442ARQZ-RL7 such that they are as close as they can go to the values of VDDx or GNDx. You can reduce your power consumption to its absolute minimum using this.


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