Part Number: AMC3330QDWERQ1

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: Isolation Amplifiers Automotive +/-1-V input, precision reinforced isolated amplifier

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AMC3330QDWERQ1 Description

The AMC3330-Q1 is an isolated precision amplifier and comes equipped with an integrated and isolated DC/DC converter that enables operation from the low side of the device using only one supply. The strengthened capacitive isolation barrier has met the VDE V 0884-11 and UL1577 standards. Separating low-voltage domains from high-voltage portions of the system is its primary function. Directly connecting high-impedance voltage-signal sources to the AMC3330-Q1’s input was a design goal, such as a resistor-divider network, which allows it to sense high-voltage signals.

The integrated isolated DC/DC converter enables measurement of signals not referenced to ground, which distinguishes this device as a one-of-a-kind solution for noisy and limited space applications. Because it performs so well, this device can provide accurate monitoring and control of the voltage. Integrated fault detection for the DC/DC converter and a diagnostic output pin are features of the AMC3330-Q1 that simplify system-level design and diagnostics. The temperature ranges from –40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius for use with the AMC3330-Q1.

AMC3330QDWERQ1 Features

Automotive applications that meet the requirements of AEC-Q100:

  • Temperature grade 1: –40 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius, TA. Single supply operation with 3.3 or 5 volts and an integrated DC/DC converter.
  • A range of input voltages from 0.1 V to 1 V has been optimized for voltage measurements with a high input impedance.
  • Gain is constant at 2.0.

Low DC errors:

  • Gain error: ±0.2% (max).

High CMTI, measuring 85 kV/s (min).

Diagnostic capabilities at the system level.

Certifications in risk management:

  • 2017-01: 6000-VPK reinforced isolation by DIN VDE V 0884-11 (VDE V 0884-11).
  • Isolation of 4250-VRMS for 1 minute by UL1577

EMI performance is compliant with CISPR-11 and CISPR-25 standards.

Detailed Description


The AMC3330-Q1 is a fully differential, precision, and isolated amplifier, distinguished by its high input impedance and integrated DC/DC converter. This converter lets the gadget run on a single 3.3 V or 5 V source. The second-order delta-sigma modulator input stage powers the gadget. This modulator is the source of the device’s driving force. The modulator uses an internal voltage reference and a clock generator to transform the analogue input signal into a digital bitstream.

The functional block diagram denotes the driver by the letter TX. Drivers transport the modulator’s output across the barrier that divides the high-side voltage domain from the low-side voltage domain. A differential analogue output can be produced by first synchronizing the bitstream received with the clock, then applying a low-side fourth-order analogue filter, and then displaying the results of all these processes.

Feature Description

Analog Output

The OUTP and OUTN pins comprise the AMC3330-Q1’s differential analog output, comprised of analog output. The component generates a linear response with a nominal gain of 2 when the differential input voltages (VINP – VINN) are between 1 V and 1 V. The voltages are presented in increasing order, beginning with the lowest and working their way up to the highest. For example, if the differential input voltage is 1 V, one may anticipate a differential output voltage of (VOUTP – VOUTN) equaling 2 V from the device. The example that is going to follow will help to illustrate this notion.

Application Information

The AMC3330-Q1 is a high-performance alternative for applications that demand voltage monitoring at high common-mode levels. Its low input bias current, AC and DC errors, and temperature drift contribute to its high degree of functionality. Because it comes equipped with all of these characteristics, the AMC3330-Q1 is an excellent choice.

Typical Application

Voltage measurements in high-voltage applications that must be isolated from a low-voltage domain are typically performed with isolated amplifiers. Measurements of the AC line voltage at the input of a power factor correction (PFC) stage in an onboard charger are typical use (OBC). Other applications include taking DC measurements at the output of a PFC stage or DC/DC converter and taking phase voltage readings in traction inverters. In applications where a high-side supply is unavailable or referred to a different ground potential than the signal to be monitored, the AMC3330-Q1’s isolated power supply for the high-voltage side makes it easy to use.

In applications where a high-side supply is unavailable or referred to a different ground potential than the signal to be monitored, the AMC3330-Q1’s isolated power supply for the high-voltage side makes it easy to use. This makes the AMC3330-Q1 particularly useful in situations where a high-side supply is referenced to a different ground potential than the signal that is to be measured.

Power Supply Recommendations

Low-voltage ac power input (VDD), which has a nominal value of 3.3 V, is the power source for the AMC3330-Q1 device (or 5 V). TI suggests using a decoupling capacitor with a value of 1 nF and a low ESR.

A low-ESR 100-nF capacitor (C4) is placed near the device between the DCDC IN and DCDC GND pins. This capacitor is responsible for decoupling the low side of the DC/DC converter. C3, a 1 nF capacitor with a low equivalent series resistance, should be connected in series with the DCDC OUT and HGND terminals.  A 1-microfarad capacitor (C2) should decouple the high side.


Use low-ESR capacitors of 1 nF (C6) for the high-side LDO. Position them, so they are as close to the AMC3330-Q1 as possible. After that, install a decoupling capacitor of 100 nF. (C5). The terminal of the sensing resistor connected to the device’s negative input (INN) serves as the source for the high-side ground reference (HGND), which is formed from this connection. If you want the most accurate DC readings possible, use a separate trace to make this connection; nevertheless, it is also acceptable to short HGND to INN directly at the device input. At the device pins, the connection point for DC/DC power supplies on the high side, also known as DCDC HGND, is connected in a short circuit to HGND.

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