Part Number: BGX50AE6327HTSA1

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Description: Bridge Rectifiers AF DIODE 70V 0.14A

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of BGX50AE6327HTSA1

Datasheet  BGX50AE6327HTSA1 datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Diodes – Bridge Rectifiers
Manufacturer Infineon Technologies
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Diode Type Single Phase
Voltage – Peak Reverse (Max) 70V
Current – DC Forward (If) (Max) 140mA
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case TO-253-4, TO-253AA
Supplier Device Package PG-SOT143-4

BGX50AE6327HTSA1 Description

The BGX50AE6327HTSA1 is a bridge rectifier diode built to withstand an operating voltage of up to 70V and a maximum current of 0.14A. The manufacturer has established these specifications. Converting alternating current voltage to direct current voltage requires the use of this component, which is why it is frequently seen in circuits that deliver electricity.

The “AF” designation of this diode indicates that it is a fast-recovery type, which means that it can quickly convert from its forward-biased state to its reverse-biased state, hence lowering the amount of energy lost as heat. The suffix HTSA1 added to the item number identifies the packing type as a surface mount device (SMD) package made of small pieces of plastic designed to be used in surface mount applications. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the BGX50AE6327HTSA1 diode, covering topics such as its characteristics, features, and the various contexts in which it is typically used.

BGX50AE6327HTSA1 Features

Infineon Technologies BGX50AE6327HTSA1 bridge rectifier diode exemplifies the company’s commitment to producing components of the highest possible quality. The following are some of its most notable characteristics:

● Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Package:

The diode is packaged in a SOT-143-4 package, a miniature plastic surface mount package. This package is intended for surface mounting. Because of this, it is now possible to create circuit boards with a high density, which helps save space.

● Wide Operating Temperature Range:

A wide temperature range, ranging from -65 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius, is suitable for using the diode without risk. Due to this, it is ideal for a wide range of applications, including those that take place in severe settings.

● High Forward Current:

Because it can withstand a maximum forward current of 140 mA, the diode is appropriate for power supply circuits requiring a high amount of current to function properly.

● Low Forward Voltage:

Because of the diode’s low forward voltage of 1.3 volts, there is a significant reduction in the amount of power lost within the circuit.

● High Reliability:

The diode lives up to the stringent quality and dependability requirements of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC-Q101). This suggests that it has been put through thorough testing and is up to the required quality level.

● Packaging Options:

The diode can be purchased in various packing configurations, including Reel, Cut Tape, and MouseReel. Because of this, flexible assembly and production procedures are now possible.

● Widely Used:

Converting alternating current (AC) voltage to direct current (DC) voltage is the primary function of the BGX50AE6327HTSA1, which finds widespread application in the circuitry of power supply systems.

The BGX50AE6327HTSA1 is a versatile, reliable, and high-quality bridge rectifier diode that is well-suited for many applications due to its adaptability and versatility. It has a small SMT packaging, a wide operating temperature range, and high reliability, all of which make it a good choice for power supply circuits.

Infineon Technologies BGX50AE6327HTSA1 Bridge Rectifier Specifications

Bridge rectifier diodes like the BGX50AE6327HTSA1 are products of Infineon Technologies’ production line. The Bridge Rectifiers product category is where you may find it, and it complies with the RoHS standards. The diode is housed in a SOT-143-4 package and is constructed for use with Surface Mount Technology (SMT). This tiny plastic surface-mount package is perfect for use in high-density circuit board designs due to its small size and the fact that it is made of surface-mounting plastic.

Electrical Characteristics:

● Forward Current (If)

While conducting in the forward direction, the diode can withstand a current of up to 140 mA at its maximum.

● Peak Reverse Voltage (Vr):

70 V is the most reverse voltage the diode can safely withstand before it begins to fail.

● Forward Voltage (Vf):

When conducting in the forward direction, the diode has a voltage drop of 1.3 V when measured across its terminals.

● Reverse Current (Ir):

This current, measured in micro amperes and has a value of 100 uA, passes through the diode when it is biased in the opposite direction.

● Power Dissipation (Pd):

210 milliwatts are the maximum power the diode can withstand before it begins to fail.

● Operating Conditions:

Minimum Operating Temperature: -65°C

Maximum Operating Temperature: +150 degrees Celsius; this is the temperature range in which the diode can be used without causing any damage.

The BGX50AE6327HTSA1 is a high-quality, reliable bridge rectifier diode that can handle various operating conditions. It is well-suited for use in power supply circuits, where it can convert AC voltage to DC voltage.

What is Bridge Rectifiers AF DIODE, and How Does It Work?

A Bridge Rectifier is an electronic circuit that utilizes a network of diodes to convert alternating (AC) to direct (DC). The “AF” in the name alludes to the rapid recovery function of the diodes, which means that they can transition swiftly from forward to reverse current. This ability is indicated by the diodes’ ability to flip quickly between forward and reverse currents.

A bridge rectifier is made up of four diodes connected to one another in the shape of a bridge. This structure allows the rectifier to correct both the positive and negative half cycles of an alternating current waveform. The diode bridge receives the incoming alternating current voltage, and the diodes alternately switch between their two states. This causes current to flow in just one direction, resulting in a pulsed direct current output. When trying to convert a pulsed DC output into a steady DC voltage, it is common practice to utilize a filter circuit, such as a capacitor, to help smooth the transition.

Bridge rectifiers are a frequent component to find in a power supply, battery charging circuits, and other applications that need DC voltage from an AC source. The greatest reverse voltage that the diodes can withstand is 70V, and the maximum forward current they can manage is 0.14A. These values are listed in volts and amperes.


In conclusion, the BGX50AE6327HTSA1 bridge rectifier diode from Infineon Technologies is a top-performing and versatile component suitable for power supply circuits. Its features, including surface mount technology, broad operating temperature range, high forward current, low forward voltage, and superior reliability, make it stand out in the market. Additionally, it meets the stringent quality standards the Automotive Electronics Council set. “Get Compact and Reliable Circuit Design with BGX50AE6327HTSA1! Order Now from ICRFQ, the Premier Distributor of Electronics in China!”

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