Capacitor Manufacturers and Suppliers

A capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy in an electric field. It is a passive electronic component with two terminals.

Are you looking for the best Capacitor Manufacturers and Suppliers in Iran?

Do you want to know where to buy capacitors locally in Iran?

Which popular capacitor distributor in Iran near me?

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We have compiled the best capacitor companies and distributors in Iran list for you to pick as below:

Saba Capacitor

Saba Khazen Manufacturing and Industrial Company was established in1994 by the efforts of the late Engineer Davood Rahmani and by
transferring capacitor manufacturing technology from the German company Siemens, it started to produce low pressure capacitors for power factor
correction. This company is the first and only manufacturer of MKK type gas capacitors and MKP type resin capacitors under the license of German

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Ahoura Mazda St, Iran

Radelectric Capacitor

Rad Electric International | Sale of capacitors, fuses, encoders, diodes, thyristors, resistors.

Address: Tehran, Unit 20, 6th Floor, No. 40, Sarhang Sakhaee St., South Ferdowsi Ave., Tehran,Iran.

Iran Hovie Co LTD

Iran Houyeh Production Company was established in 1983, The quality control laboratory is equipped with highly accurate electrical and mechanical measuring devices and the manufactured products are tested according to the IEC international standard.

Address: Isfahan Province, 4th Street, Jey industrial zone، 4th St, No. 48، 81594 85176, Iran

Bel electronic

Iran Electronic Module, supplier of electronic, robotic and mechatronic modules and components in Iran

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Jomhouri Ave, Iran

Siemens PG

Visit Siemens, the technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare.

Address: VPMW+5Q9, Marvdasht, Fars Province, Iran

Amjad Electronic

Amjad Electronics is a Electronic Components Suppliers In Iran.

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 12, Jomhouri Ave, Iran

Electro Arvin

Nima Abbasi store has started its activity since 1982 in Photo Passage and in order to expand its activity in the field of rockers and DC and AC electric motors, it has added another store to this collection since 2005. This store called Electro Arvin is ready to serve the manufacturers of the following industries.

Address:Tehran Province, Tehran, Tehran Province, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Square, Fotovat Building, Iran

Ara Electronic

Ara Electronic was established in 1988 to serve the growing electronics industry in the country and meet its growing needs. At present, this company is one of the largest distributors of electronic components in Iran.

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Forgani Bld. Jomhori Ave., Iran

Qazvin electronic

Qazvin Electronic store started its activity in 2011 in the fields of supply and distribution of electronic parts and tools. design of practical and industrial boards, design of PCB printed circuit boards, etc., and currently one of the active stores in Qazvin in this Is the domain.

Address: 72F2+VPV, Qazvin, Qazvin Province, Iran

Noavaran Electronic

Noavaran Electronic Company is a manufacturer of various boards and electronic devices. This company was established in 2001 with the aim of designing and manufacturing electronic systems and started its initial activity by designing and manufacturing electronic training and application circuits.

Address: M9JW+QWV District 11, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran


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