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An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

Are you looking for the best electronic components and parts supplier in Bolivia?

Do you want to know where to buy electronic components in Bolivia?

Which popular electronic components store in Bolivia near me?

You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the electronic parts suppliers and distributors in Bolivia list for you to pick as below:

EPY Electrónica

Welcome to the EPY Electrónica Bolivia store. Here you will find everything you need to carry out your projects successfully. We are one of the benchmarks in Modules, Sensors and Development Boards in Bolivia.

Address: Jaimes Freyre #2088, La Paz, Bolivia

Leverage Electronics

Leverage Electronics is a Electronics Store in Khartoum, Sudan

Address: Jaimes Freyre #2088, La Paz, Bolivia

NOVA Electronics

Wholesale and retail electronics components, Arduinos, Raspberry pi, microcontrollers, sensor modules and much more.

Address: Barrio Juan Nicolai, calle Pilcomayo 1330, Camatinde y, Tarija, Bolivia

RCH Electronics

Provider of cables and connectors for audio, video and networks. Spare parts, accessories and electronic components for audio, video and robotics

Address: Calle Charcas 281 casi esquina, Aroma, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia


TecBolivia.com went online for the first time in April 2010 with the following objectives:

Encourage research and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the areas of electronics and computing.
Offer information and training through articles, tutorials, courses, seminars, news and other resources.
Offer for sale electronic components, materials and tools; especially those of the latest technology that are not easily found in our country.

Address: Ed.Torre San Juan, Ladislao Cabrera #457, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Robotica En Bolivia

We have online classes for learning Artificial Intelligence based on Neural Networks. We also develop systems based on Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Expert Systems and others.

Address: Av.20 de Octubre 1742, La Paz, Bolivia


Our trajectory supports our quality service, providing you with high-end technology in spare parts and accessories for audio, video, electronics.

Address: Calle Quijarro #218, Entre Charcas y, Arenales, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Electronica Nava

Electronica Nava is a electronics components and parts store in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Address: Calle Quijarro entre Arenales y, Charcas, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Schneider Electric Bolivia

We provide digital energy and automation solutions for greater efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services with integrated
solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries. We make processes and energy safe and reliable, efficient and sustainable, open and connected.

Address: Av. Roca y Coronado, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

EyF Max Series Santa Cruz

Our goal is to offer you accessible products with guaranteed quality, constantly innovating throughout Bolivia. We are leaders in the sector providing cell phone accessories for more than 18 years. Thank you for joining our community!

Address: Av. Grigota Comercial La Ramada 2do Nivel Local 500, Bolivia


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