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An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

Are you looking for the best electronic components and parts supplier in Cyprus?

Do you want to know where to buy electronic components in Cyprus?

Which popular electronic components store in Cyprus near me?

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We have compiled the electronic parts suppliers and distributors in Cyprus list for you to pick as below:


KOKOS & Co is a electronics components and parts store in Cyprus

Address: 44, Limassol, Cyprus

NCE Nickey’s Electronic Components Ltd

“Nickey’s electronics” opened its doors as a small shop supplying electronic components in the centre of Limassol more than 30 years ago. A large clientele was quickly developed due to its customer friendly orientation and the long lasting relations that were established. Today continuing with its core values of a family business organization Nickey’s electronics has significantly grown and is able to meet the demands of the modern market not only in Limassol but all over Cyprus!

Address: Αγίας Φυλάξεως 54, Elegina Count No.5, Limassol 3025, Cyprus

Farnell in Cyprus

Premier Farnell Ltd is a distributor of products for electronic system design, maintenance and repair throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, with operations in 36 countries and trading in over 100

Address: Griva Digeni, Latsia, Cyprus

Nicolaou Electronics LTD

Nicolaou Electronics LTD is a electronics components and parts store in Cyprus

Address: Kaniggos, Paphos, Cyprus

Hadjistyllis Videotronics

Hadjistyllis Videotronics Ltd is an import and Distribution Company, established with the aim to cover the field of consumer electronics and accessories. Since its establishment in 1984 Videotronics has become one of the Cyprus market leader, offering a wide range of audio/video, photo, tv/satellite, tools, components, batteries, lighting and security/safety accessories and equipment.

Address: Ifigenias 13, Strovolos 2007, Cyprus

MS Electronics Ltd

MS Electronics was found in 1996 in Limassol, the main port city of Cyprus. The company had humble beginnings offering services such as installations and repairs of audiovisual equipment. In 2005 the company started importing and distributing audio video products in the Cyprus market with the aim of being a dedicated and professional distributor and to be a pioneer in the introduction of new technologies in the market.. In the last decade MS Electronics has grown to be a leader in the Cyprus market and has expanded its network of dealers to more than 500 partners around the island. Offering products across many industries such as IT, Networking, Security, Mobile accessories and spare parts.

Address: 7 Kolonakiou Agios Athanasios, 4103, Cyprus


RoboTaki.com is an online robotics and electronics shop based in Cyprus. We ship all over of Cyprus via courier services. We keep in Stock most important parts that are required to build all of your electronic projects.

Address: Athalassas Ave 176-office 402, Strovolos 2025, Cyprus

Mr. Electronic CY LTD

We specialized in sale of spare parts for mobile phones and devices,  Our company is located in the capital of Cyprus Nicosia,  since 2017 we are looking for the best distributors around the world to offer you the best products with the best prices, We hope you enjoy shopping in our e-shop or visiting our store in Nicosia. We will strive and work to provide of all our products for your business And we hope that you help us with your experiences to complete the success together.

Address: Rigenis 46, Nicosia 1010, Cyprus

Eshop Cyprus LTD

Eshop Cyprus LTD is a electronics components and parts store in Cyprus

Address: Sans Souci 27, Strovolos 2003, Cyprus

Bionic Electronics

Bionic Electronics H.T. Ltd was founded in 1990. Its mission is to provide technology products and solutions tailored to the needs of each client, and enable them to utilize technology efficiently and effectively.

The company made its first steps mainly focusing on electronic and PC parts, gradually expanding its product and service range to include all kinds of technology products. Today it’s one of the leading wholesale and retail suppliers of electronic parts and components, computer systems, parts and peripherals, notebooks, networking solutions and consumables, mobile telephony, audio-visual and gaming with retail stores in four major cities in Cyprus.

Address: Agias Filaxeos 61, Limassol 3025, Cyprus


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