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An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

Are you looking for the best electronic components and parts supplier in Egypt?

Do you want to know where to buy electronic components in Egypt?

Which popular electronic components store in Egypt near me?

You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the electronic parts suppliers and distributors in Egypt list for you to pick as below:

RAM Electronics

Hello and welcome to RAM Electronics, the place to find the best Electronic Components for every taste and occasion.
We thoroughly check the quality of our goods, working only with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product.

We at RAM Electronics believe in high quality and exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and ship them to you regardless of where you are located.

Address: 32 El Falaky St، El Tahrir, Cairo Governorate 11121, Egypt

Alamir Mall

Alamir Mall is an electronics components distributer, specialized in: semiconductor devices, passive components, networking accessories and devices, test & measurement equipment.

Address: 2 Mazloum Basha, st, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate 11311, Egypt


Filotronix is your online Electronic parts store, In 6th of October city, wide variety, electronic component.

Address: Laylat al-Qadr sq. El Magd mall 2nd. floor, Shop #7, Giza Governorate 12573, Egypt

UGE Electronics Merghany Branch

UGE Electronics is an Egyptian Growing distributor of 3D Printers,semiconductors, electronic components, embedded Boards, sensors, CNC parts, Arduino Boards & shields, CNC Parts & boards, Test Equipment and many other items.When you need the right part right now, think UGE Electronics. Selection, speed, and accuracy are the core of UGE Electronics state-of-the-art warehouse with sophisticated equipment enabling us to process orders 24/7,

It’s about doing what’s right for the customer, and that’s getting the order right and delivered on time every time.

Address: 17-37 Mahmoud Hasan, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11413, Egypt

Future Electronics Egypt

Future Electronics’ strong global presence and success is established through world-class supply chain solutions, market intelligence, engineering expertise, a dedicated sales team just a click or call away, and the innovative products to bring product ideas to life.

Address: 2 Ahmed Fouad Abd Al Aziz Al Sarayat Sabekaa, As Sarayat, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

EL Gammal Electronics

EL Gammal Electronices We choose the best and finest products to cover your needs in all technology fileds. Over 1 000 000 Product from the World s most Respectful Brands.

Address: 1 Al Amir Kedadar, Ad Dawawin, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Electra for electronic & industrial components

Sells all ElectronicComponents, Development Boards, Industrial spare parts andTools for Engineers and anyone interested in Electronics since 2007.

Address: 47 ahmed Qamha street,ALASEEL Tower، Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Makers electronics

“MAKERS” is a leading Egyptian company in Electronics supplies and spare parts – and provides electronics Geeks with the best electronic components and devices to help them make and build smart projects at convenient prices. MAKERS aims to develop the electronics field in Egypt to create a creative community of electronics Geeks and everyone loves electronics meetings with making mentality.

Address:158 Rakwtes, الإبراهيمية قبلي, Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate 21321, Egypt

Farnell Grand Solutions

Electronic components distributor with More than 2M products from over 900 manufacturers.ready to ship same day.New products added daily.order online today.

Address: 20 Abd El-Moniem Hafez, El-Nozha Street, Heliopolis، مصر الجديدة، القاهرة، Cairo القاهرة، 11341, Egypt

RS Components Egypt

RS Components is a leading distributor of electronic, electrical and industrial components. Secure online ordering with day-to-day delivery.


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