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An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

Are you looking for the best electronic components and parts supplier in Guatemala?

Do you want to know where to buy electronic components in Guatemala?

Which popular electronic components store in Guatemala near me?

You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the electronic parts suppliers and distributors in Guatemala list for you to pick as below:

Tecnología TYT Electronicos, S.A.

Tecnología TYT Electronicos, S.A. is a electronics components and parts online store in Guatemala.

Address: 2da ave 11-09 zona 9, Plaza 2-11, Cdad. de Guatemala 09001, Guatemala


We are committed to having everything you need for your project, from cable and wire, through precision tools, to the most modern electronic boards.

We want to be your best ally when it comes to your innovation and have everything you need.

Address: 11 AV. 31-47 Z.12 2do. Nivel Apto “C”, CC, Villa la “U”, Cdad. de Guatemala 01012, Guatemala

Cocodrilo S.A.

If we don’t have it, we can do it for you, manufacturing all kinds of cables.

Address: C.C. San Jeronimo Local, Calzada Roosevelt 13-10, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala

Electrónica BP

Electrónica BP is a leading company in the distribution of electronic components in Guatemala and dedicated to providing the latest electronic products and technologies, in combination with customer service and the highest quality.

Address: Calz. San Juan 30, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala

Electricidad General

Electricidad General is a electronics components and parts store in Guatemala

Address: 4-14, 2A Avenida 10, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala

Electroma Villa Nueva

Electroma Villa Nueva is a electronics components and parts store in Guatemala.

Address: Villa Nueva. Kilometro 17.8, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala

Controles Y Proyectos Fluke

CONPRO’s Repair and Calibration Laboratory has more than 10 years of experience in measuring equipment.

Address: 1A Calle, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala

Steren TEC

We are a proudly Mexican company, forged with the work of a visionary entrepreneur who laid the foundations and prepared his family with the principles of work, commitment, responsibility and vision, values ​​that distinguish us today.

Our growth from 1956 to today has been with firm steps, with our two store concepts, Steren and Steren Shop, today we have more than 400 branches in the Mexican Republic where we offer personalized advice for each client, presence in more than 1,500 points of sale in self-services in Mexico, a catalog with more than 4,000 products, our Steren Card Loyalty Program, the Warranty Extension, and our Solutions magazine with promotions and suggestions of the month and quality control offices for all products in our country and in Shanghai, China

Address: Vía 3, 01-0 Campus TEC 3, Loc. 110 Zona 4 Guatemala, 01004, Guatemala

Electrónica UVAPI

we sell components for: projects in electronics, raspberry pi , Arduinos , ATMEL microcontrollers , pic , nxp, semiconductors, resistors , capacitors . diodes, leds , breadboards etc.

We ship to the entire Republic of Guatemala, by parcel services: express cargo or guatex.

Address: Chimaltenango 04001, Guatemala

Prismatec TecnoShop

Prismatec TecnoShop Sale of computers, printers, supplies, accessories and maintenance.

Address: 2da ave. 8-24 zona 1 Siquinalá, Escuintla, Local no. 14 Siquinalá, Guatemala 05004, Guatemala


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