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An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

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Future Electronics

Our mission is what drives us to constantly improve. Since day one in 1968, we’ve revolutionized the world of electronic components distribution thanks to that mindset. It has always been about our customers.

Each and every one of our 5,500+ worldwide employees comes to work every day embracing our mission.

Future Electronics’ strong global presence and success is established through world-class supply chain solutions, market intelligence, engineering expertise, a dedicated sales team just a click or call away, and the innovative products to bring product ideas to life.

Address: Nokia / Marconi Building (3rd Floor, Via Energy Park, 20871 Vimercate MB, Italy

Rutronik Italia S.r.l.

Rutronik is an independent family-owned company based in Ispringen near Pforzheim in Germany. The company was founded in 1973 by Helmut Rudel and has developed from a “one-man-company” into one of the worldwide leading broadline distributors for electronic components. In the fiscal year 2020 its more than 1,800 employees achieved sales of $1.08 billion US-Dollar. Thanks to the customer’s approval, Rutronik can look back on a successful company history of more than 45 years and continues the positive economic development.

Address: Via Caduti di Amola, 11/2/6° piano int.11, 40132 Bologna BO, Italy


Avnet Silica is the European semiconductor specialist division of Avnet, Inc., one of the leading global technology distributors and acts as the smart connection between customers and suppliers. The distributor simplifies complexity by providing creative solutions, technology and logistics support. Avnet Silica is a partner of leading semiconductor manufacturers and innovative solution providers over many years. With a team of more than 200 application engineers and technical specialists, Avnet Silica supports projects all the way from the idea to the concept to production.

Address: Viale dell’Industria, 23, 35129 Padova PD, Italy

Gsr Technology Italy Srl

GSR Technology Italy has the right solution for you!

We are pleased to introduce our Realtek RTL8822BU WMU62XX series, a single-chip USB solution that supports 2-stream 802.11ac solutions with multi-user MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) and wireless LAN (WLAN) with Bluetooth 4.2 with controller integrated multi-interface.

Address: Via Lavoratori Autobianchi, 1, 20832 Desio MB, Italy

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics guides innovation forward for over 180,000 of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology used in homes, business and daily life.

A global provider of products, services, and solutions, Arrow aggregates electronic components and enterprise computing solutions for customers and suppliers in industrial and commercial markets. The company maintains a network of more than 302 locations worldwide.

Address: Viale dell’Innovazione, 3, 20126 Milano MI, Italy

Distrelec Italia S.R.L.

Distrelec is a leading provider of online products and services for maintenance professionals. Founded over 40 years ago in Switzerland, Distrelec focuses on electronics, automation and measurement technology. We are represented by subsidiaries in more than 13 countries and supply our customers across Europe quickly and reliably.

Address: Via Ramazzotti, 12, 20020 Lainate MI, Italy

Richardson RFPD Italy SRL

Richardson RFPD has aligned with over 100 of the top technology leaders in the RF, Energy & Power, and IoT markets to provide you with the best solutions, in many cases right from our extensive inventory.

Address: Via Sandro Pertini, 95, 50019 Comune di Sesto Fiorentino FI, Italy

AMS Italy S.r.l.

ams is committed to responsible, visionary environmental protection. Based on this commitment, ams has been one of the first semiconductor manufacturers to be certified in accordance with ISO14001 environmental management system.

Through innovation and its products, ams influences not only future technical development in the field of electronics, but also – with environmentally-friendly and resource conserving activities – looks to maintain and continuously improve high corporate environmental standards contributing to the conservation of an environment worth living in.

Our economic success is partly based on the exemplary position we have achieved in our environmental activities. For us, economic success can only be safeguarded in the long-term through responsible dealings with the environment.

Address: Via Regina Adelaide, 11, 27100 Pavia PV, Italy

AQ Magnetica Italy s.r.l.

Magnetica is a partner of important semiconductor manufacturers and distributors.

Address: Via G. Marcora, 20, 60022 Castelfidardo AN, Italy

DigiKey Electronics Italy

Digi-Key has always been customer driven and quality focused. This fact is confirmed by numerous independent industry surveys. Continuous improvement and ongoing statistical analysis of processes have always been integral to our approach to business.

This has made Digi-Key a world-class distributor of electronic components. — Our Goal: To consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


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