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An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

Are you looking for the best electronic components and parts supplier in Norway?

Do you want to know where to buy electronic components in Norway?

Which popular electronic components store in Norway near me?

You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the electronic parts suppliers and distributors in Norway list for you to pick as below:

EC Partner AS

EC Partner gives you up-to-date expertise in passive components. We have been supplying high-quality and affordable components to the Norwegian electronics industry for more than 24 years. Our engineers focus on the right design for their needs.

Address: Bjørnerudveien 24, 1266 Oslo, Norway

Kjell & Company

Kjell & Company is one of Sweden’s strongest brands and a leading player in Swedish retail. The company has more than 30 years of experience in home electronics in combination with very high knowledge and personal advice. In Norway, Kjell & Company was established in 2015. Today we have stores from Tromsø in the north to Kristiansand in the south.

Address: Bogstadveien 15A, 0355 Oslo, Norway

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH

Rutronik is an independent family-owned company based in Ispringen near Pforzheim in Germany. The company was founded in 1973 by Helmut Rudel and has developed from a “one-man-company” into one of the worldwide leading broadline distributors for electronic components. In the fiscal year 2020 its more than 1,800 employees achieved sales of $1.08 billion US-Dollar. Thanks to the customer’s approval, Rutronik can look back on a successful company history of more than 45 years and continues the positive economic development.

Address: Olaf Helsets vei 6, 0694 Oslo, Norway


The electrical importer delivers a wide range of electrical articles and installation materials to the professional user and to the individual consumer. Our suppliers are reputable brand suppliers and the foremost in their field. This means that we are an attractive supplier with a good and wide range of quality products.

After 20 years of sales and central warehouse in Oslo, the majority of the shares were sold to Herkules Kapital AS with the aim of establishing stores in the largest cities in Norway. The stores will be perceived as specialists in electrical equipment with a wide selection where customers receive competent service and low prices. Today we have 23 department stores across the country!

Address: Strømsveien 312, 1081 Oslo, Norway

Elkjøp Megastore Ullevål

Large selection of household electronics for data, telephony, games, audio, video and white goods. Shops all over the country.

Address: Sognsveien 68-70, 0855 Oslo, Norway

Arrow Norway AS

Arrow.com is your resource for electronic component products, datasheets, reference designs and technology news. Explore Arrow today.

Address: Gnr 108 Bnr 86, 5578 Nedre Vats, Norway

POWER Bergen Sentrum

POWER is the Nordic region’s new electrical giant that challenges the market with a price robot and updated online prices in stores.

The POWER success started in Denmark in 2015. Later we opened in Finland and Sweden, and in May 2017, POWER came to Norway.

At POWER, we always want to be one step ahead, because we know that smart, efficient solutions keep prices low, while providing the best shopping experience for customers.

Address: Strandgaten 55-57, 5004 Bergen, Norway

Mouser Electronics Norway

Electronic components distributor with a huge selection in stock and ready to ship with no minimum orders. New electronic parts added daily.

Mouser Electronics is a global authorised distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 1,100 industry-leading manufacturer brands. We specialise in the rapid introduction of the newest products and technologies targeting the design engineer and buyer communities.

Elfa Distrelec AS

Distrelec is a high-service distributor in the field of Electronics, Automation, Maintenance and Measurement. With over 150,000 products and Next Day Delivery on all orders!

Address: Rosenholmveien 25, 1414 Trollåsen, Norway

RS Components Norway

RS Components is a leading distributor of electronic, electrical and industrial components. Secure online ordering with day-to-day delivery.

Address: Fredrik Selmers vei 6, 10 etg, 0663 Oslo, Norway


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