Part Number: EX1-2U1S

Manufacturer: KEMET

Description: Automotive Relays Miniature Signal Relays

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EX1-2U1S Description

The new NEC EX2/EX1 series is a PC-board mount type most suitable for automobile motor and heater controls. These controls require high quality and performance, and the NEC’s new series meets both requirements. Compared to the ET2 series, the miniaturization efforts of the EX2 series have been successful in roughly sixty percent of the cases. Compared to the ET1 series, the miniaturization efforts of the EX1 series have successfully achieved approximately fifty percent of their goals.

EX1-2U1S Features

  • PC-board mounting
  • Lead-free solder is used
  • 75% relay volume of ET2
  • 65% relay volume of ET1
  • 60% relay space of ET2
  • 50% relay space of ET1
  • 88% relay weight of ET2
  • 78% relay weight of ET1

What Is A Relay?

What exactly is meant by the term “vehicle relay”? In its most basic form, an automobile relay can be understood to function as an electronically controlled switch. An electro-mechanically operated switch is the type that is utilized in the automotive business on the vast majority of occasions. They can be found in automobiles, trucks, vans, trailers, and even boats, among other modes of transportation. They use a gadget that contains an electromagnet to mechanically manipulate a switch so that they can either complete or interrupt an electrical circuit. The little unit in the shape of a cube, known as a standard relay or a mini relay, is the variety of relays utilized in the automotive industry on the most frequent basis.

Application & Advantages of Automotive Relays

Switching High Current Circuits

Switching a high-current circuit using a low-current circuit is the most common application for automotive relays, which can be seen in the collection. This application comes into play when an in-line switch cannot switch a high-current electrical system because it cannot handle the current needed. During the use of a collection of high-powered work lamps, one might, for instance, notice the occurrence of this scenario. The capacity of the loom that is currently in place may be exceeded if the work lamps are wired so that they light up whenever the headlights are turned on. This issue can be remedied through the use of an automotive relay.

Activating Multiple Circuits via a Single Switch

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing the device is the capability of a relay to switch on numerous separate circuits using only a single control signal. This is one of the reasons why the device is so widely used. Multiple relay switches built into an electrical circuit can be activated and triggered by using a single input within an electrical system. This is feasible since an electrical circuit may accept several different inputs.

This is possible because of the nature of the input. When a single input signal is applied to these relays, it causes them to complete or break multiple circuits, enabling them to carry out various functions. The central locking system in a vehicle is a straightforward real-world example of this multiple actions from a single switch. When one button on the system is pressed, all the door locks to lock or unlock simultaneously. Efficacious, requiring little to no time investment, and easily accomplished.

Execution of Logic Functions

Even though OEM electronic module designs have mostly replaced automobile relays in recent years, they can still be used to execute logical operations. This is even though most automotive relays have been replaced in recent years. Auto relays can perform straightforward and more complicated logical tasks, including momentary inputs and time-controlled functions. For instance, the time-control operation of wiper blades and the time delay for the interior light are examples of time-controlled functions that can be performed using auto relays. Relays are a straightforward and economical alternative to programmable logic, which has generally replaced it as the method of choice for doing these duties among manufacturers. Installing a relay to carry out a straightforward logical operation can seem like a task that would be simpler, less expensive, and more engaging to someone with interests like those of a car enthusiast.

Save Money

High-current electrical circuit components are expensive. Components that draw low currents can be purchased for significantly less money. Because of the use of an auto relay, you can restrict the installation of high-current circuitry to only those system components where necessary. After that, by installing relays at critical points, the remaining portions of the circuit can be completed with more affordable low-current components. This contributes to a decrease in overall costs. Everybody’s happy!

How Does A Relay Work?

● Electro Magnetic Relay Structure

A coil of wire is known as a solenoid and is used in constructing electromagnetic relays. This coil is wound around a core made of soft iron. It has a set of contacts, a movable iron armature, and a low-reluctance iron yoke. A relay can have more than one set of contacts, determined by its design and purpose. An armature with a hinged attachment is attached to the yoke and connected to the movable contacts.

● Operation of Relay Switch Mechanism

When the power is turned off to the relay, an air gap is generated in the magnetic circuit, allowing the armature to remain in its proper location. Because of this state, the actual closing and opening of contacts take place. A relay for an automobile system with two contacts would indicate that one of the connections is open while the other is closed. Depending on their specific design, many relays may have a higher or lower number of connections than others. The solenoid will produce a magnetic field whenever an electric current is passed through it. This field acts as a trigger for the armature, and the movement of the contacts that result from this action either completes or disrupts the circuit.


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