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An inductor, also called a coil, choke, or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. An inductor typically consists of an insulated wire wound into a coil.

Are you looking for the best Inductor Manufacturers In the USA?

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We have compiled the inductor companies and distributors in the USA list for you to pick as below:

Inductors Inc

We offer a variety of standard and custom products including DC/DC converters, capacitors, antennas, coils, chokes, resistors, toroids and transformers.

Address: 1740 W Collins Ave, Orange, CA 92867, United States

Inductor Supply Inc

In today’s changing world economy, more than ever before you need a magnetic parts supply partner that you can count on — day-in and day-out — to deliver quality, economy and speed. Without errors. Without compromise. ISI is that company.

Inductor Supply Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inductors, coils, chokes, transformers and related magnetic components for the electronics community. We have built our reputation by creating quality products at a reasonable cost, and delivering them on time. Today, we supply thousands of inductors in a wide range of sizes, shapes and inductance.

Address: 5362 Oceanus Dr, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, United States

Inductive Technologies Inc

Inductive Technologies (I-Tech) was formed in 1998 by an acquisition of the design and manufacturing operations of the Magnetics Division from C&K Components, Inc. of Watertown, MA. I-Tech was a sister company of Toroid Corporation of Maryland, established in 1982, and which pioneered the introduction of toroidal power transformers in the U.S.

Address: 5410 115th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760, United States

West Coast Magnetics

West Coast Magnetics designs best in class transformers and inductors and provides manufacturing services for electronic products with high engineering content. Our active R&D has resulted in new patented technology and innovative designs for power and RF magnetic components in many applications. We will continually redefine what is possible with magnetic technology. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, WCM manufactures and designs custom engineered magnetic components, and provides manufacturing services for companies competing in the global OEM space. Our manufacturing facilities are in Stockton, California and in Tecate, Mexico.

Address: 4848 Frontier Way # 100, Stockton, CA 95215, United States

E S Components

Our franchise lines fit our Philosophy of LESS IS MORE. We have a small group of leading edge and legacy suppliers that have synergy and compatible high reliability products focused on the Military, Aerospace, Industrial and Energy Markets.

Address: 108 Pratts Junction Rd, Sterling, MA 01564, United States

Coilcraft Inc

With manufacturing, distribution and engineering facilities across North America, Asia, and Europe, Coilcraft provides fast service, shipping, and response times, regardless of where you are in the world. Our global footprint allows us to produce components in multiple locations to support customers around the world and dramatically outperform industry-average lead times.

Address: 1102 Silver Lake Rd, Cary, IL 60013, United States

Allied Components International

Allied Components International designs and manufactures a wide variety of industry standard and custom magnetic components and modules. These products are used in networking, telecommunications, test equipment, power conversion and many other applications in the commercial and industrial markets.

Address:19671 Descartes, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610, United States

MPS Industries Inc

Based in Gardena, California, MPS Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, specializing in custom transformers, inductors, common mode chokes, current sensors and power supplies. We offer our clients a broad product line, custom design capabilities, quality products and services, local U.S. based design and manufacturing support, and overseas production and shipping.

Address: 19210 S Vermont Ave Building D-415, Gardena, CA 90248, United States

NWL Transformers

NWL is a leading manufacturer and designer of transformers, inductors, and power supplies for industrial applications, specializing in power supplies for electrostatic precipitators.

Address: 939 Hamilton Ave, Florence, NJ 08518, United States

L/C Magnetics

Since 1990, L/C Magnetics has been engineering and manufacturing custom transformers used in various applications throughout the United States and Internationally. Quality products, customer service, and on time delivery are the top priorities at our company. 25+ years of experience has provided us to have top the line designs and quoting from our engineers.

Address: 1139 N Kraemer Pl, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States


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