Part Number: LM3886T

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: Audio Amplifiers

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Technical Specifications of LM3886T

Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Linear – Amplifiers – Audio
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series Overture?
Packaging Tube
Part Status Discontinued
Type Class AB
Output Type 1-Channel (Mono)
Max Output Power x Channels @ Load 68W x 1 @ 4 Ohm
Voltage – Supply 20 V ~ 84 V, ±10 V ~ 42 V
Features Mute, Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection
Mounting Type Through Hole
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Supplier Device Package TO-220-11
Package / Case TO-220-11 (Formed Leads)

The American NS business recently came out with a brand-new integrated circuit design for a high-power audio amplifier called the LM3886T. The TF that sits behind the LM3886TF is housed in a completely insulated box. The power of this device is more than that of the LM1875T.

The LM3886T is available in a non-isolated TO220 package with 11 (staggered) leads. For testing, the prototype of the amplifier was powered by a source that was stabilized at 35 V. At a drive level of 1 Vrms, the amplifier was able to provide a maximum undistorted output power of around 63 watts into 8 ohms. When the load impedance was decreased to 4 ohms, the output power increased to no less than 108 watts. These power levels can be interpreted as “music power.” Still, it is important to remember that a regulated source will not often power the amplifier!

LM3886T Description

Texas Instruments recently developed a brand-new integrated circuit design for a high-power audio amplifier, the LM3886T. A fully insulated package constitutes the TF that sits in the background of the LM3886TF. Its power is greater when contrasted with that of the LM1875T.

LM3886T Feature

  • 68W Continuously Averaged Power output into a 4 Ohm load with the VCC set to 28V.
  • 38W of continuous average output power into 8 when VCC equals 28V.
  • 50W of constant average output power into 8 ohms with the VCC set to -35 volts.
  • 135 Watts of Instantaneous Peak Power Capability of Output
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥ 92dB.
  • A function to mute the input.
  • Internal Current Limiting provides output protection against a short to ground or the supplies in the event of a ground fault.
  • Protection against transients caused by inductive loads for output voltages that are too high.
  • Protection against supply Undervoltage prevents internal biasing when the difference between VEE and VCC is less than 12 volts and eliminates the turn-on and turn-off current of 0.004%. Transients.
  • TO-220 Package with 11 Leads.
  • Broad Supply Voltage Range, 20V to 94V

LM3886T Application

  • Component stereo
  • Self-powered speakers
  • Surround-sound amplifiers
  • Compact stereo
  • High-end stereo TVs

LM3886T Manufacturer

Texas Instruments (TI), a global semiconductor business with operations in 35 countries, is, first and foremost, a reflection of its people. We are a group of problem-solvers working together to positively impact the world through applying technology. This effort began in 1958 with a TIer that demonstrated the world’s first integrated circuit that was operational. It continues today with more than 30,000 TIers located in more than 30 countries worldwide that design, manufacture, and sell analog and embedded processing chips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary distinction between the LM3886T and the LM3886TF back package?

The back of the LM3886TF comes in an insulated package, while the LM3886T comes in a copper plastic package.

How much power does the LM3886T have as its output?

60 Watts is the output power of the LM3886T.

Why does the power amplifier produced by lm3886 usually have a broken fuse?

You need to utilize slow-break in the power input stage since your fuse type is incorrect. Because of the self-inductance of the transformer and the moment when the filter capacitor is being charged, the inrush current is very large when the power is first turned on; thus, if you use regular ones, it will burn out very quickly.

The fuse of the slow-blowing type was developed with this purpose in mind. It can endure the force of a bigger current at the moment of opening. However, it is still vulnerable to being blown when it fails under typical operating conditions. In addition, some power amplifiers have a connection to the power amplifier tube that comes after the rectification and filtering stages; this is the point where a fuse should be connected. Quickly.

What kind and size of transformer does an LM3886T call for?

It depends on the highest voltage the IC can withstand without becoming damaged.

What are the key distinctions between the heat sinks of the LM3886T and LM3886TF?

The heat sink of the LM3886TF does not have insulation, but the heat sink of the LM3886T does have insulation.

What is Audio Amplifier?

A straightforward power amplifier has been constructed and designed to take an audio signal with a weak strength value as its input and produce an output signal with a strong strength value for the signal’s value. The procedure of amplifying a signal can be utilized in various contexts, but it is particularly useful in contexts that need converting an electrical signal into an auditory signal. The devices that fall under this type of amplification are audio amplifiers by their common name.

Every circuit that handles audio signals contains an audio amplifier connected to those circuits’ input and output. It makes no difference what kind of processing is done because this is always the case. If, for instance, a microphone takes up an input signal that is composed of sound waves, the microphone must carry out an initial amplification of the signal before proceeding with the processing of the signal. A similar process must occur before an electrical signal can be conveyed to a speaker: it must first be amplified.

What exactly does it mean when someone says they have an audio power amplifier?

An audio power amplifier, which is also known as a power amp, is a type of electronic amplifier that increases the volume of low-power electronic audio signals to a level that is sufficient for driving loudspeakers or headphones. Audio power amplifiers are also also referred to as power amps. These signals, for instance, may originate from a radio receiver or an electric guitar pickup.


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