Part Number: MAC97A6

Manufacturer: WeEn Semiconductors

Description: TRIAC SENS GATE 400V 0.6A TO92-3

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Technical Specifications of MAC97A6,116

Datasheet  MAC97A6,116 datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Thyristors – TRIACs
Manufacturer NXP Semiconductors
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Triac Type Logic – Sensitive Gate
Voltage – Off State 400V
Current – On State (It (RMS)) (Max) 600mA
Voltage – Gate Trigger (Vgt) (Max) 2V
Current – Non Rep. Surge 50, 60Hz (Itsm) 8A, 8.8A
Current – Gate Trigger (Igt) (Max) 5mA
Current – Hold (Ih) (Max) 10mA
Configuration Single
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-226-3, TO-92-3 (TO-226AA) (Formed Leads)
Supplier Device Package TO-92-3

The MAC97A6 device is a silicon bidirectional thyristor containing a sensitive gate triac. This article primarily focuses on introducing the circuit, Pinout, and other information specific to the ON Semiconductor MAC97A6.

MAC97A6 Description

The MAC97A6 device is composed of silicon bidirectional thyristors with sensitive gate triacs. It is designed for applications ranging from consumer electronics to the light industry, including MPU interfaces, solid-state relays, and TTL logic. A low-cost package that is easily customizable and can be used in many applications is presented in a TO92 case and has its presence—instrumentation for performing automatic insertion.

MAC97A6 Pinout

The MAC97A6 Pinout can be found in the following figure.

MAC97A6 Pinout

MAC97A6 Features

  • In a One-Piece Injection Molded Package, Blocking Voltage up to 600 Volts
  • Sensitive Gate Triggering, Including Most Notably for Source Gate Drive Circuits, in All Possibile Trigger Source Combinations
  • All junctions are diffused and glassivated to ensure the greatest possible uniformity of parameters and reliability.

How to Use MAC97A6 Triac

The following diagram is a schematic representation of the SAVER V3. 2 program. In a transformerless power supply, the Xc terminal of a capacitor of 0.22 uF capacity is used to limit the current and provide a current source of 10 mA. The diodes change the alternating current into direct current, which is then fed into a filtering capacitor with 100 uF.

A Zener diode with 5.1V supplies direct current (dc) power to the PIC12C508 microcontroller. In the circuit of the microcontroller is employed a low-power X-tal that operates at 32kHz. The time can be adjusted to 8:00 with the push of a momentary button attached to GP2. GP1 is responsible for controlling the operation of a single-dot LED that flashes once every five seconds during normal operation. Directly connected to the source current is a tiny triac called MAC97A6, is driven by GP0.

Caution! Incredibly high voltage None of the conducting parts of the circuit should be touched.

Circuit For Testing MAC97A6 Triac

This approach can also be used to test a triac. To test practically any sort of triac, use this circuit. This circuit merely illustrates the fundamental operation of a triac minimally. After attaching the triac to the circuit as per the circuit schematic, turn on S2. You shouldn’t turn on the lamp. The S1 pushbutton switch is currently depressed.

The lamp must light up to show that the triac is turned on. You can see the lamp turn off when you release the push button. You can assume the triac is in good condition if the results of the tests above are positive.

MAC97A6 Applications

● Phase control with general purpose low power.

● Switching for general-purpose low power.

● State-of-the-art Relay.

MAC97A6 Manufacturer

Founded in 1999, ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), a disruptive technology business contributing to the construction of a better future is publicly traded on the Nasdaq. The company is accelerating transformation in megatrends such car electrification and safety, renewable energy grids, industrial automation, 5G and cloud infrastructure, with a focus on the automotive and industrial end-markets.

Through its highly differentiated and one-of-a-kind product portfolio, Onsemi provides intelligent power and sensor solutions that solve some of the world’s most challenging problems and pave the way for a safer, cleaner, and more intelligent world. These solutions tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Products include logic, power and signal management, discrete, and bespoke devices for use in various industries and applications, including computer, automotive, communications, consumer, industrial, military/aerospace, LED lighting, medical,  and power. In addition to its manufacturing sites, sales offices, and design centers, ON Semiconductor maintains a network of these locations around Asia, Europe, and North America.

With a revenue of $3.907 billion in 2016, ON Semiconductor was ranked in the top 20 worldwide sales leaders for semiconductor companies. The company’s headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we tell whether MAC97A6 is of a certain caliber?

Make sure the control pin is pressed to either T1 or T2 when connecting the test pen to the pointer type multimeter’s T1 and T2 x 1 ohm gears. The thyristor functions correctly if the multimeter can be maintained and has instructions.

What model could take the place of the SCR MAC97A6?

You can also use the TO-220 BTA16-800, BTA12-600, and BT136-600 to concentrate on the pin location when dealing with volume concerns. A TO-92 triac, the MAC97A6 model runs at 400V and 0.8A. It is a model of an electronic component.

How is ULN2003 activated by MAC97A6?

Both an interlocked and a 315M wireless remote control module must be purchased (2272-L4.) Activate the relay by connecting ULN2003 to the three-wire bus for the motor speed next.

What are triac circuits?

The abbreviation “TRIAC” is commonly used for a triode for alternating current. As the name suggests, this electrical component is frequently employed in alternating current (AC) circuits in the capacity of a control element.

TRIACs are types of semiconductors that contain three terminals on their devices. The flow of electrical current is triggered by using one terminal, referred to as the gate, to activate the other two terminals, referred to as the main terminals or anodes. This is how they function. Even though these devices are comparable to other electronic switches like silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR), in contrast to some of these other options, they can carry electrical current just as effectively in either way.

TRIACs are frequently utilized as switches in a diverse assortment of electrical equipment, including but not limited to lamps, fans, and motors. Regardless of the context in which they are used, all TRIACs adhere to the standard operating principles described earlier. Aside from these similarities, they can be divided into two broad categories: those used for simple TRIAC switch circuits and those used for TRIAC variable power (or dimmer) circuits.


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