Part Number: NDI-06H-V

Manufacturer: Diptronics

Description: SPST Black Flat dial, raised type 2.54mm 6 DIP DIP Switches ROHS

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NDI-06H-V Description

Thanks to NDI-06H-V, you can use remote video sources over a network as if they were directly connected to your computer. Without worrying about cumbersome hardware, this lets you concentrate on content delivery during live streams, video conferences, webinars, and more.

Introduction to NDI-06H-V

Network Device Interface (NDI®) was established in 2015 by Andrew Cross, the principal architect of NewTech. This was done in response to the demand for a more versatile method for transporting video between different environments. Due to design constraints, HDMI and SDI were phased out (in terms of cable length, resolution, cost, and adaptability). The transmitting and receiving of video over IP and managing NDI cameras with only one ethernet cable are two of the most common applications of Network Device Interface (NDI).

Since its inception, it has brought about several significant advancements in the industry. These advancements include using a mobile device as an A to D video input to a broadcast production switcher, the availability of PTZ NDI cameras that are discoverable and controllable over a LAN, and the seamless integration of software and hardware. All of these advancements have had a significant impact on the industry.

What is NDI?

In a nutshell, NDI is an open protocol that allows for streaming high-quality video over IP networks like LNs and WANs with minimal lag time. As a result, you can think of it as an easy way to connect video across PCs on a local area network (LAN) (a local area network).

NDI connections, first included in live video production tools such as ManyCam, are now available in various video programs due to the technology’s progression toward more power. It is utilized in a variety of fields, including broadcasting, education (distance learning), and live event production, to mention a few.

Today, it is easy to use for any project on practically any machine and has many software and hardware integrated since it is very flexible (e.g., Windows, macOS, and more).

In most circumstances, it is constructed to be deployed on a standard off-the-shelf 1G network, which most people are already familiar with.

The Advantages Of NDI

There was a time when connecting a single camera to a live production switcher required using a wide variety of wires. You needed to submit video and camera control for shading, in addition to sending audio and combining everything. Each of these specialized cables served a single function: transmitting a signal via a single path.

NDI does not need any configuration, and although it has been around for more than six years, there are still brand new workflows and technologies being developed directly because of how powerful the IP is.

It has made it simple and easy (and, in most cases, accessible) to link video across your network, making it quite interesting for video creators working in many industries.

How does NDI work?

This takes a certain amount of networking infrastructure, which you most likely already possess. You also have the option of purchasing a regular networking router with built-in wifi and a network switch, both of which are extremely easy to obtain and are available at very reasonable prices.

Multiple computers that can communicate with one another can collaborate to develop excellent video creation systems. You can essentially replace extremely pricey video routing equipment with ethernet cabling and conventional off-the-shelf networking equipment, both of which can be purchased reasonably.

You should be aware that there is a set of programs known as NDI tools that can be downloaded for free from the website NDI.tv and used to rapidly set up an NDI and link it across a LAN. In a general sense, it is uncomplicated and straightforward to operate. However, the greater one understands it, the more potent it becomes.

When you connect a camera that supports NDI to a network, the camera will automatically identify itself. ManyCam is an example of an NDI-enabled device that will be present on the same network as the source of the signal and will be able to receive it. You need to select the NDI camera source, and you will immediately be able to view and work with that source.

Because of this, any Ethernet connection in your studio, office, or school is effectively capable of functioning as a camera position. Because that communication takes place through a network, a single cable can be utilized for more than just transmitting a single signal.

It can convey data, including CTL for a PTZ camera, tally to indicate status, return audio and video, and do a lot of other functions.

There are three things you should know before you begin:

  • Because low latency is essential for live production, specific parameters regarding the network must be met. For the time being, keep in mind that the necessary network infrastructure is 1 gigabyte.
  • Only one camera is involved in this solution (imagine a studio in one part of the facility). Because of NDI, any area of your workplace has the potential to participate in live production. Multiple teams within a company can stream videos simultaneously from their respective office space, which opens up a wide range of possibilities.
  • NDI may not function properly on some slower computers. There is the potential for limitations in both bandwidth and hardware processing. The good news is that most computers manufactured in this day and age are, in fact, quick enough to be used. If you own a computer that has a processor that is faster than an i5, you will be able to use that NDI on that computer. This will allow you to send and receive videos using your computer.


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