Part Number: NF4EB-24V

Manufacturer: Panasonic Industrial Devices

Description: Low Signal Relays

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of NF4EB-24V

Category Relays
Family Signal Relays, Up to 2 Amps
Manufacturer Panasonic Electric Works
Series NF
Packaging Tube
Part Status Obsolete
Relay Type General Purpose
Coil Type Non Latching
Coil Current 20mA
Coil Voltage 24VDC
Contact Form 4PDT (4 Form C)
Contact Rating (Current) 2A
Switching Voltage 220VAC, 220VDC – Max
Turn On Voltage (Max) 19.2 VDC
Turn Off Voltage (Min) 2.4 VDC
Operate Time 15ms
Release Time 10ms
Mounting Type Through Hole
Termination Style PC Pin
Contact Material Silver (Ag), Gold (Au)
Coil Power 480 mW
Coil Resistance 1.2 kOhms
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 65°C

In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the NF4EB-24V, but before we do that, let’s talk about general purpose relays.

A General Purpose Relay is a short relay that uses a low-voltage circuit to turn on or turn off a significant current. This makes it possible for a programmed logic controller, also known as a PLC, or other control systems to manage many relays and, as a result, operate a variety of higher voltage circuits. Both normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) configurations are available for general-purpose relays.

This designation refers to the state of the circuit when the relay is de-energized, which is either NC or NO. As soon as a low voltage current travels through the control circuit, the contacts on an NC relay will open, and the contacts on a NO relay will close. This will cause the matching higher voltage circuit to either switch on or off.

What Is a Power Relay?

It is a switch that may either close or open a circuit and is equipped with an electromagnet. An armature, an electromagnet, contacts, and a spring are the primary components it uses. In most cases, the power source for a power relay is the battery, and the electromagnet is responsible for drawing the armature. In addition, it features an iron arm that can be moved. The armature is maintained in its position by use of a spring. In order to make contact and complete the circuit, the armature is pulled directly in the direction of the coil.

The armature will be pulled away from the contact while the relay is in the closed position because the coil will pull on it. This will break the connection in the circuit. A power relay can be operated successfully even when the voltage is low. On the other hand, a power relay switch may be the best option in environments with high voltage. Because of this one-of-a-kind characteristic, a power relay is suitable for various applications.

What Is a Power Relay Used for?

A power relay has applications across a variety of business sectors. Amplification of sound and telephone systems could benefit from the employment of these switches. They are also useful in computer systems and the electronic systems found in automobiles.

This endeavor aims to transmit any signal from one circuit to another. In addition, autos feature a plethora of electrical components, systems, and systems. The power source for each of them is a battery with a voltage of 12 volts. As a result, power relays can be the perfect choice for these applications.

Some automobiles will include more than twenty power relays, which control various features, including the horn, the windshield wipers, and the power train system.

What Is PCM Power Relay?

An automobile will likely have several different functions. All of them are under the supervision of a computer. In addition to this, it controls the engine. On the other hand, there will be a module for controlling the engine. This will manage the engine as well as the functions associated with it.

The Engine Control Module, sometimes known as the ECM, will be responsible for monitoring the functioning. In addition, it will regulate the flow of power to the fuel injection and fuel delivery systems. It will test the engine’s timing, the emissions, the ignition, the circulation of the exhaust gas, and any other functions contained within your car. However, to send it to each system, the ECM will need access to electricity.

Under the hood of a car is where you will discover the power distribution center of that vehicle. It can regulate every relay and fuse in a vehicle. Both the PCM power relay and the ECM power relay perform the function of a switch and are responsible for transferring power to the ECM. On the other hand, if the ignition key is turned off, the power relay for the PCM will not provide the switches with battery power. As a direct consequence, your car’s functionality will be compromised.

Additionally, if a PCM relay remains open, the device cannot deliver power to the ECM. As a result, you will not be able to turn on or start your vehicle. When it is closed, an excessive amount of power will be delivered to the ECM. This will result in the battery running down.

What is NF4EB-24V Relay

What is NF4EB-24V Relay

The NF4EB-24V is a General Purpose Relay  4PDT 2A 24V, which includes the NF Series; these relays are intended for operation with Tube Packaging. For use in a PC Pin, the datasheet specifies a Termination Style.

NF4EB-24V Features

  • the Mounting Type features offered by this relay include a Through Hole;
  • The device is available in a non-latching coil type, has a coil current of 36.67mA, and a coil voltage of 12VDC. The contact form is designed for usage in 4PDT (4 Form C); the relay type is a general purpose; the device is available in non-latching coil type, and the device is offered.
  • The Switching Voltage is 220VAC, 220VDC-Max, and the Contact Rating Current is 2A.
  • 6 VDC is the maximum turn-on voltage, and 1.2 VDC is the minimum turn-off voltage.

NF4EB-24V Typical Applications

Applications that demand a small size and great sensitivity are a good fit for NF relays because of their widespread acceptance. Examples of such applications include Communication Equipment, Measuring Equipment,  Electronic Equipment Alarm Systems, General Control Circuits,  Office Machines, Household Applications, Machine Tools, Remote Control Systems, and Industrial Machinery


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