Part Number: PI7C9X2G608GPCNJEX

Manufacturer: Diodes Incorporated

Description: PCI Interface IC Packet Switch LBGA-196 T&R 1K

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PI7C9X2G608GPCNJEX Introduction

The PI7C9X2G608GP is a cutting-edge 8-lane PCI Express Gen 2 Switch that provides great performance while minimizing power consumption. This product is a member of the GreenPacketTM family, which is famous for the innovative power-saving technologies it offers. The PI7C9X2G608GP is a perfect option for various applications, including embedded systems, storage, wired and wireless networking, HBA, surveillance, combo cards, and more. It has six PCI Express ports and a versatile upstream port that can support x4 or x1 operations. The PI7C9X2G608GP is an option that is dependable and versatile. It is recommended to expand your existing system or fan out from several other SoC/chipset platforms.

Product Description

The PI7C9X2G608GP is an 8-lane PCI Express Gen 2 Switch with 6 PCI Express ports. High performance and the most recent GREEN low-power, lead-free system requirements, such as those for Embedded, Storage, Network, and other platforms. The name of the family, GreenPacketTM, relates to Pericom’s unique power-saving technology.

One upstream port on the PI7C9X2G608GP can provide x4 or x1 operations, while either four or five downstream ports can perform x1 tasks. The flexible upstream port allows users to expand or fan out from a wide range of x86, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC SoC/Chipsets. The flexible upstream port is also an appropriate solution for Embedded, HBA, Surveillance, Storage, wired/wireless Networking, Combo card, and other applications.

Features Description

  • The PI7C9X2G608GP is a PCI Express Gen 2 Switch certified by PCISIG for use with PCI Express 2.1. It comes packed with a variety of useful features. It enables extensive error reporting and logging and is designed with reliability, availability, and serviceability as its primary goals.
  • In addition to supporting data poisoning and end-to-end CRC, the device comes equipped with an embedded clock buffer operating at 100 MHz for each downstream port.
  • The device state power management supports the D0, D3Hot, and D3Cold power states. Additionally, it provides advanced power savings by setting idle any downstream ports that are not in use.
  • Each port’s driver’s current and de-emphasis level is programmable, allowing even more granular customization.  Round Robin (RR), Weighted Round Robin (WR), and Time-based Weighted RR are the three different types of port arbitration available through the device’s flexible port arbitration system.
  • It also has an enhanced Virtual Channel capability, with support for two Virtual Channels (VC) and eight Traffic Classes (TC), and each port’s TC/VC mapping is autonomous. These features are all included in the package.
  • The PI7C9X2G608GP is capable of handling isochronous traffic and features both a “Cut-through” mode for switching packets (which is the default) and a ” Forward and Store ” mode for switching packets.
  • A maximum of 512 bytes can be sent in a single payload, and it uses a peer-to-peer protocol to switch between any downstream ports.
  • The device has a mean time before failure (MTBF) of 50,927,360 hours and a typical power dissipation of 1.2W when operating in the L0 normal mode. Additionally, it is designed to operate in temperature ranges ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius and is intended for use in industrial environments.
  • The device is packaged in a 196-pin LBGA 15mm x 15mm box and is completely pb-free and ecologically friendly.

What is PCI Interface IC Packet Switch?

The PCI Interface IC Packet Switch is a crucial part of modern computing due to its ability to facilitate communication between different systems and platforms. The need for high-performance switches that can quickly and efficiently transfer massive amounts of data has increased alongside technology development. To that end, manufacturers have created specialized switches like the LBGA-196 T&R 1K to cater to the requirements of today’s computers.

When it comes to embedded systems, storage, wired and wireless networking, HBA, surveillance, combination cards, and more, the LBGA-196 T&R 1K 8-lane PCI Express Gen 2 Switch with 6 PCI Express ports is the way to go. There are four or five x1 downstream ports, and the switch can handle x4 operations on the upstream ports. This paves the way for customers to choose from various SoC/chipset platforms, including x86, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC, allowing for easy expansion and fan-out.

Advanced error reporting and logging are features built into the LBGA-196 T&R 1K to ensure its dependability, availability, and serviceability. Data poisoning and end-to-end CRC are supported, and the device includes a 100MHz clock buffer at each downstream port. It has cutting-edge power savings capabilities, such as empty downstream ports being set to idle, and it supports D0, D3Hot, and D3Cold power states for connected devices. Each port’s driving current and degree of concentration can be adjusted independently.

Round Robin (RR), Weighted RR, and Time-based Weighted RR are just a few port arbitration methods available on the LBGA-196 T&R 1K. With two VCs and eight TCs supported and separate TC/VC mapping for each port, it has a high level of Virtual Channel capacity. In addition to its typical “Cut-through” mode, the switch also has a “Store and Forward” setting for switching packets asynchronously. It supports P2P handoff between two downstream ports with a maximum payload of 512 bytes.

The LBGA-196 T&R 1K has an MTBF of 50,927,360 hours and is certified for use in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use in industrial settings. The device is housed in a Pb-free and environmentally friendly 196-pin LBGA 15mm x 15mm box.

As a highly efficient and flexible switch, the PCI Interface IC Packet Switch LBGA-196 T&R 1K can be used in various settings. Because of its high quality and extensive functionality, it is an excellent addition to any computer system or platform.


The PI7C9X2G608GP is a premium 8-lane PCI Express Gen 2 switch that provides great performance, versatility, and energy efficiency. It is the appropriate choice for many applications, including Embedded, Storage, Networking, HBA, Surveillance, and Combo cards, thanks to its GreenPacketTM technology and compatibility with various platforms. Don’t miss out on this outstanding product; place your order with ICRFQ, China’s largest distributor of electronic components, today! By selecting the PI7C9X2G608GP, you can ensure that your system complies with the most recent GREEN low-power and lead-free regulations while enjoying unmatched performance and flexibility.

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