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A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines, among other uses

Are you looking for the best resistor supplier in Peru?

Do you want to know where to buy resistor locally in Peru?

Which popular resistor store in Peru near me?

You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the resistor suppliers and distributors in Peru list for you to pick as below:

 LH Electronics Limited

We are a Peruvian company with years of recognized and proven experience in the market. Pioneers in the field of industrial and electrical electronic engineering, dedicated to the import and distribution of parts and parts for electronic semiconductor spare parts in general, of the widest range of products, systems, solutions and high quality services, the same ones that have demanding international certificates for both industrial, commercial and domestic use.

Address: Jirón Enrique Barrón 869, Cercado de Lima 15046, Peru

Doc electronic peru

Your Online Store for Selected Products and Electronic Devices.

Address: Av. Nicolás Ayllón 500, Cercado de Lima 15018, Peru

SAISAC Mecatrónica

We are a company dedicated to the field of electronics and the wholesale and retail of components, cards, electronic modules, parts and pieces.

Address: JR, Jr. Paruro 1349, Cercado de Lima 15003, Peru

Coolbox Peru

Here you will find the best and the latest in technology! Make all your purchases quickly and safely at the best price. Shipments to all of Peru.

Address: Jirón de la Unión, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru

LTR Electronica SA

We Import and Distribution of Electronic Components in general.

Address: Jr, Jr. Dante 708, Surquillo 15047, Peru


We are a company dedicated to providing the best solutions in connectivity and computing and telecommunications, we have a wide range of products and technological solutions for Industry, Business and Home.

Address: Avenida Petit Thouars 5356 Tienda 1047 – 1060, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru is a Supplier of Spare Parts for Appliances in Cercado de Lima.

Address: AV. NICOLAS DE PIEROLA 1755 Interior 153 – 250 – 180, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru

RadioShack Perú

RadioShack, formerly RadioShack Corporation, is an American retailer founded in 1921. In November 2020, Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV), a holding company owned by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, acquired RadioShack.

Address: Centro Comercial Open Plaza Angamos, Av. Angamos 1803, Surquillo 15036, Peru

Aes Peru

Arriola Electric Service is a company that develops professionally in the industrial electricity field, with a wide variety of products specifically designed to fully satisfy the needs of our customers. Our company is specialized in the manufacture of electrical panels, electronic devices, industrial signage and printing of advertising material. On the other hand, we also offer a series of electrical installation services, among others.

Address: Jiron Cajamarquilla 1216, Cercado de Lima 15427, Peru

Globaltec S.A.C.

We are suppliers of electrical supplies for the main companies in Peru. We distribute brands such as Sofamel, Phillips, Fluke, General Electric, bTicino, Indeco, General Cable.

Address: Mz G Lt 11, Leoncio Prado, Rímac, Peru

Address: 88, Cra. 13 #65, Cra. 13, Bogotá, Colombia


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