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A semiconductor material has an electrical conductivity value falling between that of a conductor, such as metallic copper, and an insulator, such as glass. Its resistivity falls as its temperature rises; metals behave in the opposite way.

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ABB Egypt

ABB Ltd, formerly ASEA Brown Boveri, is a Swedish–Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology areas.

Address: 363R+8HQ, Orabi, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Pearl Semiconductor

Pearl Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in Reference Clocks and Timing ICs. As a Si-Ware Systems spin-off, Pearl inherited more than 16 years of experience in the reference clock industry accumulating 25+ patents and a wealth of IP in programmable temperature-compensated all silicon CMOS/MEMS reference clock generators and high performance Sigma-Delta Fractional-N PLLs. Pearl is led by seasoned managers and driven by the enthusiasm and skills of talented engineers with one common goal of becoming the leading worldwide supplier of high performance reference clocks and Timing ICs.

We rely on our manufacturing partners to access the most innovative and differentiating technologies, fusing them with our unique design techniques and DSP algorithms to achieve outstanding performance. Pearl aims to serve the timing requirements of the most demanding industrial, automotive, networking and telecom applications. Our deep knowledge of the reference clock generation and Timing IC industry will guide us in optimizing our product offerings promising our customers the right mix of performance, reliability and pricing to meet all their technical and commercial present and future needs.

Address: 3 Khaled Ibn Al Walid, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


ZTE Corporation is a global leader in telecommunications and information technology. the company has been committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations. ZTE has been ranked among the world’s Top-5 for patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) each year.

Address: 19 B, Smart Village, Kilo 28 Cairo Alexandria Desert Road، Giza، Giza Governorate, Egypt

Micron Egypt

Micron Technology, Inc. is an American producer of computer memory and computer data storage including dynamic random-access memory, flash memory, and USB flash drives. It is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Its consumer products are marketed under the brands Crucial and Ballistix.

Address: 10 Lumumba St.، Al Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Analog Devices

Analog Devices (Nasdaq code: ADI ), also known as Analog Devices , is a world-leading company in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC). Involve almost all types of electrical and electronic equipment. Since our establishment in 1965, we have been focusing on actively responding to engineering challenges related to signal processing in electronic equipment. More than 100,000 customers all over the world use our signal processing products.

These products play a very important role in converting, regulating, and processing physical phenomena, such as converting temperature, pressure, sound, light, speed and motion into electrical signals Used in various electronic devices. We pay attention to important strategic markets where our signal processing technology is often a key factor in helping customers’ products to achieve differentiation, such as industrial, automotive, communications and consumer electronics markets.

Address: Building A2, Southern Business District, 11835, Egypt


We are a leading Electronic components distributor with More than 2M products from over 900 manufacturers.ready to ship same day.New products added daily.order online today

Address: 20 Abd El-Moniem Hafez Street From El-Nozha Street قسم مصر الجديدة، 11341, Egypt

Makers electronics

“MAKERS” is a leading Egyptian company in Electronics supplies and spare parts – and provides electronics Geeks with the best electronic components and devices to help them make and build smart projects at convenient prices. MAKERS aims to develop the electronics field in Egypt to create a creative community of electronics Geeks and everyone loves electronics meetings with making mentality.

Address:158 Rakwtes, الإبراهيمية قبلي, Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate 21321, Egypt

EL Gammal Electronics

EL Gammal Electronices We choose the best and finest products to cover your needs in all technology fileds. Over 1 000 000 Product from the World s most Respectful Brands.

Address: 1 Al Amir Kedadar, Ad Dawawin, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Future Electronics Egypt

Future Electronics’ strong global presence and success is established through world-class supply chain solutions, market intelligence, engineering expertise, a dedicated sales team just a click or call away, and the innovative products to bring product ideas to life.

Address: 2 Ahmed Fouad Abd Al Aziz Al Sarayat Sabekaa, As Sarayat, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

UGE Electronics Merghany Branch

UGE Electronics is an Egyptian Growing distributor of 3D Printers,semiconductors, electronic components, embedded Boards, sensors, CNC parts, Arduino Boards & shields, CNC Parts & boards, Test Equipment and many other items.When you need the right part right now, think UGE Electronics. Selection, speed, and accuracy are the core of UGE Electronics state-of-the-art warehouse with sophisticated equipment enabling us to process orders 24/7,

It’s about doing what’s right for the customer, and that’s getting the order right and delivered on time every time.

Address: 17-37 Mahmoud Hasan, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11413, Egypt


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