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A semiconductor material has an electrical conductivity value falling between that of a conductor, such as metallic copper, and an insulator, such as glass. Its resistivity falls as its temperature rises; metals behave in the opposite way.

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Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd

Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd. provides metrology solutions for thin films based on novel, rapid, non-contacting and non-destructive X-ray technology for the Semiconductors industry.

Seventy five percent of the world’s top 25 semiconductor manufacturers rely on Jordan Valley metrology tools for front-end and back-end applications, including development of the next-generations thin films. Jordan Valley’s commitment to innovation and technology leadership drives the continuing release of new advances in metrology, and has garnered numerous awards and industry recognition. However, technology alone has not driven the company’s success. The Jordan Valley name is synonymous with unparalleled customer service and support.

Address: Zone #6, Ramat Gavriel, Industrial Zone, Migdal Ha’Emek 23100, Jordan

Middle East Advanced Semiconductor, Inc

Middle East Advanced Semiconductor Inc is a leading  semiconductor company in Jordan.

Address: Sa’ad Ben Abi Waqqas, Gardens, Amman, Jordan

Plusivo Jordan

We are the Jordanian branch of the Plusivo group, a company which has branches in Jordan, China, Romania and the Philippines. Plusivo has its own manufacturing facilities in China for the Plusivo branded products and sells worldwide.

Address: Queen Rania St 148, Abu Al-haj Complex, 8th Floor, Room 805 Amman, Jordan


Introducing MID FOR COMPUTER TECH (MIDTEKS) Established in Amman, Jordan in 1999, providing computer Supplies, Printers, PC systems , Notebooks, Tablets and Accessories to the growing Jordanian market.

Our Main Products include Genuine Toner Cartridge, Printers, Notebooks, Tablets, C.D’s, DVD media, storage tape Media, Flash Memory, wide range of Cables (VGA, HDMI, UTP, AV ), PC Components and General Computer related Products.

Address: Chicago Commercial Complex, K. Ali Ben Al-Hussein St. 240, Amman, Jordan

GTS Jordan

The Glory For Technology & Services of the leading and reputed IT business companies in Jordan since 2008.IT products Is Distributed for Jordan Markets, SME’s, Telecom, including Government, Educational Sectors & Different Companies.The Glory for Technology & Services Co. Consider Information Technology their priorities, and welling to know each client’s business to meet their needs.

Address: 2 Ibn Mudaa Street, 7th Circle next to Royal Jordanian building GTS، 7th Cir., Amman, Jordan

Jordan Anwar

Jordan Anwar was established in 1983 in Amman – Jordan, we aimed to meet all the company’s requirements in the industrial field starting from the Raw Material (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Tool Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper and Bronze etc. ) Electric Motors, Gear Reducer, Valves and Fittings, PLC equipment, Bearing, Hydraulic and Pneumatic parts, Overhead cranes and much more. The business has been developed over the years to meet the client’s requirement in mostly all industrial parts in one place.

We offer a wide range of original, discontinued, absolute and alternative high-quality spare parts from the most common world premium brands.

Address: Al Neel St 14 عمّان، 11593, Jordan

Al Smadi For Electronics Est

Al -Smadi for electronics is a Jordanian established company founded in 1970 as a specialized company in importing & exporting the best quality of products in audio and entertainment field, with a promise of quality within the Electronics , Broadcasting , Telecommunication and Security System.

Address:Al Basem Complex 1, Al Madinah Al Munawarah St 259, Amman, Jordan


SmartBuy was established in Jordan in 2007 to provide customers with a comprehensive shopping experience for electronics and home appliances.

Address: كوزمو السابع، د. السابع، Amman, Jordan

Hamburg Trading Electronic & Electrical Co

We are working in electronics & electrical field with special services and quality king hussin street Al Abdale,

Address: Al Sayegh Commercial Complex, King Al Hussein St 163, Amman, Jordan


Welcome to MikroElectron! We are an online electronics store based in Jordan-Amman. The products we sell ranges from electronic products to modules. These products are designed to help students build their graduation projects. Our distributors span throughout the Jordanian University. Students have the ability to get their orders free within 24 hours. MikroElectron has engineers that can help any student with their projects as well as answer any technical questions. We can provide training courses that will help in successful completion of any project. We are distributors for international websites such as Sparkfun and Adrfruit.

Address: Queen Rania St Khaliefah Bulding 3rd Floor Amman, Jordan


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