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A semiconductor material has an electrical conductivity value falling between that of a conductor, such as metallic copper, and an insulator, such as glass. Its resistivity falls as its temperature rises; metals behave in the opposite way.

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Novelda AS avd. Trondheim

The NOVELDA Human Presence Sensor is the world’s most reliable solution for human presence detection. The sensor can detect the tiniest movements, even breathing and heartbeat. It will automatically activate a device, like a laptop, when you need it, and turn the laptop off when you leave. This is useful in a variety of indoor applications, including consumer electronics devices and smart building systems.

Address: Rotvoll alle 2, 7053 Ranheim, Norway

Nordic Semiconductor ASA

Nordic Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. The company specializes in ultra-low power performance wireless system on a chip and connectivity devices for the 2.4 GHz ISM band, with power consumption and cost being the main focus areas.

Address: Karenslyst Allé 5, 0278 Oslo, Norway

Arm Norway AS

Sparking the World’s Potential is about more than just bringing ideas to life—it’s about inspiring our partners, engineers and developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible wherever computing happens. We’re creating a future designed by millions of minds to enable so much opportunity for a globally connected world.

Address: Olav Tryggvasons gt. 39-41, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

Integrated Detector Electronics AS

Radiation Detection and Imaging IDEAS delivers radiation detection and imaging subsystems with proprietary readout technology for harsh environments.

Address: Gjerdrums vei 19, 0484 Oslo, Norway

Analog Devices Norway

By paying attention to ADI, we can obtain first-class products, advanced reference materials and a large number of expert assistance to interpret the world around us through the intelligent integration of unparalleled physical and digital detection and measurement connection technologies. We work with you to accelerate the pace of innovation and surpass all possibilities.

Address: Gjøgriveien 33, 3080 Holmestrand, Norway

MyWo As

MyWo AS is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. MyWo is specializing on making high performance mixed signal integrated circuits (IC) for industrial and automotive applications.

MyWo has announced a new approach to capacitive touch technology with the release of aXiom – the first touchscreen controller IC designed to address the specific needs of industrial and automotive touchscreen applications. The result of a successful collaboration between MyWo AS and the leading European industrial touch screen specialists.

Address: Sluppenvegen 25, 7037 Trondheim, Norway

Texas Instruments Norway

Texas Instruments Incorporated is an American technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally.

Address: 0377, Hoffsveien 70C, 0377 Oslo, Norway

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH

Rutronik is an independent family-owned company based in Ispringen near Pforzheim in Germany. The company was founded in 1973 by Helmut Rudel and has developed from a “one-man-company” into one of the worldwide leading broadline distributors for electronic components.

Address: Olaf Helsets vei 6, 0694 Oslo, Norway

Arrow Norway AS is your resource for electronic component products, datasheets, reference designs and technology news. Explore Arrow today.

Address: Gnr 108 Bnr 86, 5578 Nedre Vats, Norway

RS Components Norway

RS Components is a leading distributor of electronic, electrical and industrial components. Secure online ordering with day-to-day delivery.

Address: Fredrik Selmers vei 6, 10 etg, 0663 Oslo, Norway


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