Semiconductor Companies

A semiconductor material has an electrical conductivity value falling between that of a conductor, such as metallic copper, and an insulator, such as glass. Its resistivity falls as its temperature rises; metals behave in the opposite way.

Are you looking for the best semiconductor companies in Peru?

Do you want to know where to find semiconductor manufacturers locally in Peru?

Which popular semiconductor distributors in Peru near me?

You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the semiconductor companies and distributors in Peru list for you to pick as below:

Intel Semicondutores del Peru SAC

Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue, and is the developer of the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal computers.

Address: Torre Real 1, Av.Victor Andres Belaunde 147, Torre Real 1, Via Principal 123, Of 1001 27, Peru, Via Principal 123, San Isidro, Peru

Tesla Electronic E.I.R.L

We are a company in the field of electronics. Our vision is to be a leading company in the sale and distribution of embedded systems.

We design electronic cards with high quality standards at the request of our clients, using engineering standards and communication protocols in electronic interfaces.

Address: Urbanización Las Flores del Golf, manzana C, lote 56, oficina 201, Distrito de Víctor Larco Herrera 13009, Peru

ABB Peru

ABB Ltd, formerly ASEA Brown Boveri, is a Swedish–Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology areas.

Address: Av. Argentina 3120, Cercado de Lima 15081, Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru is a Supplier of Spare Parts for Appliances in Cercado de Lima.

Address: AV. NICOLAS DE PIEROLA 1755 Interior 153 – 250 – 180, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru

LTR Electronica SA

We Import and Distribution of Electronic Components in general.

Address: Jr, Jr. Dante 708, Surquillo 15047, Peru

Doc electronic peru

Your Online Store for Selected Products and Electronic Devices.

Address: Av. Nicolás Ayllón 500, Cercado de Lima 15018, Peru


We are a company dedicated to providing the best solutions in connectivity and computing and telecommunications, we have a wide range of products and technological solutions for Industry, Business and Home.

Address: Avenida Petit Thouars 5356 Tienda 1047 – 1060, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Aes Peru

Arriola Electric Service is a company that develops professionally in the industrial electricity field, with a wide variety of products specifically designed to fully satisfy the needs of our customers. Our company is specialized in the manufacture of electrical panels, electronic devices, industrial signage and printing of advertising material.

Address: Jiron Cajamarquilla 1216, Cercado de Lima 15427, Peru

Globaltec S.A.C.

We are suppliers of electrical supplies for the main companies in Peru. We distribute brands such as Sofamel, Phillips, Fluke, General Electric, bTicino, Indeco, General Cable.

Address: Mz G Lt 11, Leoncio Prado, Rímac, Peru

SAISAC Mecatrónica

We are a company dedicated to the field of electronics and the wholesale and retail of components, cards, electronic modules, parts and pieces.

Address: JR, Jr. Paruro 1349, Cercado de Lima 15003, Peru


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