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In the broadest definition, a sensor is a device, module, machine, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and send the information to other electronics, frequently a computer processor. A sensor is always used with other electronics.

There are different types of sensors that are commonly used in various applications. All these sensors are used for measuring one of the physical properties. Temperature Sensor, Proximity Sensor , Accelerometer IR Sensor (Infrared Sensor) , Pressure Sensor,  Light Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor Smoke, Gas and Alcohol Sensor, Touch Sensor, Color Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Position Sensor, Magnetic Sensor (Hall Effect Sensor) ,  Microphone (Sound Sensor) , Tilt Sensor, Flow and Level Sensor, PIR Sensor, Touch Sensor, Strain and Weight Sensor.

Are you looking for the best Sensor Manufacturers In Colombia?

Do you want to know where to find sensor supplier and manufacturers locally in Colombia?

Which popular sensor distributors in Colombia near me?

You have come to the right place.

We have compiled the sensor companies and distributors in Colombia list for you to pick as below:


We are a leading Electronics Store, Arduino, Programmers, Components, Raspberry Pi, Surface Mount, etc.

Address: Cl. 8 Bis A ## 78-32, Bogotá, Colombia


We have been importing and supplying electronic circuits and technology to our clients since 2014.

Address: Cl. 41 #13-47, Bogotá, Colombia

Sigma Electronica Ltda

We are a company dedicated for more than 20 years to the import and distribution of high quality electronic components, fully guaranteed and backed in search of the perfect application of the purchased item. Our main objective is to satisfy the needs of our clients by offering them products of the latest technology, innovation and guarantee so that they have 100% confidence in our service. We are characterized by quality, seriousness and effective compliance in the work we do.

Address: Ak. 24 # 61D-65, Bogotá, Colombia


Our organization, Sensortec , is a brand specialized in products for automation, instrumentation and industrial control, with more than 25 years of experience in the area of ​​sensors.

We offer high technology services in engineering, brands and products for the optimal performance of your projects both in new facilities and in maintenance operations.

Address: Cl. 95 ## 9 A – 08, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia


We are a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the import, distribution and installation of equipment for automation, control and industrial instrumentation.

We have a wide portfolio of products and equipment stock for a quick solution to your plant needs.

Address: Cl. 149 ##16 – 59, Bogotá, Colombia


Advice on research projects and implementation of laboratories in Digital Manufacturing, Virtual Reality, Biomedical, Control and Automation.

Address: Cra. 16a ##78-75, Bogotá, Colombia

Betacolor SAS

Supply Electronic Parts to technicians, engineers and end customers, in the place where they are required, providing the best service, all the effectiveness, many opportunities, better alternatives and the most accurate and adequate information to all the people who require the services of Betacolor Ltda. . our payment is gratitude and faces of satisfaction of our clients who find spare parts and services of the highest quality and in us an excellent human and technological resources at your disposal.

Address: Cra. 9 ##22-47, Bogotá, Colombia

All Technology Colombia

All Technology Colombia, we are a company with more than 20 years of experience in repair and maintenance of computer equipment for personal and corporate use.

Address: Cra. 74 ##55-26, Bogotá, Colombia


With 39 years in the national market, Electroigom offers its clients the most complete portfolio of electronic solutions for their projects. We have complete lines of: electrical and components electronic

Address: 88, Cra. 13 #65, Cra. 13, Bogotá, Colombia

Electrónica Senel SA

Electrónica Senel SA is a company with more than 25 years of experience contributing to the development of the Colombian Electrical and Electronics sector, through the importation and distribution of parts and accessories, in order to satisfy the diverse needs of the commercial and industrial sector based on the concepts of excellence, quality and competitiveness.

Address: Cl. 22a ##46-36, Bogotá, Colombia


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