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Today, we’ll be discussing a Power IC called the STR-Z2589. Before we go any further, what exactly is a power ic? Power management integrated circuits, often known as power management ICs, power management controllers, or power management units (PMUs), are a type of integrated circuit designed to regulate power. The term “power management integrated circuit” (PMIC) encompasses a wide variety of chips (or modules in system-on-a-chip devices). However, most feature several DC/DC converters or control components. Cell phones and portable media players, which run on batteries, often have PMICs built in to cut down on the amount of circuitry needed and hence the device’s overall size.

PMICs are an integrated circuit family that serves many purposes in power supplies. Any of the following uses could be performed by a PMIC.

  • DC to DC conversion
  • Battery charging
  • Power-source selection
  • Voltage scaling
  • Power sequencing
  • Miscellaneous functions

Power management Integrated circuits, often known as ICs, are devices made of solid state that control the flow and direction of electrical power. Numerous electrical devices employ a variety of internal voltages and sources of external power, indicating that the item’s power design must meet various criteria for it to function correctly. A power management integrated circuit, or PMIC, can refer to any chip that performs a single power-related function.

However, the term is most commonly used to describe integrated circuits that perform multiple functions simultaneously, including various power conversions and power controls, such as voltage supervision and under-voltage protection. The overall design can be improved by combining these functionalities into a single integrated circuit (IC), enabling enhancements such as increased conversion efficiency, reduced solution size, and enhanced heat dissipation.

Battery management, voltage regulation, and charging are all possible operations that could be included in a PMIC. It may feature a DC-to-DC converter to provide dynamic voltage scaling. It is known that specific models can achieve an efficiency of power conversion of up to 95%. Some models utilize a mixture referred to as DVFS, which stands for dynamic frequency scaling (dynamic voltage and frequency scaling).

What is an STR-Z2589

What is an STR-Z2589


If you’re looking for the STR-Z2500, the STR-Z2589 is a smaller version of that package. The STR-Z2589 is a controller IC with high-side and low-side MOSFETs of half-bridge type resonance and a floating-drive circuit explicitly designed for the current resonant switching power supply. The STR-ZVS Z2589 and ZCS allow for highly efficient and quietly operating power supply systems.

The simple circuit designs with minimal external components make the product ideal for high-efficiency, compact, and standardized power supply. Digital consumer equipment such as LCD-TVs, PDP-TVs, etc., office automation (OA) equipment such as servers, multi-function printers, etc., industrial machinery, communication devices, and others can all use the STR-Z2589 as a switching power supply.

STR-Z2589 Features

  • By using zero-current switching (ZSC) and zero-voltage switching (ZVS) of half-bridge type resonance, the Soft-Switched Multi-Resonant Zero Current Switch (SMZ) delivers high efficiency and low noise systems.
  • Al-Fin 24-pin SIP Package (SLA-24; Sanken designator): A controller IC and two power MOSFETs are included in the product, which has a tiny form factor and a high degree of integration.
  • Integrated Startup Circuit.
  • a function for automatically adjusting the dead time in conditions of broad resonance;
  • Burst-Oscillation Function: This function increases efficiency by allowing steady output control during low- to moderate-load settings.
  • The Soft-Start function.
  • Brown-In/Brown-Out Function: This function permits oscillation initiation/termination at externally rated input voltage and implements protections at low input voltage;
  • External Latch Protection (ELP): A feature that permits latch shutdown via an external signal; (Integrated High-Voltage Power MOSFET with Avalanche Energy Guarantee.

STR-Z2589 Applications

  • Switching Power Supplies for Equipment like PDP-TVs and LCD-TVs.
  • Switching Power Supplies for OA Equipment like Severs.
  • Switching Power Supplies for Communication Devices, Industry Machines, Others

Last but not least

An SMPS is a power supply transmitting electricity from a DC or AC source (often mains power; see AC adapter) to a DC load, such as a computer. It converts the voltage and current as it moves the electricity. In contrast to the pass transistor of a linear power supply, the pass transistor of a switching-mode power supply cycles continuously between low-dissipation, full-on, and full-off states and spends a comparatively small amount of time in the high-dissipation transitions.

In theory, a perfect switched-mode power supply wouldn’t squander any of the energy it produces. Changing the on-off ratio allows one to control the voltage (also known as duty cycles). On the other hand, a linear power supply keeps its output voltage stable by dissipating a constant amount of power in the pass transistor. Because of its better electrical efficiency, the switched-mode power supply offers a substantial benefit to the user.

Because the transformer in a switched-mode power supply may be built to a much more compact size, the supply’s overall size and weight can be significantly decreased. This is because it has a high switching frequency, which is usually between several hundred kilohertz and several megahertz, as opposed to the typical 50 or 60 hertz found in most buildings. Even while commercial designs often have more compact transformers, the complexity of the circuit and the number of components required to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) increase due to the power supply architecture.

Switching regulators are used in place of linear regulators when increased efficiency, a more compact dimension, or a reduced weight are desirable. However, they are more challenging to implement because switching currents, if not appropriately muted, can lead to electrical noise difficulties, and simplistic designs may have a poor power factor.


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