Part Number: TLV2371IDBVR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: Operational Amplifiers – Op Amps 550uA/Ch 3MHz R/R Op

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Technical Specifications of TLV2371IDBVR

Datasheet  TLV2371IDBVR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Linear – Amplifiers – Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Amplifier Type General Purpose
Number of Circuits 1
Output Type Rail-to-Rail
Slew Rate 2.1 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product 3MHz
-3db Bandwidth
Current – Input Bias 1pA
Voltage – Input Offset 2mV
Current – Supply 750μA
Current – Output / Channel 16mA
Voltage – Supply, Single/Dual (±) 2.7 V ~ 16 V, ±1.35 V ~ 8 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case SC-74A, SOT-753
Supplier Device Package SOT-23-5

TLV2371IDBVR Description

Rail-to-rail functionality is offered by the single-supply operational amplifiers TLV237x. The rail-to-rail output swing function is added to the TLV2371IDBVR while lowering the minimum operating supply voltage to 2.7 V over the wide industrial temperature range. With only 550 A, the TLV2371IDBVR also offers 3-MHz bandwidth. The devices can be powered by a range of rechargeable cells with an operating voltage ranging from 8 V to 16 V and the maximum suggested supply voltage.

The TLC227x is an excellent substitute for it in battery-powered applications thanks to the CMOS inputs’ ability to be used in high-impedance sensor connections and the lower voltage functioning. The rail-to-rail input step further increases its adaptability. The TLV2371IDBVR is the seventh RRIO device offered by TI and the first to provide operation up to 16-V rails while maintaining good ac performance.

The singles come in the tiny SOT-23 package, the duals in the MSOP package, and the quads in the TSSOP package. All members are also available in PDIP and SOIC. The operating voltage range of many micro-power microcontrollers on the market today, including TI’s MSP430 and the TLV2371IDBVR’s 2.7-V operation, make the TLV2371IDBVR compatible with Li-Ion powered systems.

TLV2371IDBVR Features

  • It features Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
  • It features Wide Bandwidth of 3 MHz
  • It features a High Slew Rate of 2.4 V/μs
  • It features a Supply Voltage Range of 2.7 V to 16 V
  • It features a Supply Current of 550 μA/Channel
  • Input Noise Voltage: 39 nV/√Hz
  • Input Bias Current: 1 pA

TLV2371IDBVR Applications

  • White Goods
  • Handheld Test Equipment
  • Portable Blood Glucose Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Active Filters
  • Industrial Automation
  • Battery-Powered Electronics

Detailed Description

Rail-to-rail input and output capabilities with a 3-MHz bandwidth are offered by the single-supply CMOS operational amplifiers TLV2371IDBVR. The TLV2371IDBVR is an excellent option for battery-operated and portable applications because it uses only 550 A. The devices can be powered by various rechargeable cells with a maximum recommended supply voltage of 16 V, ranging from 8 V to 1.35 V. The TLV2371IDBVR is perfect for applications requiring sensor signal processing since it has rail-to-rail inputs with high input impedance.

Feature Description

● Rail-to-Rail Input Operation

To accomplish rail-to-rail input operation, the TLV2371IDBVR input stage uses two differential transistor pairs, each made up of an NMOS and PMOS transistor.

● Driving a Capacitive Load

This configuration of the amplifier causes a reduction in the device phase margin, which results in high-frequency ringing or oscillations when capacitive loading is applied directly to the output. Therefore, TI advises connecting a resistor (RNULL) in series with the amplifier’s output if the capacitive load is more than ten pF. The majority of applications should function well with a minimum value of 20.

● Offset Voltage

The input offset voltage (VIO), the input bias currents (IIB), and their corresponding gains are added to produce the output offset voltage (VOO).

● General Configurations

It is frequently necessary to limit the bandwidth of the incoming signals into the system when receiving low-level signals. Placing an RC filter at the amplifier’s non-inverting terminal is the simplest way to achieve this.

● Shutdown Function

The TLV2370, TLV2373, and TLV2375 are three members of the TLV237x family that contain a shutdown terminal for preserving battery life in portable applications. When the shutdown wire is connected low, the outputs are switched to a high impedance mode, the supply current is lowered to 25 A/channel, and the amplifier is disabled. The shutdown terminal may be pulled high or left floating to activate the amplifier. Be careful to prevent parasitic leakage current at the shutdown terminal from accidentally shutting down the operational amplifier while the shutdown terminal is left floating.

● Device Functional Modes

Each of the three TLV2371, TLV2372, and TLV2374 has only one operational mode. These devices will function as long as the power supply voltage is between 2.7 V (1.35 V) and 16 V (8 V). As long as the power supply voltage is between 2.7 V  and 16 V, the TLV2370, TLV2373, and TLV2375 are also functional. In addition, these devices also feature a shutdown capability. The device is in shutdown mode when the shutdown control pin is driven below 0.8 V above ground. The gadget is running normally if the voltage on the shutdown control pin is driven to more than 2 V above ground.

Layout Guidelines

● Ground planes

TI strongly advises putting a ground plane on the board to give every component a low inductive ground connection. The ground plane can be eliminated from the areas surrounding the amplifier inputs and outputs to reduce stray capacitance.

● Proper Power Supply Decoupling

Connect a 0.1-F ceramic capacitor on each supply terminal in parallel with a 6.8-F tantalum capacitor. Depending on the application, it may be possible to distribute the tantalum over numerous amplifiers, but a 0.1-F ceramic capacitor must always be used on the supply terminal of every amplifier. The 0.1-F capacitor must also be installed near the supply terminal as practicable. The inductance in the connecting trace reduces the capacitor’s effectiveness as this distance rises. According to the designer, the gadget power connections and ceramic capacitors should be placed no more than 0.1 inches apart.

● Sockets

Although they can be used, sockets are not advised. The socket pins’ increased lead inductance will frequently cause stability issues. The optimum method is surface-mount packages directly connected to the printed circuit board.

● Short Trace Runs and Compact Part Placements

When stray series inductance has been reduced, the highest possible performance is attained. The shortest trace runs must be used throughout the circuit layout to achieve this. Pay close attention to the amplifier’s inverting input. It must be as brief as possible in length. By doing this, the stray capacitance at the amplifier’s input is reduced.

● Surface-Mount Passive Components

It is advised to use surface-mount passive components in high-performance amplifier circuits for several reasons. First, the stray series inductance issue is significantly less concerned with surface-mount features due to their incredibly low lead inductance. In addition, surface-mount components’ small size naturally results in a more compact layout, which reduces stray capacitance and inductance. TI advises keeping lead lengths as brief as possible if leaded components are used.


Gain is produced in plenty by Texas Instruments’ general-purpose amplifier TLV2371IDBVR OP amp due to its infinite open-loop gain, high input impedance, and low output impedance. It can dissipate up to 385 mW of power. Its average dual supply voltage is 3|5 V, ranging from 1.35 V to 8 V at its lowest and highest points. The operating temperature range of this amp is -40 °C to 125 °C. This appliance uses one or two power supplies. Each chip only has a single channel.

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