Part Number: USB2514Bi-AEZG

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology / Atmel


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Technical Specifications of USB2514BI-AEZG

Datasheet  USB2514BI-AEZG datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Interface – Controllers
Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Packaging Tray
Part Status Active
Protocol USB
Function Hub Controller
Interface USB
Standards USB 2.0
Voltage – Supply 3 V ~ 3.6 V
Current – Supply 85mA
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Package / Case 36-VFQFN Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package 36-QFN (6×6)

USB2514Bi-AEZG Description

The USB2514B is widely considered one of the most adaptable and dependable ICs currently available. It’s a controller for USB 2.0 hubs, so you can add multiple ports to a single device without effort. An in-depth look at the USB2514Bi-AEZG, including its features, specs, and potential uses, is provided here. This guide is written for engineers, designers, and enthusiasts to help you make well-informed decisions about using this IC in your next project.

General Description

Microchip’s USB251xB/xBi hub family of low-power, programmable MTT (multi-transaction translator) hub controller IC chips are ideal for embedded USB applications. A component with a B in its part number indicates that it can be used to charge batteries, and an x-valued component has a corresponding number of usable downstream ports. The Microchip hub’s enabled downstream ports can connect to devices moving at low speeds, full speeds, or even high speeds if the hub is set to act as a high-speed hub.

USB2514Bi-AEZG Features

  • Complete power management, with independent or grouped controls for all downstream ports.
  • A USB cable’s endpoint and pull-up/pull-down resistors are combined into a single, streamlined design.
  • Features a 1.2 V internal core voltage provided by built-in regulators and support for a single 3.3 V external power source.

Key Features

The USB2514Bi-AEZG is an IC with multiple functions designed to be a USB 2.0 hub controller. These are some of its distinguishing features:

● Compatible with USB 2.0:

Compatibility with the USB 2.0 standard was a primary design goal when developing the USB2514Bi-AEZG. It is compatible with both slow and fast USB signalling and can carry data at speeds of up to 480 Mbps.

● Multiple Downstream Ports:

The IC’s four downstream ports, each with its own data line, provide you with a wide range of options for how to link it to other devices. Because of this, multiple USB devices can be linked to a single PC. It is possible to connect and disconnect devices from the host computer without first powering down the machine because of the ports’ support for “hot swapping.”

● On-Chip Voltage Regulator:

The USB2514Bi-AEZG can operate from a single supply voltage of 4.4V to 5.5V thanks to its on-chip voltage regulator. No extra external voltage regulators are required for the device.

● Configurable Serial Interface Engine (SIE) and Transaction Translators (TTs):

The IC has an adaptable Serial Interface Engine (SIE) and supports several Transaction Translators (TTs). In this way, the IC can be customized by the user to serve a certain purpose better.

● Protection Features:

The USB2514Bi-AEZG has safeguards to protect it from electrical surges and other potentially harmful conditions, including protections against electrostatic discharge (ESD), overcurrent, and overvoltage. These fail-safes are intrinsic to the product and guarantee its security.

● Power-Saving Mode:

When engaged, the IC has a power-saving mode that reduces power consumption during inactive times. As a result, stationary system maintenance costs go down and the battery life of portable devices increases.

The USB2514Bi-AEZG has these features, making it a reliable and versatile alternative for integrating USB connectivity into a wide range of items, such as computer accessories, consumer electronics, and even industrial machinery.

USB2514Bi-AEZG Applications

  • Display devices based on liquid crystal technology
  • Multi-purpose USB accessories
  • computer motherboards
  • Electronics such as printers, scanners, and set-top boxes are included.
  • Storage space for discs in a computer
  • Modular, Transportable Network Nodes
  • Connection of portable computers to docks
  • Computing devices with circuitry built-in

Detailed Description

The USB2514Bi-AEZG IC, a USB 2.0 hub controller, is highly adaptable and dependable hardware. Adding several USB ports to a single device is a breeze with the help of this integrated circuit (IC), making it a viable solution for a wide range of consumer electronics, industrial machinery, and computer peripherals.

The USB2514Bi-AEZG complies with the USB 2.0 specification and is backwards-compatible with 1.1 and 2.0 signals. Therefore, the IC can provide stable data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps.

The IC has several downstream connections with four individual data lines. Many USB devices can be linked to a single computer using this method. You can connect and disconnect devices from the ports without turning off the host computer.

With its built-in voltage regulator, the USB2514Bi-AEZG only requires a single supply voltage of 4.4V to 5.5V. The elimination of the IC’s need for external voltage regulators makes this solution more flexible and affordable.

The USB2514Bi-AEZG supports various translation protocols and comes equipped with a flexible serial interface engine (SIE) (TTs). Therefore, the IC can be set up in various ways to suit various applications.

The protection features of the USB2514Bi-AEZG include protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), over-current, and over-voltage. These protections protect the IC against power surges and other unplanned events.

When there isn’t much going on, the IC can switch into its power-saving mode and use less juice. This extends the battery life of mobile devices and helps reduce energy costs for permanently installed systems.

The USB2514Bi-AEZG is a high-end, versatile USB 2.0 hub controller that can be used for many purposes thanks to its many features and capabilities. Whether you’re building consumer electronics, industrial machinery, or a computer accessory, adding USB communication with the USB2514Bi-AEZG is a low-cost and reliable option.


To sum up, the USB2514Bi-AEZG is a robust integrated circuit designed to serve as the controller for a USB 2.0 hub. With features including a power-saving mode, a configurable serial interface engine and transaction translators, security options, and USB 2.0 compliance, this solution is a solid choice for connecting a wide range of devices to the USB standard. The USB2514Bi-AEZG is a wonderful choice if you need to construct an item that communicates with other USB-enabled devices, such as those found in various home appliances, commercial machinery, and computer peripherals.

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