Part Number: EM1-2U1S

Manufacturer: KEMET

Description: AUTO RELAY 1 FORM U 12V 1A

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EM1-2U1S Introduction

The EM1-2U1S relay is part of the NEXEM EM1 line. It is a PC-board-mount relay that is very flexible and reliable. It was made for use in cars. Because of how well it works and how well it is made, it has become a popular choice for handling many parts in cars, from lights and C-R circuits to heaters, fans, and pumps.

One thing that makes the EM1-2U1S relay stand out is that it switches better than other relays like the EP1, ET1, and EX1 models. This means that the EM1-2U1S relay is better at controlling automotive systems in terms of speed, accuracy, and economy. The EM1-2U1S relay offers a level of performance that meets and exceeds industry standards. It can be used to control lighting with great accuracy or to manage the operation of important parts.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the EM1-2U1S relay’s features, specifications, and benefits. We’ll also talk about how it can be used for a wide range of control purposes in cars. We will also talk about how its better switching performance sets it apart from its counterparts in the EP1, ET1, and EX1 lines, making it a reliable and high-performance choice for automotive control systems.

Overview of the Nexem EM1 Series

The NEXEM EM1 series is a line of switches that are mounted on PC boards and are made for use in cars. These switches are a small and effective way to control different parts in cars. They make sure that the car works well and runs reliably.

Key Features and Benefits

● PC-Board Mount Type

The relays in the EM1 line are made to be easy to put on printed circuit boards (PCBs). This makes it easy to add to car control systems, which saves room and makes installation easier.

● High-Quality Construction

The EM1 series relays are made with high-quality materials and modern production methods, so they will last for a long time and work well. They can handle harsh conditions in cars, such as changing temperatures, vibrations, and electricity changes.

● Better Switching Performance

The EM1 series relays have faster response times, more accurate switching, and run more efficiently than other relays. This means that car parts can be controlled more precisely, which improves the performance of the whole system.

● Compatibility with a lot of parts

The EM1 series relays work with a lot of parts that are popular in automotive applications. This includes lights for lighting systems, C-R circuits for capacitive and resistive loads, heaters for climate control, fans for cooling systems, and pumps for managing fluids. Because they are so flexible, the EM1 series switches can be used for a wide range of control tasks in cars.

● High-Quality and High-Performance Control

The EM1 series relays give you high-quality and high-performance control over the related parts because of how well they switch. The result is that car systems work better, are more efficient, and are more reliable.

When automakers and designers choose relays from the NEXEM EM1 line, they can take advantage of their small size, strong construction, and excellent switching performance. These relays are a safe and effective way to control lights, C-R circuits, heaters, fans, pumps, and other parts, making sure that different vehicle systems work well.

Understanding the EM1-2U1S Relay

The EM1-2U1S relay is a specific model from the NEXEM EM1 line, which is known for its high-quality performance and suitability for automotive uses. Let’s take a better look at what it has to offer, how it works, and what it’s good for.

Description in depth

The EM1-2U1S relay is a small PC-board-mount relay that is made to control different auto parts in a reliable way. It was made to meet the tough standards of automotive applications, so it works well and lasts a long time.


● Coil Voltage

The EM1-2U1S switch needs a certain coil voltage to work. This voltage is usually between a few volts and tens of volts. The exact voltage specifications for the coil should be chosen based on the needs of the application.

● Contact number

The relay has a number for its contacts that shows how much current and voltage it can handle. Most of the time, the EM1-2U1S switch is rated for a certain maximum current and voltage, which makes sure that it works safely and well within those limits.

● Switching Capacity

The EM1-2U1S relay has an impressive switching capacity that lets it handle a wide range of loads in automotive applications. The relay’s switching capacity is based on how well it can handle the changes in current and voltage that come with managing things like lamps, C-R circuits, heaters, fans, and pumps.

● Compact Design and Benefits

The EM1-2U1S relay is small, which makes it a great choice for automotive applications with limited room. Because of its small size, it can be put on printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a way that makes the best use of the room in the vehicle’s control system.

Advantages of the compact design include

● Space optimisation

The EM1-2U1S relay’s small size saves important space on the PCB, which lets other necessary parts be added and makes the control system smaller overall. This is especially helpful in modern cars, where space is often in short supply.

● Improved Thermal Management

The small size makes it easy for heat to escape, so the relay can work in the best temperature ranges. This keeps the switch from overheating and makes sure it works well and lasts long, even in the tough conditions of an automobile.

● Better Installation Flexibility

The relay’s small size makes it easier to install, as it is easier to place and secure on the PCB. This makes building go faster and cuts down on production costs.

Because of its small size and other benefits, the EM1-2U1S relay is a great choice for automotive applications that need control solutions that take up little room without sacrificing performance or reliability. The EM1-2U1S relay has the best size-to-function ratio, whether it’s in a small car or a control panel with a lot of switches.

Application Examples

The NEXEM EM1 series EM1-2U1S relay is used in many different ways in the automotive business. It works well and has good switching abilities, which make it a great choice for controlling different parts in cars. Here are some real-world examples of how the EM1-2U1S relay can be used in automobile applications:

● Controlling the lights

The EM1-2U1S relay can be used to handle the headlights, taillights, turn signals, and interior lights in a car. Its precise switching performance makes it easy to handle and gives you the best visibility and safety on the road.

● Heating and Climate Handle

The relay can be used to handle heating systems like the heater blower motor or the heating elements in the seats and mirrors. It can also be used to handle the operation of the air conditioning compressor or the radiator fan in climate control systems.

● Cooling Systems

The EM1-2U1S relay can handle vehicle cooling systems, like electric fans that cool the engine. Its better switching performance makes it easier to control cooling, which helps keep the engine at the right temperature and keeps it from burning.

● Pump Control

The EM1-2U1S relay can be used for precise control in vehicle systems that need to handle fluids, such as fuel pumps, windscreen washer pumps, and hydraulic systems. Its high-performance switching makes sure that pumps work smoothly, which makes the car more efficient and reliable as a whole.

Closing Thoughts

The NEXEM EM1 series EM1-2U1S relay is a high-quality, high-performance PC-board-mount relay made for car use. It offers exact control and space optimisation with its small size and high switching performance. Whether it’s used to control lights, heating, cooling, or pumps, the EM1-2U1S relay makes sure everything works well and improves the system’s general functionality. If you create cars, the EM1-2U1S relay can help you get the best performance and reliability from your applications. Contact ICRFQ to get an EM1-2U1S and find out what it can do.

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