Part Number: TPS63060DSCR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC REG BCK BST ADJ 2A 10WSON

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Technical Specifications of TPS63060DSCR

Datasheet  TPS63060DSCR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – DC DC Switching Regulators
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Function Step-Up/Step-Down
Output Configuration Positive
Topology Buck-Boost
Output Type Adjustable
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 2.5V
Voltage – Input (Max) 12V
Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed) 2.5V
Voltage – Output (Max) 8V
Current – Output 2A (Switch)
Frequency – Switching 2.4MHz
Synchronous Rectifier Yes
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 10-WFDFN Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package 10-WSON (3×3)

TPS63060DSCR Introduction

The TPS63060DSCR is a highly efficient and versatile buck-boost switching regulator IC (Integrated Circuit) designed for various power management applications. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the TPS63060DSCR, including its features, specifications, pinout, and application examples. Whether you are an electronics enthusiast or a professional engineer, this guide will help you understand the capabilities and potential applications of this powerful IC.

Introduction to Buck-Boost Regulator

A buck-boost regulator is a type of switching regulator that can step up or step down the input voltage to provide a regulated output voltage. Unlike traditional buck or boost regulators, which can only step down or step up the input voltage, respectively, a buck-boost regulator can handle both higher and lower input voltages, making it suitable for applications where the input voltage can vary.

TPS63060DSCR Features and Benefits

The TPS63060DSCR offers several features and benefits that make it an attractive choice for power management applications:

  1. Wide Input Voltage Range: The IC can accept input voltages ranging from 2.5V to 12V, making it suitable for a wide range of power supply sources, including batteries and various power sources.
  2. Adjustable Output Voltage: The output voltage can be set anywhere between 2.5V and the input voltage, providing flexibility in powering different components or systems.
  3. High Efficiency: The IC incorporates synchronous rectification and low-resistance switches, resulting in high conversion efficiency and reduced power dissipation.
  4. Seamless Transition: The buck-boost topology allows smooth transition between buck and boost modes, ensuring continuous and stable operation even when the input voltage approaches or exceeds the output voltage.
  5. Internal Compensation: The device integrates compensation circuitry, simplifying the external component requirements and reducing the overall solution size.
  6. Fault Protection: The IC includes various protection features such as overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and undervoltage lockout, enhancing system reliability and preventing damage to the IC.

TPS63060DSCR Key Specifications

Here are some key specifications of the TPS63060DSCR:

  1. Output Current: The IC can deliver up to 2A of output current, allowing it to power a wide range of devices and circuits.
  2. Switching Frequency: The device operates at a fixed switching frequency, typically ranging from 400kHz to 2.2MHz. The high frequency enables the use of smaller external components and reduces the overall solution size.
  3. Efficiency: The buck-boost regulator offers high conversion efficiency, typically ranging from 85% to 95%, depending on the input and output voltage conditions.
  4. Package: The TPS63060DSCR is available in a 10-WFDFN package with an exposed pad, which aids in thermal dissipation and improves the IC’s overall thermal performance.
  5. Operating Temperature Range: The IC is designed to operate within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, making it suitable for a wide range of environments and applications.

Electrical Characteristics

Input Voltage Range: The TPS63060DSCR has a wide input voltage range, allowing it to operate with various power sources. The typical input voltage range for this IC is 2.5V to 12V. It means that the IC can accept input voltages as low as 2.5V and as high as 12V. This flexibility makes the TPS63060DSCR suitable for a wide range of applications with different input voltage requirements.

● Output Voltage Range

The TPS63060DSCR provides an adjustable output voltage that can be set anywhere between 2.5V and the input voltage. This adjustable output voltage range allows for customization according to specific application requirements. By using an external resistor divider network connected to the feedback (FB) pin, the output voltage can be precisely set to the desired level within the specified range.

● Switching Frequency

The TPS63060DSCR operates at a fixed switching frequency, which determines how quickly the IC switches between the buck and boost modes to regulate the output voltage. The typical switching frequency for this IC ranges from 400kHz to 2.2MHz. The high switching frequency enables the use of smaller external components such as inductors and capacitors, contributing to a compact and efficient power management solution.

The actual switching frequency can be determined based on the specific application requirements and the external component values chosen for the circuit design. It is important to consider the trade-offs between switching frequency, efficiency, and component size when selecting the operating frequency for the TPS63060DSCR-based system.

TPS63060DSCR Protection Features

● Overcurrent Protection

The TPS63060DSCR incorporates overcurrent protection to safeguard the IC and the connected components from excessive current. In the event of a current overload, the overcurrent protection feature activates and limits the output current to a safe level, preventing damage to the system. This protection mechanism helps maintain the stability and integrity of the power management circuitry.

● Overtemperature Protection

To prevent overheating and ensure reliable operation, the TPS63060DSCR includes overtemperature protection. This feature monitors the internal temperature of the IC and activates when the temperature exceeds a predefined threshold. Once triggered, the overtemperature protection circuitry takes appropriate measures, such as reducing the output current or shutting down the IC temporarily, until the temperature returns to a safe operating range.

● Undervoltage Lockout

The TPS63060DSCR incorporates undervoltage lockout (UVLO) protection to ensure proper functionality even during low input voltage conditions. The UVLO feature monitors the input voltage and prevents the IC from operating below a specified threshold voltage. When the input voltage drops below the UVLO threshold, the IC shuts down to avoid unstable operation and potential damage. This protection mechanism ensures that the TPS63060DSCR operates within safe voltage limits.

These protection features provide a layer of safety and reliability to the TPS63060DSCR-based power management system. By preventing overcurrent, overheating, and operation under low voltage conditions, these features help protect the IC, connected components, and the overall system. It is important to consider these protection features when designing the power management circuitry and to ensure that they are appropriately configured to meet the specific application requirements.


The TPS63060DSCR is a versatile buck-boost switching regulator IC that provides efficient power management solutions for various applications. With its wide input voltage range and adjustable output voltage, it offers flexibility and reliability. The IC’s protection features and high conversion efficiency ensure safe operation and optimal performance.

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