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An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

Are you looking for the best electronic components and parts supplier in Kenya?

Do you want to know where to buy electronic components in Kenya?

Which popular electronic components store in Kenya near me?

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We have compiled the electronic parts suppliers and distributors in Kenya list for you to pick as below:


K-Technics System, is an online store that sells engineering electronic components i.e. Arduino development boards Uno, mega Nano, Arduino starter kits, Raspberry pi and Raspberry pi peripherals Arduino compatible sensors bio metrics, current, Gas/liquid, Gyro &Accelerator, light ,laser, sound temperature humidity and Air quality, Tracking, robot kits, Gsm/Gps/Gprs, Bluetooth, Esp8266 WIFI board, IOT boards.

Address: Munyu Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Nerokas Engineering Solutions Ltd

Nerokas Engineering Solutions is an open hardware facilitator, providing the tools necessary to help inventors and enthusiasts make their ideas a reality. We supply electronic components and offer guidance and expertise where we can to our customers. We feel it’s our duty to educate and inspire young minds interested in automation and to this end we make available the tools and equipment required, at very affordable prices. You won’t find prices that beat these. Happy shopping!

Address: Emko Plaza, Garissa Rd, Thika, Kenya

Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) LTD

Sollatek UK was founded in 1983 to exploit the patented design for an Automatic Voltage Switcher or AVS. Sollatek (UK) Ltd has since become one of the leading makers of specialist products to protect electrical and electronic equipment. Sollatek Kenya was started in 1985 and is now the leading branch within the group. Internationally Sollatek now has offices in 14 countries and an active distribution network in 24 more. Sollatek has grown rapidly to become a truly global power management and solar products company. The AVS was the first in what has become a complete family of products designed to deal effectively with electrical disturbances, such as low and high voltage, spikes, surges and backsurges that are increasingly common in the mains electricity supply that can damage or even destroy your valuable electrical equipment.

Address: Sameer Business Park Block A3 First Floor, Kenya


Arduino Solutions Kenya is an open hardware facilitator. We take the hassle of sourcing for the necessary tools to help inventors, hobbyists and enthusiast make their passion projects and ideas a reality.We supply electronic components and offer guidance/expertise where we can to our customers. We strive to make available the tools and equipment required at very affordable prices.

Address: Madaraka Shipping Center Ole Sangale Road, Kenya

Tronic Kenya

TRONIC Kenya is a leading supplier of electrical and lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications throughout the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 1993, we actively work to promote international standards and are uniquely placed to cater to infrastructure projects across Africa. With a presence in over 10 African countries, we are constantly tracking market trends, and are focused on product development to meet our customers’ needs.

Address: Enterprise Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Universal Tech Electronics

The leading store in East Africa for all electronics accessories and spare parts KAMAE ROAD, Nairobi, Kenya.

Address: Kamae Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Pixel Electric Company Limited

Pixel Electric Co. LTD is an engineering-based company that was founded in 2017 as a trading company into a comprehensive technical entity, under the jurisdiction of trade, with impressive sales performance and enjoy the full price and technical support. The founders’ main objective was to pool their vast professional experience together to render professional services in: Engineering, Automation, Robotics, Drones design & Assembly, STEAM training.

Address: Olive Inn, Nakuru, Kenya


We deal with original electronic products that are affordable and long lasting.

Address: Kilifi, Kenya

Skynet Technologies Kenya

Skynet technologies now offers low power consuming dc/ac inverters at reasonable price.

Address: Makuti Kisumu Ndogo Road, Mombasa, Kenya

Warefab Ltd

Warefab Konnect Sigfox Dev Kit is an embedded hardware IoT solution with multiple sensors on board to easily get you started in IoT solutions and the sigfox network enabling users to develop an IoT Sigfox proof of concept in under 10 minutes.

Address: Mapa House, Kenya


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