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In the broadest definition, a sensor is a device, module, machine, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and send the information to other electronics, frequently a computer processor. A sensor is always used with other electronics.

There are different types of sensors that are commonly used in various applications. All these sensors are used for measuring one of the physical properties. Temperature Sensor, Proximity Sensor , Accelerometer IR Sensor (Infrared Sensor) , Pressure Sensor,  Light Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor Smoke, Gas and Alcohol Sensor, Touch Sensor, Color Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Position Sensor, Magnetic Sensor (Hall Effect Sensor) ,  Microphone (Sound Sensor) , Tilt Sensor, Flow and Level Sensor, PIR Sensor, Touch Sensor, Strain and Weight Sensor.

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We have compiled the sensor companies and distributors in Netherlands list for you to pick as below:

ams Sensors Netherlands B.V.

Bringing intelligence to light and passion to innovation, we enrich people’s lives. With our vision to become the uncontested leader in optical solutions, we will continuously advance our technologies in sensing, illumination and visualization. Let’s start the journey together.

Address: High Tech Campus 41, 5656 AE Eindhoven, Netherlands

Sensor Partners

Sensor Partners has been the leading supplier of sensors for 30 years. Sensor Partners mainly supplies contactless sensors, with which our customers can measure, detect, monitor and position better. Our products contribute to the efficiency and reliability of automated (industrial) processes. Sensor Partners only works with A-quality suppliers such as: Z-Laser, Microsonic, Telco Sensors, Haake Technik and Sensor Instruments. Together with our partners we work for the most prominent nationally and internationally oriented companies. Sensor Partners’ customer base extends all over the world.

Address: James Wattlaan 15, 5151 DP Drunen, Netherlands


From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK’s sensor solutions are keeping industry moving. As a technology and market leader, SICK provides sensor intelligence and application solutions that create the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment.

Address: Leyenseweg 111, 3721 BC Bilthoven, Netherlands

Sensor Maritime

Sensor Maritime is established to develop new technologies in the form of high-quality, innovative solutions. With our roots in the industry we pursue industrial levels of reliability, durability and robustness. By working closely together with our clients and partners we strive for long-term value creation. Our organization is characterized by a problem-solving attitude, long term collaborations and a team of young professionals who dare to question, and are not limited by, existing practices.

Address: Nieuwe Linie 9, 5146 PJ Vught, Netherlands

DIS Sensors bv

The professional staff at DIS Sensors is passionate about the development and production of customer-focused, well designed and smart sensor solutions.

All DIS sensors are developed, tested and produced in-house by our own laboratory, R&D and production department before being exported to over 20 countries worldwide through a carefully selected network of distributors.

Address: Oostergracht 40, 3763 LZ Soest, Netherlands

The Sensor Factory B.V.

The Sensor Factory builds highly sensitive self-calibrating field instruments for online measurements of industrial liquids.

Address: Hermes 8, 8448 CK Heerenveen, Netherlands

Keyence Netherlands

As a leading provider of sensors, measurement systems, laser markers, microscopes and machine vision systems around the world, KEYENCE is at the forefront of industrial automation. We strive to develop innovative and safe products that meet the needs of our customers in all branches of industry.

Address: Graaf Engelbertlaan 75, 4837 DS Breda, Netherlands

Tasseron Sensor & Controls B.V.

Our mission is to develop cost-effective sensor solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. To produce products that are not only the highest quality, but also add value to each application because of their unique design and ease of use.

We want to contribute to the environment by designing efficient products for quick and accurate measurements. This way we can help all of our customers to increase performance and reduce energy consumption in the world. Innovative since 1920.

Address: Ambachtshof 50, 2632 BB Nootdorp, Netherlands

Thermo Electric Instrumentation B.V.

Our knowledge and experience for the manufacturing, engineering and qualification of temperature sensors within a variety of sectors provides our customers with the peace of mind and confidence that they are choosing the right product first time.

We understand that our customers seek dependability and experience from a supplier partner. Our engineers are capable of integrating seamlessly with main contractors, and have the experience of working alongside well-known, leading engineering and procurement houses. From a simple thermocouple to measure airflow temperature, to a more complex high-pressure assembly, our assistance with design and calculations on projects has proven to be a reliable and invaluable resource, which is why our customers continue to specify Thermo Electric temperature sensors in their projects.

Address: Coenecoop 71, 2741 PH Waddinxveen, Netherlands

Sensata Technologies Holland B.V.

Sensata Technologies is a global industrial technology company and a leading provider of sensor-rich solutions that create insights for customers with operations in 13 countries, including China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

Address: Jan Tinbergenstraat 80, 7559 SP Hengelo, Netherlands


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