Part Number: 10M50DAF484C7G

Manufacturer: Intel

Description: IC FPGA 360 I/O 484FBGA

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Technical Specifications of 10M50DAF484C7G

Datasheet  10M50DAF484C7G datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Embedded – FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array)
Manufacturer Altera
Series MAX? 10
Part Status Active
Number of LABs/CLBs 3125
Number of Logic Elements/Cells 50000
Total RAM Bits 1677312
Number of I/O 360
Number of Gates
Voltage – Supply 1.15 V ~ 1.25 V
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ)
Package / Case 484-BGA
Supplier Device Package 484-FBGA (23×23)

10M50DAF484C7G Introduction

The MAX® 10 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC is a cutting-edge FPGA that provides great flexibility and adaptability in digital circuit design. The MAX® 10 FPGA IC has grown to be a popular option for many applications in areas like communications, industrial automation, medical devices, and consumer electronics thanks to its distinctive features and capabilities.

Overview of 10M50DAF484C7G

A specific member of the MAX® 10 FPGA IC family is the 10M50DAF484C7G. Let’s examine its thorough description:

● Architecture

The extremely effective architecture of the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC combines programmable logic components, integrated memory blocks, and flexible I/O capabilities. Its architecture provides flexibility for adaptation while making it easy for designers to build complicated digital systems.

● Performance Specifications

The specifications for the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC’s performance are excellent. It can handle up to 360,000 equivalent LEs (logic elements) of logic, which is a lot of resources for creating complex digital circuits. It facilitates the quick execution of complex processes due to its high operating frequency and effective routing capabilities. The FPGA IC also accommodates a broad range of I/O voltage levels to meet various interface needs.

● Package Type

A 484-ball FineLine BGA (FBGA) package houses the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC. This package type has a number of benefits, including a high pin count that enables numerous I/O connections, a tiny footprint that frees up space on the board, and excellent electrical and thermal properties. The FBGA packaging guarantees dependable electrical performance and effective heat dissipation, adding to the FPGA IC’s overall resilience.

The outstanding architecture, performance requirements, and package type of the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC set it apart, making it a flexible and dependable option for a variety of digital circuit designs. To further grasp its capabilities and advantages, we will examine its main characteristics, applications, design tools, and more in the following sections.

10M50DAF484C7G Applications

A wide range of applications benefit from the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC’s excellent versatility and programmability. The following are some important applications for the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC:

  • Industrial Automation: In applications involving industrial automation, the FPGA IC makes it possible to create sophisticated control systems, motor control, and real-time monitoring. It is perfect for increasing productivity and efficiency in industrial processes because of its capacity to manage complex algorithms and interface with a variety of sensors and actuators.
  • Systems for Communications: The 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC is flexible enough to handle a variety of protocols and signal processing duties in communication systems. In applications including network infrastructure, wireless communication, and telecommunications, it can be used for data transfer, signal modulation and demodulation, encryption and decryption, and protocol conversion.
  • Medical Devices: The FPGA IC is a good fit for medical devices because of its programmability and high performance characteristics. It can be utilized in systems for medical imaging, patient monitoring, diagnostic tools, and medical instrumentation, among other uses. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are made possible by its capability to process and interpret complicated data in real-time.

In the field of consumer electronics, where quick invention and customization are critical, the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC is necessary. High-definition video processing, audio systems, game consoles, display interfaces, and smart home appliances are some examples of applications that can make use of it. Due to its programmability, it can be customized to include special features and functionalities that respond to certain consumer demands.

The 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC is an excellent option for a variety of designs due to its adaptability. Comparing it to fixed-function integrated circuits, it offers substantial advantages due to its flexibility in reprogramming and customizing to meet changing requirements. The FPGA IC’s features can be used by designers to build highly optimized solutions for their unique applications, improving performance, speeding up the development process, and enhancing product differentiation.

A versatile component in industrial automation, communication systems, medical devices, consumer electronics, and several other applications, the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC’s flexibility and programmability make it Because of its adaptability, designers are able to push the boundaries of innovation and produce ground-breaking solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of their target consumers.

Design tools and resources

The manufacturer offers a selection of design tools, development kits, and resources to help designers get the most out of the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC. These tools make development easier and make it possible for designers to quickly put their ideas into practice.

Design Tools: The company provides robust design software tools that are made exclusively for configuring and programming MAX® 10 FPGAs. These tools allow different design entry methods, including schematic capture and hardware description languages (HDLs) like VHDL and Verilog, and they have an intuitive user interface. To evaluate and improve designs, the tools also have simulation, place-and-route, and synthesis capabilities.

Development Kits: The manufacturer offers development kits that include all of the hardware and software needed to get the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC up and running. A development board, power sources, programming cables, and reference designs are frequently included in these kits. The development kits provide designers with an easy way to test, assess, and prototype their designs in practical settings.

Support and documentation are both available in plenty for designers using the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC. Datasheets, user manuals, application notes, and reference designs are all included in this material. The device architecture, pin assignments, electrical properties, and programming techniques are all covered in detail. For any questions or problems that might come up during the development process, the manufacturer additionally provides technical help via online discussion boards, knowledge bases, and direct customer support channels.

Online Resources: The manufacturer’s website usually offers a plethora of extra materials, including guides, videos, design examples, and discussion boards. With the help of these resources, designers can discover cutting-edge features, examine best practices, and interact with other FPGA enthusiasts.

The manufacturer enables designers to fully utilize the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC by offering extensive design tools, development kits, documentation, and support. By making it easier to integrate complicated digital systems, these tools improve the design process, shorten time to market, and promote innovation.

In order to ensure the best performance and functionality, designers can make use of these resources and tools to prototype, validate, and improve their designs. The manufacturer’s dedication to customer success and the seamless integration of the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC into a variety of applications is demonstrated by their commitment to providing designers with reliable tools and documentation.


In conclusion, the versatility, performance, and functionality of the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC enable sophisticated designs for a variety of applications. It is the go-to option for designers looking to push the boundaries of creativity and produce optimal solutions because of its flexibility, programability, and extensive support. Designers may open up new opportunities and bring cutting-edge digital systems to market by using the 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA IC.

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