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As the auto industry moves toward more connectivity and automation, there has never been a bigger need for reliable and effective in-car communication systems. The BCM89811B1AWMLG, which is the next-generation BroadR-Reach car Ethernet chip, meets all of these requirements. For low-power car uses, this highly integrated device can send 100 Mb/s of data over a single unshielded twisted-pair cable.

The BCM89811B1AWMLG’s traits, benefits, and uses are all covered in this detailed reference. This article will help automotive engineers, designers, and tech fans understand what this special Ethernet gadget can do and how it can help them.

Overview of BCM89811B1AWMLG: Driving Automotive Connectivity

The Broadcom BCM89811B1AWMLG is a high-tech BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet chip made for low-power uses in cars. It allows high-speed (100 Mb/s) data transfer over a single wire, meeting the need for reliable and efficient communication in the automotive business.

In the car industry, the chip is important because it can go above and beyond noise cancellation and jitter standards. This makes sure that safety-critical systems like ADAS can communicate reliably. It also meets EMC standards by having low-pass filters built in, which makes it more reliable.

Also, the BCM89811B1AWMLG is a key part of making cars connected and self-driving. It helps V2X communication to improve road safety and lets autonomous driving systems share info in real-time. Along with new technologies like TSN and Ethernet-IP integration, the chip makes it possible for cars to join in a smart and efficient way in the future.

BCM89811B1AWMLG Features

The BCM89811B1AWMLG has a lot of high-tech features that make it stand out from other Ethernet options. Some of the most important traits are:

● Automotive-Qualified Low-Power Design

Broadcom made the BCM89811B1AWMLG for use in cars, so it meets the strict requirements of the car business. This chip’s low-power design means it uses a lot less power, which makes the electronics in a car work better.

● Integrated Low-Pass Filters for EMI Compliance

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can make it hard for the technology in cars to work well. To solve this problem, low-pass filters are built right into the BCM89811B1AWMLG chip. These filters successfully block EMI emissions. This makes sure that the chip meets EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standards and makes it easier for people to talk to each other in the car.

● Integrated Internal Regulators

There is no need for external regulators because the chip already has controllers built in. This integration makes it easier to build the system, cuts down on the number of external parts, and makes the system run better overall.

● Superior Noise Cancellation and Transmission Jitter

Electrical noise and jitter can make it hard to send and receive data and talk consistently in a car. The BCM89811B1AWMLG goes above and beyond what is needed for noise cancellation and transmission jitter in the automotive business. This makes sure that even in tough driving conditions, there is a stable and effective way to talk.

● High-Speed Data Transfer

Because it can transmit 100 Mb/s over a single unshielded twisted-pair line, the BCM89811B1AWMLG has a significant cost and weight benefit. Making automobile communication networks that function well and are affordable requires a chip that can reduce connectivity costs by up to 80% and cable weight by 30%.

BCM89811B1AWMLG Applications

In the automotive industry, the BCM89811B1AWMLG is employed for a variety of purposes, including but not restricted to:

● In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Systems

The chip enables rapid communication between the many elements of a car entertainment system. The BCM89811B1AWMLG ensures a responsive and fluid user experience for anything from streaming video to GPS navigation and smartphone integration.

● Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

For ADAS applications where real-time data sharing is vital for safety-critical tasks like avoiding crashes and warnings when exiting a lane, the BCM89811B1AWMLG provides a dependable and low-latency communication platform.

● Vehicle Control Units (VCUs) and Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

The chip is essential for connecting the VCUs and ECUs so that the various automotive systems may communicate effectively with one another. This raises efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces emissions.

● Connectivity for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The BCM89811B1AWMLG meets the communication needs of electric vehicles, facilitating effective battery management and charging procedures as the automotive industry transitions to electric transportation.

Advancements in Automotive Connectivity: The Role of BCM89811B1AWMLG

As automobile technology develops, dependable communication solutions are more necessary. The next-generation automotive Ethernet chip from Broadcom, the BCM89811B1AWMLG, is crucial in this area. It ensures real-time communication for safety-critical applications like ADAS by enabling high-speed data transfer at 100 Mb/s over a single twisted-pair wire. The chip’s low-power architecture lowers energy usage by as much as 30%, in line with the market’s emphasis on environmental responsibility. Additionally, it complies with strict EMC standards, ensuring a stable and interference-free communication environment.

The BCM89811B1AWMLG is defining the future of automotive communication together with other cutting-edge technologies including Ethernet-IP integration and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). These developments provide improved ADAS capabilities, V2X communication, and data-driven vehicle insights.

The BCM89811B1AWMLG is essential for enabling smooth communication and assisting in the creation of safer, more effective, and intelligent automotive ecosystems in the age of connected and autonomous vehicles. This cutting-edge Ethernet chip remains at the vanguard of automotive communication as it develops, spurring innovation and improving the driving experience.


The BCM89811B1AWMLG stands as a testament to Broadcom’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the automotive communication domain. With its automotive-qualified low-power design, integrated low-pass filters, on-chip regulators, and exceptional noise cancellation capabilities, this next-generation BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet chip paves the way for a new era of connected and autonomous vehicles.

This complete guide has provided a comprehensive overview of the BCM89811B1AWMLG, its features, and its potential applications within the automotive industry. As technology evolves, the BCM89811B1AWMLG will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of automotive connectivity, efficiency, and safety. Whether you are an automotive professional or a tech enthusiast, understanding the capabilities of this remarkable Ethernet chip will undoubtedly prove invaluable in the ever-changing automotive landscape.

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