Part Number: 1924464-1

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity AMP Connectors


Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of 1924464-1

Datasheet  1924464-1 datasheet
Category Connectors, Interconnects
Family Rectangular Connectors – Contacts
Manufacturer TE-Connectivity-AMP-Connectors
Series AMPSEAL 16
Packaging Cut Tape (CT)
Type Stamped
Pin or Socket Socket
Contact Termination Crimp
Wire Gauge 18-20 AWG
Contact Finish Gold
Contact Finish Thickness 30μin (0.76μm)

1924464-1 Introduction

Socket connections are essential for transmitting signals in electronic and electrical applications. They’re a crucial component of connector systems, which find widespread application in fields as diverse as transportation, aerospace, information technology, and manufacturing. Read on to learn more about the 1924464-1 socket contacts widely employed in electrical and electronic equipment. In this post, we shall discuss the 1924464-1 socket contact in depth, including its features, functions, and potential uses.

1924464-1 Overview

The 1924464-1 is a gold-plated crimp-stamped socket contact. Wire sizes 18–20 AWG can be accommodated by this connector, making it useful for many electronic and electrical projects. The AMPSEAL 16 HDSF socket contact can be purchased in either a tape and reel (TR) or a cut tape configuration (CT). It can function in temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius and has a maximum current rating of 13 amps.

The socket contact’s body is oriented straight, making it ideal for cable use. As such, it finds widespread application in signal-transmitting headers and PCB receptacles. Crimping is used to terminate the contact, which results in a strong electrical connection.

The socket contact, made by TE Connectivity, is 21.59 mm long, 3.81 mm in width, and 4.14 mm in height. It’s meant to pair with a similar pin contact, and that’s when a solid electrical connection is made.

1924464-1 Features and Specifications

  • The socket contact is made out of a high-quality copper alloy that, in addition to having excellent conductivity, is also resistant to corrosion and lasts for a very long time.
  • A gold-plated contact has better electrical conductivity and is more corrosion-resistant than one without the coating. Because it has such a low contact resistance, gold plating is an excellent material for use in applications that involve high frequencies.
  • As a result of the contact’s compatibility with wires ranging in size from 18 to 20 AWG, it can be utilized in a wide variety of electronic and electrical applications.
  • Crimp-stamped contacts are those that are designed to have a crimping action performed on them before being attached to the wire. Because it creates a connection that is both secure and stable, crimping is a technique that is frequently utilized in electrical and electronic contexts.
  • A contact system can also comprise a corresponding pin contact in addition to the socket contact, which is a component of that system. A robust electrical connection is established as soon as the two contacts are pressed together in close proximity to one another.
  • The socket contact has various applications in the electrical and electronic sectors, including in various machines, such as automobiles, airplanes, mobile phones, and other types of equipment.
  • Regarding shipment, socket contacts can be purchased in tape and reel (TR) format or cut tape format (CT). The ordering and keeping of large amounts will be much easier due to this fantastic piece of news.
  • The socket contact satisfies the requirements of the RoHS standards established by the European Union. These rules prohibit using certain substances that could pose a threat when used in electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Due to the high maximum current rating of 13A that the socket contact possesses, it can be used in various electrical and electronic applications.
  • Because it can function in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, the socket contact is beneficial in extremely hot and cold environments.

1924464-1 Applications

There are several electronic and electrical uses for the 1924464-1 socket contact. It’s useful in many different fields because of its adaptability. This 1924464-1 socket contact can be used in a variety of contexts, including but not limited to:

  • Powertrain, body and lighting systems, and infotainment systems are just a few examples of where the socket contact is used in automobiles.
  • Applications in aerospace utilize the socket contact as well, and these use cases emphasize the need for extreme reliability and endurance. It finds application in aviation electronics, communications networks, and navigation devices.
  • The socket contact is widely employed in telecommunications devices for the purpose of signal transfer. It is a common component of networking devices like routers and modems.
  • The socket contact is used for signal transfer in industrial equipment.
  • Due to its crimping termination mechanism, the socket contact requires minimal effort. This can save you both time and money throughout the installation process because it doesn’t require any specialized tools.
  • The socket contact is constructed to work with wire gauges ranging from 18 to 20 AWG, so it’s compatible with various electrical connections. This broad use establishes the part’s versatility as a useful tool.
  • The socket contact satisfies RoHS guidelines and does not include potentially harmful materials like lead or mercury. Companies and industries with a concern for the environment will find this useful.

Package Options for 1924464-1 Socket Contact

The 1924464-1 socket contact is available for purchase in two unique styles of packaging, namely:

  • Tape and Reel (TR) is a type of packaging perfect for high-volume manufacturing facilities that need to feed components into machines quickly and effectively. These types of facilities often use tape and reel. The socket contacts are packaged on reels so that machines can fit them in an automated manner.
  • The Cut Tape (CT) packaging alternative is an excellent choice for prototypes, and production runs with a modest number of units. The socket contacts come pre-cut on tape, allowing for easy removal so they can be soldered by hand onto a printed circuit board.


Overall, the 1924464-1 socket contact is important for ensuring optimal signal transmission in electronic devices. Its features, such as high conductivity, compatibility with different wire gauges, and RoHS compliance, make it a versatile and reliable choice for various applications. Whether working in the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, industrial, or medical industry, this socket contact can help you achieve your desired results. At ICRFQ, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing quality components and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance sourcing this or any other electronic component, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts. We’re here to help you make your projects a success.

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