Part Number: 24AA025-I/MS

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Description: IC EEPROM 2KBIT I2C 400KHZ 8MSOP

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Technical Specifications of 24AA025-I/MS

Datasheet  24AA025-I/MS datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Memory
Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Packaging Tube
Part Status Active
Format – Memory EEPROMs – Serial
Memory Type EEPROM
Memory Size 2K (256 x 8)
Speed 100kHz, 400kHz
Interface I2C, 2-Wire Serial
Voltage – Supply 1.7 V ~ 5.5 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 8-TSSOP, 8-MSOP (0.118″, 3.00mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-MSOP


Microchip Technology Inc. has been on the cutting edge of innovation in integrated circuits for a long time, and the 24AA025-I/MS is no different. This small 2 Kbit Serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) has a wide voltage range of 1.7V to 5.5V. In this detailed guide, we’ll learn about the features, perks, applications, and much more of the 24AA025-I/MS.

Unveiling the 24AA025-I/MS

● Memory Organization and Interface

At the heart of the 24AA025-I/MS is a single block of memory that can hold 256 x 8 bits of information. This EEPROM stands out because of its 2-wire serial port, which makes data exchange easy and quick. This design choice makes the device suitable for a wide range of settings, from consumer electronics to industrial automation.

● Low Power Consumption

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the 24AA025-I/MS is its energy efficiency. This EEPROM is designed to consume as little power as possible. Its idle current is only 1 µA, and its active current is only 1 mA. This efficiency not only makes electronics more environmentally friendly but also extends the battery life of portable and battery-powered products. Whether it’s a wearable device, a remote sensor, or a smart tool, the 24AA025-I/MS ensures prolonged operation without frequent recharging or battery replacement.

● Page Write Capability

One of the key features of the 24AA025-I/MS is its ability to perform page writes. This capability allows you to write up to 16 bytes of data simultaneously. Imagine a scenario where a device needs to store a significant amount of information in its memory. Without the page write feature, each bit would have to be written one at a time, leading to longer write times and increased bus traffic. With the 24AA025-I/MS, this process becomes much faster and places less stress on the EEPROM cells. This efficiency is especially beneficial in situations requiring frequent changes to data, configuration settings, or firmware patches.

● Functional Address Lines and Expandability

The 24AA025-I/MS stands out for its ability to facilitate freedom and expansion. This is made possible by its functional address lines, allowing multiple devices to be connected to the same bus. For projects requiring more memory, up to eight other similar devices can be connected to the 24AA025-I/MS without any issues. This enables the creation of an expanded memory array, opening up possibilities from storing large datasets to handling algorithms with multiple steps. Whether designing a complex industrial control system or an IoT device with extensive data requirements, the expandability of the 24AA025-I/MS ensures all memory needs are met.

● Package Variability

Microchip Technology acknowledges that one-size-fits-all does not apply to technology. The 24AA025-I/MS addresses this by offering various package options that cater to different design constraints. Each option, from the standard 8-pin PDIP to the compact 6-lead SOT-23, is tailored to different shapes, space requirements, and manufacturing considerations. With this range of options, engineers and designers can select the package that best suits their application, allowing for seamless integration and optimal space utilization. Whether creating a small wearable device or a complex industrial module, the device’s package choices provide the flexibility needed to bring designs to life.

Applications of the 24AA025-I/MS

The 24AA025-I/MS holds immense potential across diverse industries:

  • Consumer Electronics:This EEPROM can keep configuration data, user preferences, and firmware updates. It can be used in everything from smart TVs to wearable devices.
  • Industrial Automation:Because of its extremely low power consumption, it is perfectly suited for use in applications such as sensor nodes, where long battery life is absolutely essential.
  • Automotive:Because of its durable construction and flexibility to be expanded, EEPROM is an excellent choice for the data storage needs of automobile modules and control systems.
  • IoT Devices:It is possible for it to function as non-volatile memory in a variety of Internet of Things devices thanks to its small form factor and efficient use of power.

Benefits of the 24AA025-I/MS

● Energy Efficiency and Extended Battery Life

In the world of EEPROMs, the 24AA025-I/MS stands out as an example of energy conservation. Its clever design allows it to operate with an idle current of only 1 µA, which is exceptionally low. This means that the EEPROM consumes very little power when your device is waiting for instructions or data and is inactive. Similarly, the EEPROM only requires 1 mA when active, preventing unnecessary power drain from the source.

How does this make sense? The result is longer battery life. Whether designing a wearable health monitor, a wireless sensor node, or a smart home device, the 24AA025-I/MS ensures prolonged device operation without frequent battery changes. This not only benefits the economy but also the environment by reducing electronic waste and conserving resources.

● Efficient Page Write Capability

The EEPROM’s page write feature enables you to write up to 16 bytes of data in a single process, saving time and reducing wear on EEPROM cells. This feature proves highly beneficial for applications requiring frequent data updates.

● Flexibility and Expandability

Functional address lines allow up to eight devices to be connected to the same bus, facilitating memory array expansion. This flexibility makes the EEPROM suitable for a wide range of projects, including industrial control systems and data-intensive IoT devices.

● Package Options for Diverse Designs

The 24AA025-I/MS is available in various packages, each tailored to different sizes and shapes. This ensures seamless integration, meeting both technical and physical requirements.


The Microchip 24AA025-I/MS exemplifies innovation and efficiency. It stands out among serial EEPROMs due to its compact size, low power consumption, expandability, and versatility across various applications. Whether working on a cutting-edge consumer device or an industrial breakthrough, the 24AA025-I/MS is a dependable partner with consistent performance and reliability.

With the 24AA025-I/MS, you can harness Microchip’s engineering expertise and explore new realms of possibility. Reach out to ICRFQ, a leading electronic component distributor in China, to learn more about the options and acquire this exceptional device. We are prepared to ensure you obtain what you need within your budget.

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