Part Number: 4-520447-2

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity / AMP

Description: Terminals .25 ULTRA-FAST REC Reel of 1500

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Technical Specifications of 4-520447-2

Datasheet  4-520447-2 datasheet
Category Connectors, Interconnects
Family Terminals – Quick Connects, Quick Disconnect Connectors
Manufacturer TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Series Faston, Ultra-Fast
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Terminal Type Standard
Gender Female
Tab Width 0.250″ (6.35mm)
Tab Thickness 0.032″ (0.81mm)
Tab Length
Length – Overall 0.935″ (23.75mm)
Termination Crimp
Wire Gauge 10-12 AWG
Insulation Fully Insulated
Mounting Type Free Hanging (In-Line)
Color Yellow
Contact Material Brass
Contact Finish Tin
Insulation Diameter 0.320″ (8.13mm)

4-520447-2 is a component of the Ultra-Fast receptacle and fully insulated crimp terminals of the FASTON 250 series, which offer protection from electrical shock and short circuits brought on by exposed leads. The highest level of security is provided for the terminals inside a V-2 type 6/6 nylon shell. Once attached, the nylon enclosure is placed over the crimp receptacle and tab connection. The channeled shape of the housings makes it easier to enter wires and keeps them from fraying. The accommodations are also color-coded and translucent, making it simpler to identify wire sizes. This makes it possible to examine the termination visually. These FASTON 250 series Ultra-fast receptacles may terminate wire ranging in size from 26 AWG to 10 AWG that is solid, fused, or stranded.

4-520447-2 Features

Product Type Features

  • Insertion Force : Normal
  • Sealable : No
  • Wire Stop : Yes
  • Wire/Cable Type : Regular Wire
  • Terminates To : Wire & Cable

Configuration Features

  • The Connection Capacity  is Single

Electrical Characteristics

  • The Voltage (Max) (V) is 600

Body Features

  • The Insulation Material  is Nylon

Contact Features

  • Quick Disconnect Terminal Type  is Receptacle
  • The Mating Tab Width  is 35 mm [ .25 in ]
  • The Mating Tab Thickness is .81 mm [ .032 in ]
  • Terminal Orientation : Straight
  • Contact Base Material : Brass
  • Terminal Plating Material : Tin
  • Crimp Type : F-Crimp
  • Barrel Type : Closed

Mechanical Attachment

  • Wire Insulation Support : With
  • Mating Retention Type : Dimple


  • Wire Size (AWG): 12 – 10
  • Wire Size (mm²): 31 – 5.26
  • Overall Length : 7 mm [ .935 in ]
  • Receptacle Terminal Stock Thickness : .41 mm [ .016 in ]
  • Accepts Wire Insulation Diameter Range : 13 mm [ .32 in ]

Usage Conditions

  • Insulation Option : Fully Insulated
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40 – 110 °C [ -40 – 230 °F ]

Industry Standards

  • UL Rating : Listed
  • UL Flammability Rating : UL 94V-2

Packaging Features

  • Packaging Method : Strip/Reel
  • Packaging Quantity : 1500


  • Barrel Color : Yellow

4-520447-2 Specifications

Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
Product Category: Terminals
RoHS:  Details
Product: Quick Disconnects
Type: Receptacle
Wire Gauge Min: 12 AWG
Wire Gauge Max: 10 AWG
Stud/Tab Size: 6.35 mm x 0.81 mm
Termination Style: Crimp
Mounting Style: Cable Mount / Free Hanging
Gender: Female
Insulation: Insulated
Color: Yellow
Contact Plating: Tin
Contact Material: Brass
Series: 250 FASTON
Tradename: FASTON
Packaging: Reel
Brand: TE Connectivity / AMP
Insulation Material: Nylon
Material: Brass
Product Type: Terminals
Factory Pack Quantity: 1500
Subcategory: Terminals
Unit Weight: 1,860 g

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What Is Quick Disconnect Terminals?

A fast discount terminal is a device for connecting wires in a circuit. It is also frequently referred to as quick disconnections, and it is manufactured out of tin-plated brass in accordance with the specifications set out by NEMA. You’ll find both male and female options for quick-disconnect terminals. Because the terminals are crimped to the end of the wire using a crimper, soldering is not necessary. Insulators can be made from molded vinyl (often known as PVC) or extruded or molded nylon.

What is The Main Series of Quick Disconnect Terminal?

There are fully insulated male quick disconnects, fully insulated fast disconnects, Flag Quick Disconnects, and Piggyback Quick Disconnects, all members of the Quick Disconnect family.

  • Fully-Insulated Male Quick Disconnects are precision constructed to allow the terminal to fit precisely into a female terminal. This is made possible by the precision engineering of the quick disconnects. This “splice” can be joined and removed multiple times before the nylon insulation is harmed.
  • The fully insulated fast disconnects are considered the superior alternative for quick-disconnect termination. These quick disconnects include a KrimptiteTM terminal with a brass sleeve on the barrel, and they are entirely insulated with molded nylon housing. They offer all of the benefits of an AviKrimp QD and full insulation, and they are made in the United States.
  • Flags come in insulated and non-insulated varieties and are utilized in situations with limited available space, yet a conventional straight Quick Disconnect would be too huge.
  • When there are a limited number of male tabs available, Piggyback Quick Disconnects can be utilized in situations where it is necessary to make several connections (also called piggyback). A second QD can be attached to the piggyback’s tab so that it can be used in conjunction with additional QDs, and then the piggyback itself can be attached to a tab.

What is The Process of Using Quick Disconnect Terminals?

Remove an inch and a half of the first layer of insulation from the wire. The next step is to position the quick male disconnect so that it is atop the exposed end of the insulation wire. That is to say, and the plastic component is placed on top of the insulation. Check to see if the wire that has been stripped can make contact with the fast disconnect’s metal as well. Then, crimp the short disconnect terminal’s plastic end into an oval instead of a circle. Remove half an inch of insulation from the second wire. The next step is to position the quick female disconnect so that it is atop the bare end of the second wire. Make sure the stripped wire touches the metal on the fast disconnect terminal, just like you did with the first insulation wire.

To connect the male and female fast disconnect terminals, plug the male quick disconnect terminal into the female quick disconnect terminal.

What Are Some of The Other Things That Require Attention?

When doing the initial assembly, we recommend that the terminals not be completely pushed in but attached relatively loosely. If the wiring was done incorrectly, it could be removed quickly.

Because the terminals that we use do not have a coating on the outside, when you have completed the connections, you should insulate it by covering the connection with vinyl electrical tape. This will help prevent a short circuit from occurring.


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