Part Number: 50-57-9406

Manufacturer: Molex

Description: Headers & Wire Housings HSG 6P SINGLE ROW POSITIVE LATCH

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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The 50-57-9406 is a positive latching polyester alloy 6-way 1-row female socket crimp housing. It is compatible with the following items: 70555, 70018, 70545, 70543, 70553, 70541, 70551, 70634, 70107, and 74099. Applications involving wires to boards and signals can use the crimp housing. The 70066 series crimp housing is compatible with the 70058 and 71851 SLTM crimp terminals and the 73099 CyClone panel-to-panel connector.

50-57-9406 Features

  • Black color
  • It features a UL94V-0 flammability rating
  • Stackable
  • Maximum current per contact is 3A

50-57-9406 Applications

  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Automotive
  • Communications & Networking
  • Test & Measurement
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial, Medical
  • Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Female Connector Mean?

An electrical, physical, or data transmission connector is called a female connector. The exposed plug-type conductor of a male connector can be securely inserted into one or more holes on a female connector by the latter so that the connection is strong. The physical traits of female connections can be used to identify them. A female connector’s conductor is not left exposed once the male connector has been removed, unlike a male connector, and cannot unintentionally make contact with items.

Standard electrical outlets, phone jacks, and Ethernet jacks are a few of the female connectors that are most frequently encountered.

What is crimping, and what is a crimping tool?

Crimping joins two pieces of metal or similar ductile material by deforming one or both to grab the other. Crimping can also link pieces of plastic or other non-brittle material. A crimping tool is a device that causes the material to be deformed and is used to create the connection.

In the field of electrical work, crimping is a technique that is frequently used to join individual wires or lines to other connectors. Crimp connectors are the general name for the fittings used in this method of attaching fittings to cables. These fittings typically consist of an insulated sleeve linked to a metal connector. The crimping tool aims to establish a secure connection that is correctly sealed from gas or moisture, preventing shortages or defective electrical connections. This can be accomplished by squeezing the conductors together tightly.

Crimping is widely utilized in the industrial industry, particularly by mechanics and engineers, who crimp various materials and components.

Are pliers capable of being used to crimp wires?

No, you cannot crimp with pliers because they will not provide the correct cold weld connection like a crimping tool. Instead, you will need to use a crimping tool. If the crimp is not done correctly, air and moisture can enter the connection, which can eventually cause the relationship to break. Instead, invest in a crimping tool designed specifically for the job.

Crimping or soldering—which one is the better option?

Crimping typically results in a more durable and dependable connection than soldering. This is because soldering can weaken over time, whereas crimping generally is simpler to perform. When you work in a location that is difficult to access, such as reaching wiring in a ceiling or working under floorboards, crimping is much simpler.

How can you undo a crimp?

It is challenging to undo a crimp, and even if accomplished, the subsequent crimp will probably not be dependable and may become less secure over time. Cutting the wire and extending it if necessary since it is now too short is your best option.

Why Crimping is Superior to Soldering for Making Cable Connections?

Crimping is often superior to soldering when making cable connections for a few crucial reasons. Crimped cable connections are, first and foremost, more durable than those that are not because they are shielded from the contamination caused by the introduction of moisture, dirt, and debris. Crimping tools are constructed in such a way that they can provide an airtight seal between the cable and the connection. Because of this, dust, dirt, and other particles won’t be able to make their way to the crimped cable. Unfortunately, soldering does not provide the same level of protection as other methods.

Crimping creates connections that are more secure and dependable than soldering does. The soldering process involves heating the metal when joining the cable to the connector. A weakening of the connection may occur due to the filler metal deteriorating over time. Crimping is generally considered to be a simpler alternative to soldering among electricians. The soldering process is not very challenging but requires heating the solder and positioning it correctly between the connector and the cable. Crimping is an even simpler technique than soldering; all it needs is to insert the cable and connector into the crimping tool and apply pressure to its handle.

What is soldering?

Soldering, on the other hand, involves melting a metal called solder and using it to join together multiple components. In contrast to the welding process, the objects being joined, which are a connector and a cable, are not heated. Instead, the only thing that gets hot during the soldering process is the filler metal. The filler metal, also known as solder, is put between the wire and the connector as it heats up and becomes liquid. As the solder cools and solidifies, it creates the connection between the connector and the cable.

According to archeological excavations, soldering has been practiced for thousands of years, with Mesopotamia being the location of some of the earliest known specimens dating back more than 5,000 years. Since then, it has found employment in many industries and applications, such as manufacturing jewelry, repairing computers, and fabricating stained glass, cookware, and cable connections.


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