Part Number: 53261-0371

Manufacturer: Molex

Description: CONN HEADER SMD R/A 3POS 1.25MM

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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532610371 Introduction

The surface mount, right-angle 53261-0371 connector header, has 3 locations and a 0.049″ (1.25mm) pitch. Molex, a well-known provider of electronic components on the international market, makes it. This connector header is frequently used to offer a dependable and secure connection between various components in electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Electronics makers favour it because of its small size and great performance characteristics. We will thoroughly describe the 53261-0371 connection header in this manual, covering its electrical and mechanical specs, uses, and purchase details.

532610371 Electrical Specifications

The electrical specifications of the 53261-0371 connector header include the following:

  • Voltage rating: 100V AC/DC
  • Current rating: 1A AC/DC per pin
  • Contact resistance: 30mΩ maximum
  • Insulation resistance: 100MΩ minimum at 500V DC
  • Withstanding voltage: 500V AC/minute

The 53261-0371 connection header’s high current rating of 1A per pin is one of its main advantages. This qualifies it for usage in high-power transmission applications, such as power input/output connectors in laptops and other computing devices or charging ports in smartphones and tablets.

The connector header’s low contact resistance also assures a steady and dependable connection, reducing the possibility of signal loss or voltage drops. As a result, it can be used when fast data transfer rates are necessary, like USB or HDMI connections.

The connector header is suited for industrial or automotive applications because it is made to endure high temperatures and deliver stable performance in challenging conditions.

Mechanical Requirements: The 53261-0371 connection header’s mechanical specs include the following:

  • Pitch: 0.049″ (1.25mm)
  • Number of positions: 3
  • Number of contacts: 6
  • Orientation: right-angle
  • Contact material: copper alloy
  • Contact plating: gold or tin
  • Housing material: high-temperature thermoplastic
  • Housing colour: black
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Mating force: 7.8N maximum per contact
  • Unmating force: 0.9N minimum per contact

The connector header’s small size and 0.049″ (1.25mm) pitch makes it perfect for usage in electrical devices with limited space. Pin integration onto the circuit board is also made simple by the pins’ right-angle orientation.

The high-temperature thermoplastic housing material provides excellent durability and heat resistance, and the gold or tin plating options guarantee a dependable and corrosion-resistant connection.

The connector header can be used in various situations, including automotive and industrial applications, thanks to its wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The connector header’s mating and unmating forces provide a reliable connection and simplify removal in the event of a malfunction.

The 53261-0371 connection header is a versatile and dependable option for various electronic applications because of its combination of high-current capacity, low contact resistance, and mechanical toughness.

532610371 Applications

Wherever a small, dependable connector is needed, the 53261-0371 connector header is frequently utilized in various electronic devices and systems. Mobile gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming consoles, are some examples of products and systems where this connection header is frequently utilized for charging and data transfer.

  • Computers, including laptops, desktops, and servers, for the purpose of data transmission and power.
  • Cameras, home entertainment systems, and audio equipment are examples of consumer devices for data transfer.
  • Industrial uses for robotics, automation equipment, and signal and power transfer gear.
  • Uses for automobile data transmission include infotainment systems, navigation systems, and engine control units.

The 53261-0371 connection header excels in applications requiring high-power or high-data-rate transmission because of its high current capability, low contact resistance, and mechanical toughness. The connection header, for instance, can be utilized in mobile devices for quick charging and high-speed data transfer between the device and a computer or other accessory. The connector header can be utilized in industrial applications to transmit power and signals in abrasive environments with high temperatures and vibrations. The connection header can be utilized in automotive applications to carry data between the car’s numerous electronic control systems.

All things considered, the 53261-0371 connection header is a flexible connector that may be applied in various situations. In addition to being excellent for applications requiring high-power transmission, its small size, right-angle orientation, and high-current capabilities make it perfect for use in electronic devices with limited space. Additionally, it is a well-liked option for use in severe locations due to its dependability and endurance.

The 53261-0371 connection header is frequently used in the following industries:

  • Consumer electronics: Various consumer electronics products, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and home entertainment systems, use connector headers.
  • Industrial automation: The connection header is frequently used in machines and robots that use industrial automation to transmit power and signals.
  • Automotive: Data is sent between the various electronic control components in the car using the connector header in automotive applications.
  • Computing: The connector header is used for power and data transfer in various computing equipment, including laptops, desktop computers, and servers.

In conclusion, the 53261-0371 connection header is a flexible and dependable connector that can be applied to various projects in various fields. Electrical designers and engineers prefer it due to its high current capacity, low contact resistance, and mechanical toughness.


The 53261-0371 connection header is a versatile connector that is small and dependable and may be utilized in a number of electrical applications. Its low profile, and right-angle orientation make it perfect for usage in devices with limited space. It’s high current capacity and low contact resistance suit applications that call for high-power transmission. Additionally, it is a well-liked option for use in severe locations due to its dependability and endurance.

The main characteristics and advantages of the connection header 53261-0371, including its pin design, electrical and mechanical requirements, suggested PCB layout, and typical applications, were reviewed in this guide. We emphasized the sectors, such as consumer electronics, industrial automation, automotive, and computers, where the connection header is widely utilized.

The 53261-0371 connection header is a great option for various electrical devices because it provides a flexible and dependable solution for high-current and high-data-rate applications. It is a popular option for electronic designers and engineers looking for a high-quality connector that can satisfy the requirements of today’s electronic applications because of its small size, robustness, and high-performance features.

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