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Description: Power Switch IC

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The SPS product family has been purposefully developed for an off-line SMPS with a minimum number of components on the exterior. The SenseFET that makes up the SPS is designed to handle high voltages. The included PWM controller has over-voltage protection,  temperature compensated precision current sources for loop compensation and fault protection circuitry, leading edge blanking, optimized gate turn-on/turn-off driver, thermal shutdown protection, under voltage lockout,  integrated fixed frequency oscillator, and leading edge blanking.

These functions are fully temperature-adjustable. Discrete MOSFETs, PWM controllers, and RCC solutions can all be replaced by an SPS, which improves efficiency, productivity, and system reliability but reduces the overall number of components, weight, and design size.

This is made possible by the SPS’s modular design. It possesses a fundamental foundation that is excellently suited for the cost-effective method of a forward converter or a flyback converter. Before we go any further with the post, let’s ensure we have a firm grasp on a few key points, shall we?

What is an off-line SMPS?

Devices that distribute power off-line are known as off-line power supplies and are used in conjunction with online power distribution systems. The uninterruptible power supply, sometimes known as a UPS, is a backup electricity generator that operates independently from the primary power grid. They are used to securely supply power supplies to the hard-wired equipment into the network and are installed in various places.

Network services are frequently required when an emergency backup and natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. In the event of disasters of this nature, repairing apparatus that has suffered severe damage is not always possible. Switching critical equipment and machinery over to a power supply online can be risk-free if the off-line power supply is used as the power supply source.

The technology utilized in the manufacturing process determines the level of dependability expected from the power supply. Once you have a fundamental grasp of the mechanism, you can decide the type of system you would like to invest in. Several power suppliers rely on diesel generators, a highly effective form of power generation. This kind of technology is utilized in medical facilities, scientific laboratories, establishments that provide services to the military, and other high-end enterprises.

What is T-220

What is T-220

The TO-220 package is an example of a through-hole design instead of a surface-mount technology package, and it is a “power package” suited for power semiconductors. Several watts of excess heat can be dissipated by mounting an On-220 package to a heat sink. This can be as high as 50 W on an infinite heat sink. The packaging top features a metal tab with a hole for attaching the component to a heat sink. A thermal compound is frequently put between the package and the heatsink to enhance heat transfer.

This metal prong usually has some electrical connection to the device’s inner workings. This is not a problem with isolated heatsinks. If the heatsink is grounded or conducts electricity, an insulating pad or sheet may be needed to prevent the component from shorting out. The TO-220 package can be electrically isolated using various materials, some of which also have excellent thermal conductivity.

When used with a heatsink, the TO-220 device can be damaged or destroyed if the heatsink is accidentally detached.

When dissipating 1 W of power, a heat sinked TO-220 package’s internal (junction) temperature will be about 2 to 5 °C higher than the package’s temperature (due to the thermal resistance between the junction and the metal tab), and the metal tab will be about 1 to 60 °C higher than the ambient temperature.

The junction-to-case thermal resistance of a TO-220 packed device can be 0.5 to 3 °C/W (or 1.5 to 4 °C/W), depending on the die thickness and area.

Devices in the equally common TO-247 (or TO-3P) package can be chosen if greater heat dissipation is required. The thermal resistance from the junction to the environment (heatsink) in a typical TO-3P package is only approximately 40 °C/W, and in the somewhat lower TO-3PF package, it is only about 35 °C/W. With the help of power modules, we can expand our capacity for heat dissipation even further.

A TO-220 package can be used as a heatsink in its own right, and its thermal resistance to the surrounding air is only about 70 °C/W.

What is 5L0380R?

The Power Switch (FPS) product family from ON Semiconductor was designed to allow an off-line SMPS to be built with only a few additional components. High-voltage SenseFETs and a current-mode PWM IC make up ON Semiconductor’s Power Switch (FPS). The PWM controller incorporates temperature-compensated precision current sources for fault protection circuitry and loop compensation in addition to over-voltage protection, leading-edge blanking, fixed frequency oscillator under voltage lockout, thermal shutdown protection, and thermal shutdown protection.

An ON Semiconductor Power Switch (FPS) is an efficient, productive, and reliable alternative to a PWM controller and a discrete MOSFET or RCC solution that can decrease the total number of design sizes, components, and weight while increasing production and efficiency. Its simple architecture makes it a good candidate for the low-cost design of either a flyback or a forward converter.

5L0380 Features

  • It operates with a precision fixed frequency of (50kHz)
  • Its start-up current is minimal (Typ. 100mA)
  • Pulse by pulse current limiting is present.
  • It includes It has Over voltage protection and current protection (Min. 25V)
  • It has a built-in thermal shutdown feature.
  • It has an internal high voltage sensing FET and an under voltage lockout.
  • It has an auto-restart function.

5L0380 Applications

Used in DVD/Set Top Boxes


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