Part Number: 7MBP75RA120-55

Manufacturer: Fuji Electric

Description: IGBT Modules

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The 7MBP75RA120-55 IGBT module is a great solution that is known for its good performance and reliability in a wide range of applications. This module has a lot of advanced features and offers big benefits to industries that want to control power more efficiently. The 7MBP75RA120-55’s most important features are temperature safety, low power loss, soft switching, compatibility with IPM-N series packages, and a control circuit with fewer parts.

With these features, the 7MBP75RA120-55 module stands out as a reliable and flexible choice that can meet the needs of businesses like industrial automation, renewable energy, and electric vehicles. Let’s look more closely at the unique qualities of this IGBT module that make it so popular on the market.

Temperature Protection and Junction Temperature Detection

Temperature safety is a very important part of power electronics systems, because too much heat can lower performance, speed up the breakdown of parts, and even cause catastrophic failures. To solve this problem, the 7MBP75RA120-55 IGBT module has advanced temperature safety features that make sure the module and the whole system work well.

One of the 7MBP75RA120-55’s best benefits is that it can directly measure the junction temperature of the IGBTs. This means that the module can check the temperature at the key joint where the IGBTs work. This gives accurate and real-time information about the internal temperature conditions.

The 7MBP75RA120-55 has precise control and good thermal management because it uses junction temperature monitoring. This feature makes it possible for the module to react dynamically to changes in temperature. This makes it very adaptable to different working conditions. So, the module can avoid overheating and possible damage by taking the right steps, like adjusting the power flow or turning on protective mechanisms.

Monitoring the joint temperature in real time has a number of advantages. First, it makes sure that the IGBT module works safely and reliably, reducing the risk of performance loss or system failure due to too much heat. Second, the module increases its efficiency and makes the components last longer by constantly controlling the temperature.

Power electronics systems need to have good thermal control because it helps keep performance stable and makes the whole system more reliable. The temperature protection system and real-time tracking of the 7MBP75RA120-55 allow for proactive heat dissipation, which prevents hotspots and reduces thermal stress on the components. This feature makes the module more reliable over time and makes sure it works the same way even in tough situations.

In short, the 7MBP75RA120-55 IGBT module offers temperature protection by directly measuring the junction temperature of the IGBTs. This function allows for real-time monitoring and efficient thermal management. This makes sure that the system works safely and reliably, improves performance, and makes the parts last longer.

Low Power Loss and Soft Switching

Low power loss is the most important thing in power electronics systems because it directly affects how much energy is used and how much it costs to run the system. When power loss is kept to a minimum, less energy is wasted and the system works better. The 7MBP75RA120-55 IGBT module does a great job in this area and has many benefits when it comes to managing power.

The 7MBP75RA120-55 is made to run with as little power waste as possible. This module has a high level of efficiency because it uses new technologies and optimized circuitry. This makes sure that the energy it uses is used for its original purpose. This efficiency saves money and helps the environment by keeping energy supplies from going to waste.

Soft switching is one way that the 7MBP75RA120-55 keeps power loss to a minimum. Soft switching is a way to make sure that the components don’t get too stressed when the move is made. This means that less power is lost. This is done by carefully controlling the switching time and voltage levels, which makes sure that the IGBTs switch smoothly between being on and off.

There are many benefits to soft moving. First, it helps reduce the switching losses that happen when the IGBTs change from conducting to not conducting. By cutting down on these losses, the 7MBP75RA120-55 makes the whole system more energy efficient. This efficiency gain means that less power is wasted, less heat is made, and the system is more reliable overall.

Second, soft switching makes it easier on the parts, especially the IGBTs and other devices that do work. Switching events that cause high voltage spikes or current bursts can put too much electrical and thermal stress on the parts, which could cause them to fail too soon. The soft switching feature of the 7MBP75RA120-55 reduces these stresses, which makes the module more reliable and last longer.

In short, the 7MBP75RA120-55 IGBT module uses soft switching methods and has low power loss. This module improves the reliability of power electronics systems by reducing the amount of wasted energy, increasing the general efficiency of the system, and reducing the stress on its parts. The 7MBP75RA120-55 is a great choice for applications that require high efficiency, low cost, and long-term reliability because of these benefits.

Compatibility with Existing IPM-N Series Packages

The 7MBP75RA120-55 adds to the ease of the IPM-N series packages for people who are already familiar with them. This IGBT module is made to work with all current IPM-N series packages. This makes it easy to add to existing systems without having to make a lot of changes. Because they are compatible, upgrades or repairs can be done without any problems. This saves time and effort during installation and maintenance.

High Performance and Reliability

The 7MBP75RA120-55 has both good performance and dependability. This module works very well in many power electronics uses thanks to its high-tech design and precise control circuitry. The built-in control circuit cuts down on the number of parts needed. This makes the machine more reliable, lowers the number of places where it could break, and makes maintenance easier. The overall strength of the system is improved by putting multiple tasks into a single module.


Experience the remarkable 7MBP75RA120-55 IGBT module: a fusion of power and innovation. With temperature protection, low power loss, compatibility with IPM-N series packages, and superior built-in control circuitry, this device ensures efficient and reliable operation across diverse power electronics applications.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, our comprehensive guide equips you with a deep understanding of the 7MBP75RA120-55 IGBT module. Integrate this cutting-edge component into your projects to unlock exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use.

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