Part Number: 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000

Manufacturer: Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.

Description: Alaska Gigabit Ethernet

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In the complex web of connections in the modern world, the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 stands out as a top device. This amazing member of the 88E1680 family isn’t just another Ethernet answer; it’s a powerful force that could change the way we think about connectivity. Get ready to explore a world where people are always coming up with new ideas. With this thorough guide, you’ll be able to find out all about the complex standards, clever features, and many different ways to use this amazing component. Join us on a trip to find out what the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 can really do and how it could be used. Here is where the future of connection begins. Are you ready to change your point of view?

Technical Specifications for 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C00

Ethernet Speeds: 10/100/1000 BASE-T

The 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 works with Ethernet speeds of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps, so it can be used in a variety of network settings. It can instantly talk to the connected device and adjust to the right speed based on what it can do.

Port Configuration: Octal Port

The fact that this transceiver has eight ports is often called an “octal port” design. Each port lets Ethernet devices join, giving you plenty of room to set up complicated networks.

Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) Support

Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) technology is built into the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000. EEE lets the transceiver change how much power it uses based on how much data is on the network. When there isn’t much going on, the receiver can go into a low-power state, which helps save energy.

QSGMII to Cu Transceiver

The QSGMII (Quad Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface) to Cu (Copper) feature is built right into the transceiver. QSGMII is a high-speed serial link that is used to connect Ethernet switches or PHYs to Ethernet MACs. This function makes it easy for different parts of a network to send and receive data.

Compatibility and Standards

The 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 follows a number of industry standards. This makes sure that it can work with other devices and fit into different network settings. Some of the standards that matter are:

  • IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet)
  • IEEE 802.3ab (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • IEEE 802.3az (Energy-Efficient Ethernet)
  • QSGMII (Quad Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface)

These technical details show what the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 transceiver can do. They show that it supports multiple Ethernet speeds, has an octal port configuration, saves energy, can switch from QSGMII to Cu, and follows industry standards. Because it has these features, it can be used for a wide range of networking tasks, and it does them well.

Features in Detail

● Octal Port Configuration Explained

The 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000’s octal port configuration is a key feature that lets up to eight Ethernet devices join at the same time. Each port is a separate place where data can enter and leave the network. This setup is especially helpful when multiple devices need to talk to each other in a smooth and efficient way. The octal port design allows for the best data flow and the least amount of congestion, which improves network speed in business settings, data centers, and factories.

● Understanding Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE)

Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) is a system that helps network devices use less power when there isn’t much going on in the network. The 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 has EEE support, which means it can change how much power it uses based on how busy the network is. When the network isn’t being used much, the transceiver can switch to a low-power mode without affecting the network connection. EEE helps save energy and cut costs while keeping the network ready to respond when it’s needed.

● QSGMII to Cu Transceiver Functionality

By adding QSGMII to the Cu transceiver’s capabilities, the transceiver becomes more flexible and compatible. QSGMII is a high-speed serial link that lets Ethernet switches, PHYs, and MACs talk to each other. Compared to traditional parallel connections, it makes it easier to send data and less complicated to route signals. In the case of the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000, QSGMII-to-Cu functionality lets different parts of the network talk to each other without any problems. This makes data sharing more efficient and reliable as a whole.

These features give you more information about the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000’s benefits and skills. The octal port configuration makes it easier to share data, EEE makes it more efficient to use energy, and the QSGMII to Cu transceiver feature makes it easier for data to move around the network. Because it has such a wide range of features, the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 is a good choice for networking applications where high speed and low energy use are key.

Applications and Use Cases

Because of its many features and abilities, the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 can be used for a wide range of networking tasks. Here are some of the most common ways this transmitter works:

● Enterprise Networking

The 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000’s octal port design shines in business settings where many devices, such as computers, servers, printers, and VoIP phones, are linked together. It makes it easy for devices to talk to each other and join quickly and efficiently by distributing data in an effective way. Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) support helps reduce energy use during off-peak times, which is in line with sustainable goals.

● Data Centers

Servers, storage systems, and networking equipment create a huge amount of data flow that needs to be handled by fast, reliable connections in data centers. The QSGMII-to-Cu transmitter feature of the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 is very useful here because it makes it easy for different parts of the data center infrastructure to talk to each other. Energy-efficient design is very important in big data centers, where saving power can save a lot of money on operational costs.

● Industrial Automation

In industrial settings, where automation and control systems need strong and reliable networking solutions, the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 is an important tool. Its octal port design makes sure that multiple devices, sensors, and controllers can talk to each other effectively and in real time. This makes it possible for industrial processes to be precisely controlled and monitored. The transceiver is compatible with current industrial network setups because it follows standards.

● Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

A large number of connected devices, many of which have different communication needs, are found in the IoT environment. IoT applications can benefit from the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000’s compatibility for various Ethernet speeds and QSGMII to Cu transceiver capability. This transceiver guarantees dependable and effective data transmission in IoT ecosystems, from connected sensors to smart appliances.

● Ethernet Switches and Routers

Routers and Ethernet switches are essential elements of a network’s backbone. These devices can be equipped with the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 to improve their functionality and performance. High-speed data transmission between switches and routers is made possible by the QSGMII-to-Cu transceiver capability and the flexible port possibilities provided by the octal port design. The EEE support also supports energy-efficient operation and is in line with current networking trends.

The 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 establishes itself as a valued solution that helps to facilitate effective, dependable, and sustainable networking across numerous industries and scenarios by catering to these varied applications and use cases.


In the ever-evolving realm of networking technology, the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 emerges as the optimal solution for modern networking demands. Beyond enhancing data transmission, it champions energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and heightened network performance. Engineer, network administrator, or enthusiast, exploring this transceiver’s potential unveils innovation and refined designs. Incorporating it unlocks possibilities for nimble, sustainable networking.

In a tech-advancing world, the 88E1680-A2-LKJ2C000 shapes Ethernet’s future. Embrace its potential to build high-performance networks that conquer digital-era challenges. Dive in and contact ICRFQ, the leading Chinese distributor of electronic components, for insights and affordable access. Your path to optimized networking begins now.

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