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Manufacturer: Analog Devices Inc.


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Technical Specifications of AD8495CRMZ

Datasheet  AD8495CRMZ datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Interface – Sensor and Detector Interfaces
Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Packaging Tube
Part Status Active
Type Thermocouple Amplifier
Input Type Differential
Output Type Analog
Current – Supply 250μA
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-TSSOP, 8-MSOP (0.118″, 3.00mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-MSOP


The AD8495CRMZ is an integrated thermocouple cold junction compensator amplifier for precision instrumentation. It’s a member of the AD849x family and is made to convert a thermocouple signal straight into a high-level output (5 mV/°C). This detailed manual will go in-depth on the functions, uses, and specifications of the AD8495CRMZ, as well as on its power needs, temperature monitoring capabilities, and calibration. This manual will give you all the crucial knowledge you require, regardless of whether you are an experienced engineer or a hobbyist looking to include thermocouple sensing in your project.

What is the AD8495CRMZ?

A thermocouple cold junction compensator integrated circuit is part of the precision instrumentation amplifier known as the AD8495CRMZ. It is a member of Analog Devices Inc.’s AD849x family of products. The AD8495CRMZ was created specifically to transform voltage signals from thermocouples into high-level output voltages that are proportionate to changes in temperature.

The system’s inbuilt ice point reference, precalibrated amplifier, and ability to output 5 mV per degree Celsius of temperature change make it possible. As there is no longer a requirement for external compensation circuitry, this feature makes the design process for temperature-sensing applications simpler.

Key Features and Specifications

Precision Thermocouple Signal Conditioning

The AD8495CRMZ is a signal conditioner for thermocouples that offers extremely accurate signal conditioning, making it suited for precise temperature measurements.

It is compatible with low-power applications and battery-operated devices because of its single-ended supply operation, which allows for a voltage of less than 3 V.

Low Self-Heating

The AD8495CRMZ runs with a total supply current of about 180 A when unloaded to reduce the effects of self-heating and ensure accurate temperature readings.

High-Level Output

The device directly converts temperature changes into voltage outputs with a 5 mV/°C output sensitivity, simplifying the interface with other components.

Calibration and trimming

To ensure excellent accuracy and consistency, the AD8495CRMZ is precalibrated by laser wafer trimming to match the properties of K-type (chrome-alum) thermocouples.

Operating Temperature Range

By offsetting the reference input, the device can measure temperatures below 0°C, increasing its applicability to subzero conditions.

Differences between AD8494, AD8495, AD8496, and AD8497

Each member of the AD849x family is specialized for particular applications and types of thermocouples. The main variations between the AD8494, AD8495, AD8496, and AD8497 are as follows:

  • AD8494: This variation is perfect for applications utilizing J-type (iron-constantan) thermocouples because it has been precalibrated to match their properties.
  • AD8495: The AD8495 is calibrated to operate with K-type (chrome-alum) thermocouples, as previously mentioned. The same high output sensitivity (5 mV/°C) is offered, but it is adjusted for a different kind of thermocouple.
  • AD8496: This model has a thermocouple break detection capability and is also calibrated for J-type (iron-constantan) thermocouples. It can identify disconnected or open thermocouples, adding an extra layer of security in crucial applications.

Similar to the AD8495, the AD8497 is made for K-type (chrome-alum) thermocouples. To increase system reliability, it also has thermocouple break detection capability, similar to the AD8496.

In conclusion, each member of the AD849x family is calibrated for a particular type of thermocouple and may provide extra capabilities, including thermocouple break detection, to meet the needs of various applications. The type of thermocouple being used and the particular functionalities required in the temperature sensing system will determine which variation is best.

How the AD8495CRMZ Works

A precision instrumentation amplifier on an integrated circuit with thermocouple cold junction compensation is the AD8495CRMZ. It generates a high-level output that is directly inversely proportional to temperature changes by using an ice point reference and a precalibrated amplifier. It ensures precise temperature readings by operating from a single-ended source with little self-heating. An instrument is a great option for accurate temperature readings because it is calibrated for K-type (chrome-alumel) thermocouples.

AD8495CRMZ Applications

Applications for the AD8495CRMZ include fixed or remote setpoint control in temperature regulation systems, switching output setpoint controllers for temperature-based activities, and standalone thermometers for exact temperature measurements. It is perfect for a variety of temperature sensing and control activities due to its accuracy and compatibility with K-type thermocouples.

Powering the AD8495CRMZ

● Single-Ended Supply Voltage Requirements

It is intended for the AD8495CRMZ to function with a single-ended supply voltage of less than 3 V. It is suitable for low-power applications and systems that need effective power management because of this capability. In order to retain the device’s best functionality and precise temperature readings, make sure the supply voltage stays within the permitted range when using it.

● Minimizing Self-Heating for Accurate Readings

It is essential to reduce self-heating effects in the AD8495CRMZ in order to obtain reliable temperature readings. Due to its low self-heating characteristics and total supply current of about 180 A when unloaded, the device is designed to run. The measurement area’s temperature will stay unaffected by any self-heating, improving the accuracy of the temperature data.

● Current Delivery to Load

More than 5 mA can be delivered to a load using the AD8495CRMZ. Without compromising measurement accuracy, this function enables the device to control external components or account for lower resistance loads. In situations where additional components must be powered or where the device must interface with other systems for complete temperature control solutions, it is crucial to provide correct current delivery to the load.

● Calibration and Compatibility

Accurate and consistent performance is ensured by precise calibration using laser wafer trimming.

K-type (chrome-alum) thermocouples are specifically calibrated, offering precise temperature readings.

Not directly compatible with J-type (iron-constantan) thermocouples; the AD8494 variation should be taken into consideration for J-type applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about AD8495CRMZ

● Can I use J-type thermocouples with the AD8495CRMZ?

No, the AD8495CRMZ is calibrated for thermocouples of the K type (chrome-alumel). Consider utilizing the AD8494 version for J-type thermocouples.

● Is the AD8495CRMZ suitable for battery-powered applications?

As a result of its low power consumption and ability to function with a single-ended supply voltage of less than 3 V, the AD8495CRMZ is suited for battery-operated systems.

● Does AD8495CRMZ require external cold junction compensation?

No, the AD8495CRMZ does not require external compensation circuitry because it contains an inbuilt ice point reference and cold junction compensation.

● Can I use the AD8495CRMZ output to drive outside parts?

The AD8495CRMZ can, in fact, give more than 5 mA to a load, enabling it to interact with other devices or power external components.


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