Part Number: AD8542ARZ-REEL7

Manufacturer: Analogue Devices, Inc.


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Technical Specifications of AD8542ARZ-REEL7

Datasheet  AD8542ARZ-REEL7 datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Linear – Amplifiers – Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Amplifier Type General Purpose
Number of Circuits 2
Output Type Rail-to-Rail
Slew Rate 0.92 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product 1MHz
-3db Bandwidth
Current – Input Bias 4pA
Voltage – Input Offset 1mV
Current – Supply 45μA
Current – Output / Channel 30mA
Voltage – Supply, Single/Dual (±) 2.7 V ~ 5.5 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SOIC

AD8542ARZ-REEL7 Introduction

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is a high-quality rail-to-rail input and output amplifier that is known for its low supply current and wide frequency. It is part of the AD8541/AD8542/AD8544 family and comes in single, dual, and quad versions to work with a wide range of applications. This amplifier works perfectly with both 2.7 V and 5 V sources, so it can be used in a variety of voltage situations. The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is a good choice for amplification in a wide range of electronic designs because it has so many useful features.

Overview of AD8542ARZ-REEL7

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is part of the AD8541/AD8542/AD8544 family, which is known for its rail-to-rail input and output. This means that it can handle signals that go all the way up to the full range of the source voltage. This makes sure that the signal is amplified correctly.

One of the best things about the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is that it only needs 45 A per amplifier to run. This amazing quality helps it use less energy, which makes it a good choice for battery-powered or low-power uses.

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 has a 1 MHz bandwidth, which is another trait that stands out. It can handle high-frequency signals well because it has a wide bandwidth. This makes it perfect for applications that need fast and accurate signal response.

In short, the rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, low supply current, and wide bandwidth of the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 make it a very useful amplifier for a wide range of uses where precision, energy efficiency, and high-frequency response are important.

Theory of Operation

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is a rail-to-rail input and output amplifier that works from a single source voltage. It is made to accurately boost signals while using as little power as possible. Here is a short explanation of how it works:

● Input and output for rail-to-rail

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 has inputs and outputs that can handle data that goes all the way to the full supply voltage range. This means that both high-voltage and low-voltage data can be amplified with great accuracy and without any loss of information or distortion.

● Voltage source compatibility

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is guaranteed to work with either 2.7 V or 5 V as a single source voltage. This ability to work with different voltage supplies gives system designers more options and makes it easy to use the amplifier in a wide range of applications.

● Low Supply Current

One thing that makes the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 stand out is that it only uses 45 A of supply current per amplifier. This low current draw makes it perfect for battery-powered gadgets and other places where power efficiency is very important. The amplifier uses the least amount of power possible while still amplifying signals in a reliable and accurate way.

● Bandwidth

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 has a bandwidth of 1 MHz, which lets it deal well with sounds with a high frequency. This wide bandwidth allows accurate amplification of signals that change quickly. This makes it good for applications like audio amplification and sensor interfaces that need precise and quick signal amplification.

Overall, the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 works by taking advantage of its rail-to-rail input and output, voltage source compatibility, low supply current, and wide bandwidth to boost signals in a way that is accurate and efficient. Its design makes sure that it works well in many situations where accurate signal boosting is important.

Key Features of AD8542ARZ-REEL7

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is one of the best amplifiers in its class because it has several key features that make it stand out:

● Input and output from rail to rail

Because of this function, the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 can handle signals that span the full range of supply voltages. It makes sure that the information is amplified correctly and makes the most of the amplifier’s dynamic range.

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 is made to work well with both 2.7 V and 5 V sources. This makes it useful for a wide range of applications and makes the design process easier because the voltage needs can be changed.

● Low current coming in

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 saves a lot of energy because each amplifier only needs 45 A of supply power. It uses the least amount of power possible, which makes it a great choice for battery-powered or low-power situations where power efficiency is very important.

● Bandwidth of 1 MHz

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 has a bandwidth of 1 MHz, which is a wide range that lets it handle high-frequency sounds well. Because of this, it is perfect for applications that need a fast and accurate reaction to a signal, like audio amplification and sensor interfaces.

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 gives great performance and flexibility in many electronic designs because it can accept and send signals from rail-to-rail and work with different voltage supplies. It also has a low supply current and a wide bandwidth. It amplifies messages precisely, uses little energy, and can handle high-frequency signals, which makes it an important part in a wide range of applications.

Applications of the AD8542ARZ-REEL7

● Notch Filter

It is possible to use the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 as a crucial element in notch filter circuits. It is possible to reduce or eliminate undesirable noise or interference in audio and signal processing applications by designing the amplifier in conjunction with other passive components. The AD8542ARZ-REEL7’s rail-to-rail input and output capabilities enable accurate signal amplification close to the supply rails, making it appropriate for notch filter designs.

● Comparator Function

When two input voltages are compared, the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 can be used as a comparator to produce a digital output depending on the respective magnitudes. Its ability to input and output rail-to-rail provides accurate voltage comparison even when the supply voltage limits are approached. As a result, it is appropriate for use in numerous electronic systems, including threshold detection, level sensing, and signal monitoring.

● Photodiode Application

The AD8542ARZ-REEL7 can be used in circuits for photodiode amplifiers. It can boost the low-level current signals produced by a photodiode in response to incident light when used with a photodiode. This makes it appropriate for applications requiring precise signal amplification and conditioning, such as light intensity measurement, optical communication systems, and photodiode-based sensors.

These are only a few instances of how the AD8542ARZ-REEL7 might be put to use. Its wide bandwidth, low supply current, and rail-to-rail input and output capabilities make it a flexible option for photodiode amplifier applications, comparator functions, and notch filter circuits. It is a valuable component in a variety of electronic systems that need precise signal amplification and conditioning because of its dependable performance and compatibility with varied voltage supplies.


In conclusion, the rail-to-rail input and output amplifier, the AD8542ARZ-REEL7, is flexible and dependable. It is perfect for contemporary electronic systems due to its rail-to-rail functionality, low supply current, wide bandwidth, and compatibility with various voltage supplies. Its unique features ensure precise and effective signal amplification and make it suited for a variety of applications. The AD8542ARZ-REEL7, which provides high-quality amplification in a dependable compact, is an excellent option for improving the performance of electronic systems.

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