Part Number: ADUM1201ARZ

Manufacturer: Analog Devices, Inc.

Description: DGTL ISO 2500VRMS 2CH GP 8SOIC

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Technical Specifications of ADUM1201ARZ

Datasheet  ADUM1201ARZ datasheet
Category Isolators
Family Digital Isolators
Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Series iCoupler?
Packaging Tube
Part Status Active
Technology Magnetic Coupling
Type General Purpose
Isolated Power No
Number of Channels 2
Inputs – Side 1/Side 2 1/1
Channel Type Unidirectional
Voltage – Isolation 2500Vrms
Common Mode Transient Immunity (Min) 25kV/μs
Data Rate 1Mbps
Propagation Delay tpLH / tpHL (Max) 150ns, 150ns
Pulse Width Distortion (Max) 40ns
Rise / Fall Time (Typ) 10ns, 10ns
Voltage – Supply 2.7 V ~ 5.5 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 105°C
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SOIC

ADUM1201ARZ-RL7 Introduction

Welcome to “The Complete Guide to ADuM1201ARZ: Dual-Channel Digital Isolators.” The digital isolators ADuM1200 and ADuM1201, which utilize Analog Devices’ iCoupler technology, provide better performance when compared to optocouplers. This guide will delve into the key features, benefits, and applications of these products, demonstrating how they offer a dependable and effective solution for isolation requirements. Let us explore how ADuM1201ARZ can optimize your designs and unlock its full potential.

ADUM1201ARZ-RL7 Product Overview

The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 digital isolators are sophisticated isolators with two channels that make use of Analog Devices’ iCoupler technology. The isolators presented here provide a novel solution to address the design obstacles that are typically encountered with conventional optocouplers.

The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators are designed with a dual-channel configuration that enables the independent isolation of two communication channels or signals. Their flexibility makes them ideal for various applications that necessitate the concurrent isolation of multiple signals.

The utilization of iCoupler technology is a significant benefit of the ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators. iCoupler devices differ from optocouplers in their method of transmitting signals across the isolation barrier. While optocouplers use LEDs and photodiodes, iCoupler devices utilize high-speed CMOS and monolithic transformer technologies. This design decision effectively tackles the typical concerns related to optocouplers, including uncertain current transfer ratios, nonlinear transfer functions, and temperature effects.

The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators offer a digital interface that is simpler and more reliable by eliminating the requirement for LEDs and photodiodes. Their stable performance characteristics ensure that signal transmission across the isolation barrier is consistent and accurate. Eliminating external drivers and discrete components simplifies the design process and reduces the overall system cost.

The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators not only have improved design characteristics, but they also provide significant power consumption benefits. Compared to optocouplers, they consume significantly less power, resulting in improved energy efficiency and extended battery life for portable and low-power devices.

The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 digital isolators are dependable and efficient solutions for achieving signal isolation in various applications. They feature a dual-channel configuration, iCoupler technology, and eliminate the design challenges associated with optocouplers. Additionally, they have reduced their power consumption.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: The digital isolators ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 function with a supply voltage range on either side that ranges from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. Due to their wide range of compatibility, they may be easily integrated into existing designs and are suited for a variety of voltage systems.
  • Low Pulse Width Distortion: The CR grade of these isolators has a value for low pulse width distortion that is less than 3 ns. Even at high data rates, this property guarantees precise signal transmission and aids in maintaining the integrity of digital signals over the isolation barrier.
  • Tight Channel-to-Channel Matching: With a value of less than 3 ns for CR grade, the ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators show tight channel-to-channel matching. In applications that demand simultaneous and coordinated signal isolation, accurate timing synchronization between the two isolated channels is essential, and this matching guarantees that.
  • Patented Refresh Feature: The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators, unlike other optocoupler substitutes, include a patented refresh feature. This feature guarantees DC accuracy throughout power-up and power-down circumstances as well as when there are no input logic transitions. It ensures dependable performance and protects signal integrity, boosting confidence in crucial applications.

ADUM1201ARZ-RL7 Benefits

  • Compatibility: The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators are highly versatile and appropriate for integration into a variety of designs due to the wide supply voltage range that enables them to be compatible with various voltage systems.
  • Improved Signal Integrity: These isolators offer great signal transmission accuracy and minimize distortion, resulting in improved signal integrity across the isolation barrier. They also have minimal pulse width distortion and tight channel-to-channel matching.
  • Reliable performance: When input logic transitions are absent or during power-up or power-down conditions, the proprietary refresh feature maintains proper DC accuracy. With this characteristic, the isolators are more dependable and consistently work well in demanding situations.
  • Design Simplified: The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators simplify the design process, reduce component count, and free up valuable board space by doing away with the requirement for external drivers and discrete components. This simplified method boosts the overall effectiveness of the system and lowers costs.

The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 digital isolators are a dependable and effective option for obtaining signal isolation in a variety of applications thanks to their primary features and advantages. To further highlight their adaptability and performance potential, we will examine real application scenarios and programming examples in the sections that follow.

ADUM1201ARZ-RL7 Applications

Digital isolators like the ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 are frequently used in communication systems to transmit data safely and securely. They ensure noise immunity and guard against ground loops by providing isolation between various interfaces, including RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet.

  • Industrial Automation: By safeguarding control systems, these isolators are essential to industrial automation. They increase system robustness by separating high-voltage power circuits from low-voltage control circuits in motor control applications, PLCs, and other industrial equipment.
  • Medical devices: The ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators in the medical area provide operator and patient safety. In patient monitoring systems and medical imaging equipment, they offer dependable signal isolation, reducing interference and enhancing overall system performance.
  • Automotive Applications: For strong and dependable isolation, automotive-grade ADuM1200W and ADuM1201W isolators are used in automotive systems. They are used in EV charging systems and battery management systems to guarantee safe operation and safeguard delicate devices.

Numerous industries, including communication systems, industrial automation, medical devices, and automotive applications, use these adaptable isolators. They play a crucial role in these crucial systems due to their capacity to reliably offer signal separation and safeguard delicate equipment.


Digital isolators by ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 provide better performance, dependability, and versatility. They offer dependable signal isolation, enhanced signal integrity, and steady performance in a variety of applications thanks to their cutting-edge features and iCoupler technology. These isolators excel at guaranteeing safe and secure operation in a variety of applications, including communication systems, industrial automation, medical devices, and automotive ones.

Investigate the applications for the ADuM1200 and ADuM1201 isolators in your designs and gain first-hand knowledge of their advantages. For additional information and purchasing alternatives, get in touch with our technical support staff or accredited distributors. These high-performance digital isolators can improve the performance and dependability of your essential systems.

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