Part Number: AQY221R2VY

Manufacturer: Panasonic Electric Works

Description: SSR RELAY SPST-NO 250MA 0-40V

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of AQY221R2VY

Datasheet  AQY221R2VY datasheet
Category Relays
Family Solid State Relays
Manufacturer Panasonic Electric Works
Series PhotoMOS? AQY
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Circuit SPST-NO (1 Form A)
Output Type AC, DC (RF)
On-State Resistance (Max) 1.25 Ohm
Load Current 250mA
Voltage – Input 1.14VDC
Voltage – Load 0 ~ 40 V
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Termination Style SMD (SMT) Tab
Package / Case 4-SMD (0.175″, 4.45mm)
Supplier Device Package 4-SSOP
Relay Type Relay

AQY221R2VY Introduction

Solid state SPST-NO (1 Form A) 4-SMD (0.175″, 4.45mm) relays like the AQY221R2VY are frequently utilized in a wide range of electronic applications. It is a single-pole, single-throw relay that uses semiconductor technology rather than mechanical connections to turn a circuit on or off. Due to this, traditional electromechanical relays can benefit from a number of advantages, such as faster switching rates, longer lifespans, and no noise or arc when switching. Due to its dependable performance and adaptability, the AQY221R2VY relay is frequently used in automotive, medical, and industrial electronics applications. This article will thoroughly overview the AQY221R2VY relay, including its features, specifications, uses, and potential problems.

AQY221R2VY Features

Since the AQY221R2VY relay uses semiconductor technology to switch, it is called a solid-state relay. Solid-state relays offer quicker switching rates, a longer lifespan, and no noise or arc during switching, unlike conventional electromechanical relays that turn circuits on and off using mechanical contacts.

  • Single-pole, single-throw (SPST) relays have only one input and one output, and the AQY221R2VY relay is an SPST relay. The relay is designed to switch the circuit on or off depending on whether a circuit is energized or de-energized.
  • As a normally open (NO) relay, the AQY221R2VY relay leaves the circuit open even when not powered on. The circuit is closed when the relay is activated, allowing current to pass through it.
  • The AQY221R2VY relay has four tiny mounting terminals made to be surface-mounted, which are 0.175 inches (4.45mm) long. This makes it suited for usage in various electronic applications and makes it simple to install.
  • The small package size of the AQY221R2VY relay is another noteworthy aspect. It is made with an SSOP (Shrink Small Outline Package), a small package that enables mounting on circuit boards in high densities. It is hence the best option for usage in constrained-space electronic applications.
  • The AQY221R2VY relay has a brand-new flat lead terminal design, which lessens the likelihood of solder bridges and boosts overall connection dependability. This design element guarantees a strong, stable connection and can withstand the demands of different electronic applications.
  • The AQY221R2VY relay also comes in low on-resistance (Low Ron type) and low capacitance (Low Cout type), allowing consumers to select the relay most suited for their particular application. These relays have good CR10 characteristics, meaning that their low capacitance and resistance allow for quicker switching times and less power loss.

The AQY221R2VY relay, taken as a whole, offers a number of properties that make it a dependable and adaptable option for usage in various electronic applications. It is a preferred option for electronic engineers and enthusiasts alike due to its small size, new flat lead terminal form, and low resistance and capacitance possibilities.

key specifications for the AQY221R2VY relay

  1. Contact Configuration: SPST-NO (1 Form A)
  2. Contact Rating: 60V DC, 500mA
  3. Load Voltage: 60V DC
  4. Load Current: 500mA
  5. On-State Resistance (Rdson): 1.5Ω (max)
  6. Off-State Leakage Current: 100nA (max)
  7. Turn-On Time: 0.2ms (max)
  8. Turn-Off Time: 0.2ms (max)
  9. Input Current: 50mA (max)
  10. Input Voltage: 1.1V DC to 1.5V DC

According to these specifications, the maximum load voltage and current the AQY221R2VY relay can manage are 60V DC and 500mA, respectively. The device’s low on-state resistance (Rdson), which is 1.5, reduces power loss during switching. The relay also offers a rapid turn-on and turn-off time of 0.2ms (max), which is helpful in applications requiring fast switching.

The AQY221R2VY relay features a low off-state leakage current of 100nA (max), which prevents the relay from wasting energy when it is not in use. The relay must be activated with an input voltage between 1.1 and 1.5 volts and a maximum input current of 50 mA.

Due to its general features, the AQY221R2VY relay is a dependable and effective option for various electrical applications.

AQY221R2VY Applications

The adaptable AQY221R2VY relay can be used in a variety of electronic applications. The following are some of the usual uses for the AQY221R2VY relay:

  • Vehicle electronics The AQY221R2VY relay is frequently used in vehicle electronics for tasks like turning on and off power windows, fan motors, and headlights. It is the perfect option for use in the cramped areas of contemporary automobiles because of its tiny size and quick switching speed.
  • Medical equipment: The AQY221R2VY relay is often used in medical equipment, such as blood glucose monitors and infusion pumps, where reliability and accuracy are critical. Its solid-state technology ensures quiet and precise operation, essential in medical settings.
  • Industrial automation: The AQY221R2VY relay is also used in industrial automation applications, such as manufacturing equipment and robotics control systems. Its fast switching speed and low resistance make it an ideal choice for high-speed, high-precision operations.
  • Communications equipment: The AQY221R2VY relay can be used in various communications equipment, such as routers and switches, for signal switching and circuit protection.
  • household appliances: The AQY221R2VY relay is used to switch loads and regulate circuits in various household appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines.

The AQY221R2VY relay is generally utilized in various electronic applications where dependability, quick switching, and low power consumption are critical requirements. Electronic engineers and hobbyists favor it because of its solid-state technology, compact design, and high precision.


In conclusion, the AQY221R2VY relay has a single-pole, single-throw arrangement with a typically open contact and is a flexible and dependable solid-state component. It is a desirable alternative for electronic designers and enthusiasts because of its tiny size, novel flat lead terminal shape, low on-resistance options, and capacitance possibilities.

The AQY221R2VY relay is frequently used in various electronic equipment, including automotive, medical, industrial, communications, and home appliance electronics. It is the perfect option for these applications thanks to its quick switching speed, low power consumption, and great precision.

It’s crucial to look for typical problems, including faulty input signals, improper wiring, broken load circuits, and exceeding the relay’s rated parameters when troubleshooting the AQY221R2VY relay. Users can also take measures to ensure that the relay functions within its rated temperature range and design constraints and minimize noise and interference.

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