Part Number: AS5600-ASOT

Manufacturer: ams-OSRAM USA INC.


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Technical Specifications of AS5600-ASOT

Datasheet  AS5600-ASOT datasheet
Category Sensors, Transducers
Family Position Sensors – Angle, Linear Position Measuring
Manufacturer ams
Part Status Active
For Measuring Angle
Technology Hall Effect
Rotation Angle – Electrical, Mechanical 0° ~ 360°
Linear Range
Output Ratiometric, Voltage, PWM
Output Signal Clockwise Increase
Actuator Type External Magnet, Not Included
Resistance (Ohms)
Resistance Tolerance
Voltage – Supply 3.3V, 5V
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Termination Style SMD (SMT) Tab
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C


Precision and dependability are critical in today’s modern electronics environment. Knowing the exact location of a spinning component may make a world of difference, whether it’s in your car’s steering system, your camera’s focus control, or even the pedals on your electric guitar. This is where the AS5600 magnetic rotating position sensor comes in, providing a simple-to-program, extremely accurate solution to your position-sensing requirements.

Understanding the AS5600

The AS5600 is a flexible magnetic rotational position sensor with a plethora of capabilities designed to make angular position measuring easier. Here are some of its important characteristics:

● High Resolution and Flexibility:

The AS5600 has a PWM output or 12-bit analog, which provides excellent resolution for precise measurements. This makes it excellent for applications requiring precision.

● Contactless Operation:

This sensor measures the absolute angle of a diametric magnetized on-axis magnet without requiring physical touch.This characteristic extends the life of the product and lowers wear and tear, making it a dependable solution for a variety of applications.

● Robust Design:

The AS5600 is designed to work successfully in the face of external magnetic fields, removing any worries about stray magnetic interference.

The AS5600 offers simple user programming of non-volatile parameters because to its industry-standard I2C interface. You can modify its functionality without the need for a dedicated programmer.

● Easy Programming:

The AS5600 has a full 360-degree range by default. However, you can program specified zero and maximum angles to generate a smaller output range that is tailored to the needs of your application.

● Customizable Output Range:

The AS5600 allows you to choose the output direction in a variety of ways. Simply connect the DIR pin to ground to increase clockwise rotation or to VDD to increase counterclockwise rotation.

● Direction Control:

One of its distinguishing qualities is its capacity to automatically reduce power usage while not in use. This improves energy efficiency and increases the sensor’s lifespan.

Benefits and Applications

The AS5600 offers a plethora of benefits and applications:


  • Low-Power Consumption:Its automated low-power mode and efficient design reduce power consumption, making it suited for battery-powered devices and energy-efficient systems.
  • Easy Setup:Integrating the AS5600 into your project is simple, even for those with less experience, thanks to its I2C interface and simple programming.
  • Small Form Factor:The AS5600 is available in an SOIC-8 package, allowing it to be readily integrated into a variety of tiny designs and tight areas.
  • Robust Environmental Tolerance:It is designed to resist a wide temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, making it suitable for use in hostile settings.

Optimizing Performance and Power Efficiency with Advanced Features of the AS5600 Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor

The AS5600 magnetic rotational position sensor is more than simply a high-resolution sensor; it also includes a number of innovative features that improve performance and power management.

Hysteresis for Stability:

Unwanted output fluctuations are a prevalent issue with position sensors when the measured parameter is close to a threshold. To remedy this, the AS5600 has hysteresis. By enabling hysteresis via the CONF register’s HYST bits, you can provide a margin of stability, preventing the output from toggling when the magnetic field is close to a specific point. Even in situations with modest oscillations, this ensures a smoother and more reliable operation.

Magnet Detection for Safety:

Many applications place a premium on safety, and the AS5600 solves this concern with a built-in magnet detecting capability. The output is automatically driven low if the magnetic field strength measured by the sensor goes below a minimum defined threshold (Bz_ERROR). This happens independent of the output mode (analog or PWM). The MD bit in the STATUS register is set to 0, indicating that the magnet is not present. This safety feature gives you piece of mind by plainly stating when the sensor is unable to detect the required magnetic field.

Efficient Low Power Modes:

Modern gadgets rely heavily on efficiency. The AS5600 excels in this area by providing a variety of low power modes. A digital state machine manages these modes, reducing average current consumption automatically. These modes can be enabled by setting the PM bits in the CONF register. The following are the available low power modes:

  1. Low Power Mode 1 (LPM1):This mode reduces the sensor’s power consumption when the magnet is stationary or moving very slowly.
  2. Low Power Mode 2 (LPM2):In this mode, the sensor consumes even less power when the magnet is moving moderately.
  3. Low Power Mode 3 (LPM3):The most power-efficient mode, LPM3 is activated when the magnet remains within the watchdog threshold of 4 LSB for at least one minute.

Watchdog Timer for Precision and Power Savings:

To improve precision and save power, the AS5600 includes a watchdog timer. When the angle remains inside the watchdog threshold of 4 LSB for at least one minute after enabling the watchdog function with the WD bit in the CONF register, the sensor switches to LPM3 mode. When the sensor’s output is relatively stable, this feature not only ensures high precision but also saves power.

The AS5600 magnetic rotating position sensor provides a versatile and efficient position detecting solution. Its advanced features, such as hysteresis, magnet detection, low power modes, and the watchdog timer, make it an excellent choice for engineers and designers seeking precision as well as power efficiency in their designs. The AS5600 provides the capabilities you need to maximize performance and energy usage whether you’re working on automotive systems, industrial equipment, or consumer electronics.


In conclusion, the AS5600 magnetic rotary position sensor is a game-changer for applications demanding precise and reliable position sensing. Its combination of high resolution, contactless operation, easy programming, and low power consumption makes it a top choice for engineers and designers seeking to enhance their products’ performance and durability. Whether you’re working on automotive systems, consumer electronics, or industrial machinery, the AS5600 is a versatile solution that can elevate your project to new heights of precision and efficiency.

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